Make Jedidiah Lead Fiddler at that new Barn Raising…or ELSE

Here’s a story you don’t hear out of Lancaster PA every day:

A horse pulling a buggy was shot Sunday night in East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, according to police.

The buggy was in the 100 block of North Ronks Road about 9 p.m. Sunday when a car passed it and a loud noise was heard, police said. The horse suffered a gunshot wound and died at a nearby farm.

They are asking for leads. It sounds to me like the Amish Mafia, as any Sicilian can tell you there is precedent for using a horse to send a message.

I’d find out if the farmer who owned the horse was in charge of the fiddlers at an upcoming barn raising and turned down the godson of the local Amish Mafia boss when he wanted to play lead fiddle.

But we shouldn’t be surprised by this story, after all it’s a little known fact that the knock out game didn’t originate in an Urban setting.