five minutes’ genuine toothache would reveal the romantic sorrows for the nonsense they were.

C. S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters XIII

Jane Sharpe:  What do you think I am, Molly?  A wh…

Molly:  A whore? That’s the word you’re looking for.   I’m a whore, Jane.   An honest one. You are dishonest.

Sharpe’s Revenge 1997

4th Doctor: You see, some things could be better with the Daleks. Many future worlds will become allies just because of their fear of the Daleks.

Doctor Who Genesis of the Daleks 1975

I’ve already written a what it all comes down to concerning the Iranian nuke deal for the US. Are they willing to fight or not?

Now the answer to that question might not be driving his discussion, much to my surprise today on Morning Joe Donny Deutsch a reliable defender of this administration found it interesting that America that has been in negotiation with Iran all this time suddenly decided that This moment and THIS deal was not only worth making but was announced just in time so it would make the Sunday papers.

As a conservative, it might be no surprise that someone like me could consider the idea that we have an administration so shallow that they would risk Iran getting the bomb in order to step a bad bump in the polls & distract the public,  That Donny Deutsch would suggest this deal as a distraction live on television on MSNBC no less simply boggles the mind.

I Frankly I don’t buy it.   It would require the complacency and silence of a  negotiating team willing to say:   “Yes I’ll make this interim deal that messes up my negotiation on your order to help out the party in 2014 even though it would might lead to nuclear war and the deaths of tens or even hundreds of thousands.  Oh and I’ll shut up about it“.  I have to agree with Ma-3 GOP candidate Tim Imholt (Who considers this deal a step closer to the Iranian bomb) who I talked to on the subject

“Can an administration so incompetent that given 3 years can’t launch a web site,  finalize a diplomatic deal involving 5 countries on the fly to distract the media?”

Nah I think not.  However candidate what really upsets candidate Imholt is this

“The Iranians have three US prisoners and the administration is willing to sign this deal without their release that’s what bothers me.”

Of course there is  the possibility that to this administration the idea of a Nuclear Iran (or Americans held by Iranians) is no big deal.  After all they’d argue the Soviets had more bombs and better delivery systems and we managed and given the volume of surveillance going on Iranians have little or no chance of actually delivering a Nuclear Device to the United States.  The threat of a Nuclear Iran is something that simply isn’t real to them.

Israel and Saudi Arabia don’t have that privilege.

If you look at the history of the Jewish People it is a story of a people who are a target  (The logic of the world being the enemy of God chosen people from day one is not lost on any well studied theologian).  The irrefragable expression of this being the Nazi Holocaust and the extermination of two out of every three European Jews.

And when the State of Israel was formed it was in a state of regular war facing multiple nations on multiple fronts outnumbered and surrounded fighting states with the stated goal of their total elimination…

…right up until the time that Israel had the bomb and the means to deploy it.

From that point for all their big talk war against Israel was “limited”. When you look at the fighting in Lebanon, the terrorist bombs, the rockets all of these attacks while costing lives and treasure did not and could not:

Threaten the existence of Israel as a state.

Threaten the mass extinction of the Jewish People

Be traced directly to a State giving Israel a causus belli to eliminate said state.

While Rockets and terror bombs are not are not something a nation can tolerate it’s a far cry from destruction and the Jewish people while taking casualties have been able to live and continue to develop.  With the balance of power on their side Israel can exist and any state that threatened that existence via nuclear or chemical advancement, they were stopped.

Now we have a state, a religious Islamic state which is the father of terrorism and Islamism in the middle east.  A state whose intentions have been out there so long…

Mention of the Lebanese elections impels me to pass on what I saw with my own eyes at a recent Hezbollah rally in south Beirut, Lebanon. In a large hall that featured the official attendance of a delegation from the Iranian Embassy, the most luridly displayed poster of the pro-Iranian party was a nuclear mushroom cloud! Underneath this telling symbol was a caption warning the “Zionists” of what lay in store. We sometimes forget that Iran still officially denies any intention of acquiring nuclear weapons. Yet Ahmadinejad recently hailed an Iranian missile launch as a counterpart to Iran’s success with nuclear centrifuges, and Hezbollah has certainly been allowed to form the idea that the Iranian reactors may have nonpeaceful applications. This means, among other things, that the vicious manipulation by which the mullahs control Iran can no longer be considered as their “internal affair.” Fascism at home sooner or later means fascism abroad. Face it now or fight it later. Meanwhile, give it its right name.

