A Time to Call: Senator Kay Hagan edition

This morning I wrote this about Obamacare and Democrats in 2014

With the democrats completely on defensive, Time magazine even talking broken promises and the left desperate to change the subject to something ANYTHING (Iran) the last thing we on the right need to do is to give them that out.

If you don’t believe me check out this video via an e-mail titled “Hagan Pleads the Fifth” but might be better titled “Hagan needs a fifth”.

The most significant part of this video is not her dodge trying to blame insurance even though she voted for the rules that caused this and Sen Gillibrand said “we all knew”.

The most significant part is that these words…

We asked Kagan about that today and she ducked the question more than once, blaming insurance companies instead.

…came from an ABC reporter. Not a Fox Reporter, Not a Conservative Blogger but a reporter for local ABC affiliate.

When members of the MSM are saying things that that and tweeting things like

My thought is to sit back, and encourage them to do so to any senator running for re-election who voted for it.  In fact I’d give them a list…

…and breakout the popcorn.