Saturday  marked the end of the first month of my Magnificent Seven writing on DaTechGuy Blog and what a month it has been.


You have been treated to topics like Church history from Pastor George Kelly Common Core’s Kobayashi Maru from AP (Lady Liberty) Dillon , a bit of Venezuela from Fausta, Indoctrination vs education from Baldilocks The sanity of homeschooling from Linda Szugyi , What Smoking Taxes actually do to a culture from Marathon Pundit and the Left’s Lawfare in Wisconsin from Steve Eggleston and today you will get one more piece from Steve rounding out the contributions from my Magnificent Seven.

Unlike the litigious bloggers of the Huffington Post my seven have not just been promised exposure, each has been paid for their work since day one.

That’s why AOL will never come calling with $315 Million or even 2 Million because if they did they’d not only would they have to pay my writers, but I’d likely just start a new even bigger venture along these same lines with the dough.

So make sure that you check out all of the Magnificent posts by my Magnificent Seven.

Update: Who knew I was so far ahead The Exploited Laborers of the Liberal Media such as at the New Republic:

The New Republic is another liberal outlet with a problematic labor record. Owned by a co-founder of Facebook worth more than $600 million, the magazine is currently hiring interns whose responsibilities include “conducting research for editors,” as well as “pitching and writing blog posts and web pieces.” Previous experience in journalism is “preferred, but not imperative.”

TNR used to advertise that its internships “are full-time, unpaid, and based in the DC office,” but that language was removed soon after the magazine became aware of this story. Spokesperson Annie Augustine told me that despite the change in language, “there has not been a change in policy.”

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For this post, I collected a whole lotta links on Education Expert Stupidity.  At the start, I was all geared up for apoplexy.  I’m talking outrage of the eye-twitching, blood vessel-bursting kind.

Writing is a journey, however, and the destination is often a surprise.  Certainly, idiocy is in no short supply.  But at the end of my research, the expected outrage is strangely absent.

Perhaps my own experiences, first as a student and then a parent, have already inured me to the shock.  As far back as I can remember, public education has stunk.  Why, I remember way back in nineteen-diggity-four, how my charming middle school social studies teacher defined political ideology for us young bowls of mush:

“Liberal – generous

Conservative – stingy”

Yep.  And she didn’t even have that handy-dandy Common Core standard to rely on.  She didn’t need it, because our public school curricula were already drained of actual content.  Just pop open your child’s social studies textbook, like this one, and you’ll see what I mean.

Common Core is bad stuff, but it’s not ruining education.  It’s just standardizing and accelerating the ongoing ruination.

The biggest change is in our sense of smell.  Our olfactory nerves have been activated, and we are finally noticing the stench.  And do you know what?  We have the Gun Control and Common Core crowds to thank for that.

So let me be the first to officially say, “thank you!” Thank you, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, for trying to defend your curricula by insulting the soccer moms that get Democrats elected.

Thank you, low-level bureaucrats, for continuing to act like bullies in the age of the iphone and citizen journalism.

Thank you, unicorn-riding totalitarians, for showing us how far you are willing to go in order to kick that stubborn gun culture into submission.

We frogs had been quietly simmering in our baths, but not so much anymore.  We are kind of done with you people.

Here are some more reasons why we are done:

Category One:  Public School Curricula a.k.a. The Dog’s Dinner

  1. Creepy Uncle Sam wants you to know that the government is just like one big happy family!
  2. Don’t tell your parents about this assignment because it is guaranteed to anger at least half of them!
  3. A new 4th grade primer explains why only racists wouldn’t vote for Barry.
  4. This 8th grade definition of conservatism makes less sense than “stingy.”
  5. IKEA furniture assembly instructions are easier than Common Core math.
  6. Seriously.
  7. The book 1984 is too enlightening, and not nearly disturbing enough for our young impressionables.
  8. Stuffy parents have a problem with reading assignments that include the F bomb.
  9. Also pornographic material.  Parents just don’t like it.
  10. Constitution, schmonstitution!
  11. With the child already indoctrinated in 4th grade to throw out the Constitution for his safety, he should be ready for this assignment in 6th grade.
  12. When you know that the left loves deconstructionism, it makes perfect sense to discuss the Gettysburg Address without mentioning the Civil War.
  13. This article is pro-Common Core, but notice how understanding and restating a story’s plot is out-of-fashion.  In fashion:  making up an email from a character’s point of view!  This nonsense is hailed as “critical thinking,” but it is actually another fine example of deconstruction because the reader’s interpretation and creativity is more important than the author’s meaning and intent.