…that I can quote the late Christopher Hitchens , dead two years next month and still sound timely.

An Iranian Nuclear Bomb combined with an allied Syria is not just a direct threat to the balance of power of the region but it’s a direct threat to the existence of Jews in the Middle East.  Israel can’t allow that to happen.  In fact there is only one group of people who have more reason to fear and dread a fanatical group of Islamists who hate them and would like nothing more than to destroy them…

…The Saudi Royal Family.


The Iranians Mullahs might as Islamists hate the Jews and want to drive the Christians out of the Middle East but I can’t imagine anything that offends them more than the Saudi Royal Family.

This might at first glance sound counterfactual.  After all the Saudi’s are the caretakers of the Mecca,, they help fund the propagation of the most radical form of Islam all around the world, have been the origin or connection point for countless terrorists and their The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice or هيئة الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر  is so strict in its enforcement of Sharia that they not only keep women from driving in the nation but in 2002 actually helped drive schoolgirls back into a burning building because of they were not in proper Islamic dress:

According to the al-Eqtisadiah daily, firemen confronted police after they tried to keep the girls inside because they were not wearing the headscarves and abayas (black robes) required by the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Islam.

One witness said he saw three policemen “beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya”.

So why would the royalty that commands such people be a target? Well there is the traditional Sunni/Shitie disputes flaring up which are bad enough:

Six mortar bombs landed near a border post in northern Saudi Arabia on Wednesday in an attack claimed by an Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia militia, which said on Thursday it was warning the kingdom to stop meddling in Iraqi affairs.

The mortar rounds hit the desert on the far northwestern fringes of the kingdom’s oil-producing region, several hundred miles from the major fields operated by the world’s largest oil exporter and biggest Arab economy.

“The goal was to send a warning message to Saudis to tell them that their border stations and patrol are within our range of fire,” Wathiq al-Batat, commander of Iraq’s Al-Mukhtar Army militia, told Reuters in Baghdad by telephone.

but there is a deeper issue, with the Saudi Royal Family. Things like this:

and this

In Martha’s Vineyard, they sure know how to punish a prince. Saudi prince, Bader Al Saud, 26, killed Orlando Ramos, 37, in a crosswalk while driving drunk without a valid license. His punishment was a year in a converted home and then he simply disappeared while on probation. He will not, however, be allowed to attend next year’s masked ball or “silly dress” event.

and this:

Drunken’ Saudi princess wins fight to hide her identity in court as she’s accused of sexually harassing her British bodyguard

A Saudi princess accused of sexually harassing her burly British bodyguard was told yesterday her identity can remain a secret.

Her 40-year-old minder, who earned £100,000 a year guarding her family, claims the royal was engaged in drinking, illegal drug-taking and ‘sexually promiscuous’ behaviour.

and Islamic sites have such stories as well like this :

Police in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has confirmed the news that a girl had been raped and murdered by a Saudi prince.
The scandal was another loop in a chain of moral and ethical scandals on Saudi corrupt princes and their crime against Saudi citizens.

and this:

Mark Young, who was the family bodyguard of al-Saud dynasty, has reviled a sexual proposal of a famous Saudi Prince to a Hollywood actress.
He said that Prince “Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud,” deputy Defense Minister, who was commander of the joint forces for liberation of Kuwait form Saddam invading army, had a sexual proposal to Brigitte Nielsen, Hollywood actress.

Mark Young added that the Prince Khalid had posted a half naked poster of the actress on his bedroom wall. He had offered $1 million to have a sexual relation with her.

and of course there is wikileaks:

In what may prove a particularly incendiary cable, US diplomats describe a world of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll behind the official pieties of Saudi Arabian royalty.

Jeddah consulate officials described an underground Halloween party, thrown last year by a member of the royal family, which broke all the country’s Islamic taboos. Liquor and prostitutes were present in abundance, according to leaked dispatches, behind the heavily-guarded villa gates.

The party was thrown by a wealthy prince from the large Al-Thunayan family. The diplomats said his identity should be kept secret. A US energy drinks company also put up some of the finance.

Remember these guys aren’t just lowly slubs, these are the Saudi Princes the keepers of the places most holy to all of Islam.

It’s one thing if a Charlie Sheen or a Miley Cyrus or even a Bill Clinton does this, they are all infidels, ignorant & worthy of being slain.  They don’t know better, but the House of Saud they are the keepers of the faith!

