How NOT to get that 4th Bob Beckel Seat on DaTechGuy on DaRadio

This is something you must not do, so let that be a lesson to you

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I’ve talked a lot about my Magnificent Seven who have done an excellent job writing for this site, but I haven’t talked much about my Magnificent Panel and they deserve a little more space.

The Magnificent Panel is a weekly panel on DaTechGuy on DaRadio who talk about the issues of the week. I of course am the moderator, Joe Mangiacotti, when in studio gets an automatic seat. He’s been out recovering from surgery lately and we hope to have him back this week.

The rest of the panel consists of A conservative (usually a blogger) on the phone another in studio and finally in the Prestigious Bob Beckel chair a strong liberal. The idea is to have nobody come on more than once a month to allow a wider selection of panelists who are available.

So far we have had Tom Wesley, the Lonely Conservative, Fausta & Chip Jones in the conservative chair and this week GOP Candidate Tim Imholt & Blogger Yid With Lid will be having their turn.

The liberal seats is very important because it is the contrary seat, the one that produces conflict.

I have three strong liberals who appear on DaTechguy on DaRadio in the prestigious Bob Beckel Chair for outnumbered liberals. Mike Hummell, Dominic Nanni & Maxine Baptiste.

I discovered Dominic & Maxine while disagreeing on Twitter, Mike actually discovered me when I wrote that perhaps the Hostess Bakers were “Going Galt”.

I still need one more liberal to round out the panel and have actually offered the spot to two local liberals and one one twitter who all unfortunately could not be available on a regular basis on Saturdays during the time of the panels.

As a rule all of the liberals I’ve mentioned above disagree with me on almost everything political and will likely continue to do so but all of them, the ones currently on my panel and the ones who were offered the spot but weren’t free have one thing in common:

They make an argument for their side and they do it without insult.

I hope to fill that last spot before the end of the year and I’d like to do it with someone from twitter if at all possible. So if you are such a liberal who might want that last spot let me give you some advice:

When I tweet out something like this:

Don’t answer with something like this:


If you can’t make an argument beyond “Palin is stupid & you’re a Chump” Then you’re not good enough for DaTechGuy on DaRadio’s Magnificent Panel.

My readers and listeners deserve better than that.