How embarrassed are these people by these actions?  How mortified are they, how much of a scandal is it to their faith that this is going on?

And unlike the clerical scandal in the Catholic Church were forgiveness is demanded 70 times seven,  these guys don’t forgive, they don’t forget they just kill you.

That’s why you are hearing stuff like this from Saudi Arabia:

A senior advisor to the Saudi royal family has accused its Western allies of deceiving the oil rich kingdom in striking the nuclear accord with Iran and said Riyadh would follow an independent foreign policy.

Nawaf Obaid told a think tank meeting in London that Saudi Arabia was determined to pursue its own foreign and policy goals. Having in the past been reactive to events, the leading Sunni Muslim nation was determined to be pro-active in future.

and this

Israel and Saudia Arabia are secretly working together on plans for a possible attack against Iran in case the Geneva talks fail to roll back its nuclear program, British paper The Sunday Times reported.

The two countries’ shared concern has put them at odds with the United States as the latter continues to seek an agreement with Iran to ease economic sanctions in return for pulling back nuclear development.

According to the diplomatic source quoted by the Times, Saudia Arabia has agreed to let Israel use its air space, and assist an Israeli attack by cooperating on the use of drones, rescue helicopters and tanker planes.

It’s one thing to finance and financially support people who want to destroy Israel and kill jews, but with Obama’s America is no longer reliable and a group of fanatics about to get the power to not only kill you all but to deprive you of wealth, power and more importantly one of the easiest lives in the history of history and you need someone strong enough, smart enough and willing enough to fight…

who ya gonna call?

The Reality bomb is ticking and that reality means the the Saudi’s have to face it.

Oh and nobody is going to tell me that Barack Obama was thinking like the 4th doctor when he did it:


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As a general rule, I like being right.  Whether in politics, or when my child has “looked everywhere and it’s not there,” or whatever the occasion.  It feels good to be right, especially when somebody else is insisting over and over that I am wrong.

The bestest part is when an opponent actually realizes his mistake.  Awareness dawns; the arguments trail off . . . oh the joy of that moment.

What a shame I haven’t been able to enjoy being right about Obamacare.  Vats of Schadenfreude are ready for drinking.  It looks delicious, this German brew.  Then the flood of painful stories on the internet, as well as first-hand accounts from friends, puts a damper on the mood.trainwreck

Also, I can’t stop wondering.  How will this play out?  I’d love to assume that this train wreck will prove once and for all what a monumentally bad idea it is for the federal government to “fix” all societal woes.

But of course that’s hardly a given.  Via Peter, I see that Neo-Neocon feels a similar wariness:

“We’re talking belief here, and affiliation of the deepest sort.  Self-image and self-worth.  I can’t quite imagine most of the people I know turning their backs on liberalism—or even, really, on Obama, more than feeling just a mild diminution of admiration—as a result of this.”

A friend recently sent me an elated message about how her die-hard-liberal mom was now Officially Disillusioned with Obama.  That’s practically a miracle itself, but here’s the thing.  In order for the story to be a success, her mom can’t just be disillusioned with one politician.  She has to understand the fact that federal bureaucracies shouldn’t control gigantic swathes of our economy.

If it were just a matter of website glitches, the media would be able to stay in protect-the-president mode.  But “you can keep your plan” and “we will save you money” went straight into the toilet.  And things will continue to worsen.  So in order to preserve their beliefs, liberals will have to blame President Obama.

Bill Clinton has already demonstrated how to throw Obama under the busThis editorial is another example.  The editorial board is reduced to writing things like:

“With his presidency in grave peril, President Obama had little choice  . . . .”

Watch out for those buses, Mr. President.  And notice how the underlying belief in a totalitarian system remains unshaken:

“No doubt, this is an ugly chapter in the long march toward universal coverage. But a return to the bad old days would be worse.”

Ah ha.  The long march toward universal coverage.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are in lockstep.  The President says he isn’t, but previously said he was.  Perhaps the President knew all along that Obamacare would fail, and in the midst of the crisis he intends to usher in a universal, single payer system.

If that is the case, it appears that implementation of the Obamacare failure is not going according to plan.

Hmm.  What exactly was the plan?  So far, it looks about as well-conceived as the underwear gnomes’ plan for profitunderwear gnome

  • Phase One:  Implement Obamacare
  • Phase Two:  ?
  • Phase Three:  Universal Coverage!

Poor planning notwithstanding, we may get there.  After all, how much of a stretch is it to imagine the United States nationalizing the healthcare industry, when you consider these facts:

“We long ago socialized education. We’ve practically socialized home mortgages. We’re willing to socialize car manufacturing losses. We’ve accepted the socialization of big bank losses. We’re well on our way to socializing even groceries . . . .”

But even that rather pessimistic article doesn’t explain Phase Two.  How do the Democrats sell a government takeover of healthcare in the aftermath of an Obamacare failure?

The Democrats assumed they didn’t have to plan that part.  They thought the arguments against insurance companies and in favor of further government intervention would write themselves.


In my adult experience, I have never seen government malfeasance laid so bare.  Charles Krauthammer is right; a tremendous opportunity exists.

We just have to keep hammering away at the lies (or broken promises, or misspoken words, or whatever works best for your audience).  Most importantly, we have to hold all Obamacare advocates’ feet to the fire, not just the President’s.

If the pain of Obamacare is as big and bad as I think it will be, maybe we don’t have to convert the die-hard liberals, anyway.  If there are still enough people out there snoozing their way past politics, maybe the pain will finally wake them up.

We can fill in Phase Two, and turn the plan into this:

  • Phase One:  Implement Obamacare
  • Phase Two:  Hold Obamacare Advocates Responsible for its Myriad Failures
  • Phase Three:  Repeal Obamacare and Implement Real Free Market Solutions!

Outstanding.  All we need now is a deck of cards.

It not usual that I lead on a Monday no less with the post for the weekend’s show.

But it’s not every day you have the host of a Morning Show of the big three Cable channels on your show for 45 min.

You can listen to my interview with Joe Scarborough during my first hour (he came in at :15 Here

You can also buy Joe’s book here

If my second hour we had DaMagnificent Panel this week with Chip Jones, Fausta (of my Magnificent Seven) and in the Bob Beckel Chair Mike Hummell the blue barnstormer. You can hear that 2nd Hour here.

And each of my three promoted a particular post.

Fausta’s post is titled It’s not racism, kid, it’s just plain grammar

Ah, for the days of Dean Wormer. . . Students at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information accused a professor of racial discrimination after the professor corrected their grammar:

I hope people will correct these future engineers and Doctors when they screw up in those classes.

Chip’s Post is titled Enhanced Interrogation: Obama Covers Extraordinary Rendition in Benghazi

The picture that is emerging, and being confirmed by sources close to Conservative Reports Online, is that the two Delta operators had delivered a HVT who had been apprehended to the compound. Although there was a large contingent of Green Berets working out of the Compound as their base of operations, the only remaining Green Beret was their “Communications Officer” who reported the attack, in real time, to the appropriate authorities and joined the fray defending the Compound.

Oh boy heads of Obama fans must be blowing up on this

And Mike Hummell piece is Hey #WalmartElves, Shut Up and Get Back to Work!

Elves are not supposed to complain about working conditions. At least not @Walmart. They are supposed to stock the shelves, clean the floors, run the register, and smile like a happy face. But under no circumstances are they to have opinions in public. They definitely don’t need Tumblr or Twitter accounts with which to share their unwanted opinions.

Free speech is free speech, it’s got to be respected

Remember my panel rotates monthly so you’ll have a whole new group next week.

FYI one more thing. I’m sure there are a few people here who are saying What the hell are you doing promoting that Rino Scarborough book? to this lest me say several things:

1. In terms of the show and the blog. No matter what you think of MSNBC or Joe he is the named host of a morning drive show on one of the big three national Cable news shows. That’s a get particularly if you are a guy who five years ago was doing Tech Support and three years ago went on the air first the first time. It says something about this blog and this show.

2. And this is not the first time Joe Scarborough & done this. I’ve hit him and his show hard for YEARS yet he did an interview with me last year on video, and (as he revealed on the show gets my commentaries every week which only goes out to those who who hit DaTipJar). Sicilians never forget a favor.

3. If anyone thinks I’m going to be less conservative or more quiet about my opinions or my agenda you haven’t been paying attention.

Update: One more thought. The thing that most threatens the left are stories breaking through beyond their filter. Conservative blogs are a strong driver for this. There is nothing that legitimizes a news source to low information voters like.

1. Call letters next to a name in the media
2. Acknowledgement by media names recognized by them.

Every time either of those things happen to a conservative blog one more chip is broken off of that wall.

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