Category Two:  Tyrants R Us

  1. First off, many anti-gun links are above.  They are myriad, but Mr. Mitchell collected many of them in this post.  From key chains to NRA t-shirts to toys to breakfast pastries, educators are coming after them like a Terminator hunting Sarah Connor.
  2. This anti-gun incident deserves its very own spot:  you have a concealed-carry permit, Mom?  You are banned!
  3. Who can forget the infamous lunch that Wasn’t Good Enough?
  4. What happens when the paperwork is more important than people.
  5. What happens when caloric math is more important than people.
  6. You can’t have your kid.
  7. You can’t either.
  8. No kid for you!
  9. Also, stop visiting the school so much, parents.  You are not wanted.
  10. Just drop the kids off in a timely manner, so we won’t have to fine you.
  11. And make sure all their absences are approved, so we won’t have to jail you.

No doubt, this represents only the tip of the iceberg.  Kind readers, please add your own links or personal stories of Education Expert Stupidity to my humble list.  And have a great week!

Brigadier:: Did you believe them?
4th Doctor:  No, of course not, and they know I didn’t. And I know that they know that I didn’t, and they know that I know that…

Doctor Who  Robot 1974

Worf:  We will wait until he feels the grasp of his enemies around his throat

Star Trek TNG  Redemption 1991

Mrs. Lovet:   Don’t you know, silly man
Half the fun is to plan the plan
All good things come to those who can

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 2007


Last week I suggested to the GOP that we should answer the Nuclear option with the Sicilian option.  I think it’s necessary to be more specific.

There are several Italian stereotypes out there, but for Sicilians the stereotype that is most pronounced is that of the Gangster and nothing has crystallized that image in the minds of people like the first two Godfather Movies, the greatest Movie-Sequel pair ever made.

Even within the stereotype you have two variations that are represented by Sonny Corleone and his brother Michael.

Sonny Corleone is a fighter and a man of strong passions.  He wears his opinions on his sleeve. When his father is hit, he comes back strong.  When Tom Hagen advices him what it is costing the family financially he doesn’t care, and when Carlo either yells at his sister or hits her he springs to action.

Everyone body knows he is coming, there is no subtilty to him and that becomes his undoing as he is ambushed and slaughtered in a trap baited by his passions.

But the single most telling moment for Sonny isn’t the beating, shooting or even the war, the telling moment comes when Sollozzo makes his pitch to the Corleone family.

When Don Vito turns him down Sollozzo offers to guarantee his investment and when he does Sonny jumps in to question this until the Don raises a hand and turns to look at his now humbled son. The shot shifts to Clemenza, then to Tom Hagen then to Sollozzo who immediately notes Sonny’s interest in contrast to his father, who is forced to stress that his “No” is final and scolds him:

What’s the matter with you. I think your brain is going soft from all that comma you’re playing with that young girl. Never tell anybody outside the family what you’re thinking again.

It’s is Sollozzo’s perception that “Sonny was hot for my idea” that leads to the war, the shooting of the Don, the corruption of Michael and his own murder.

Why,  because everyone sees him coming and knows how to counter him.

Contrast that with his father and his brother Michael. Every single time he or his father acts they acts at a moment when nobody sees him coming. The Sollozzo & McCulskey do not see him coming any more than the five families, Tessio or Hyman Roth do. This mirrors his father who is able to kill not only kill Don Fanucci and Don Ciccio but to do so on their own ground.

They are able to do this because rather than rush for revenge as both Paulo (Vito’s brother) and Sonny does they slowly sits back and waits not striking until his targets are relaxed and the moment presents itself.

The best illustration of this method ironically comes not in any of the murder scenes but in the Scene with Senator Geary in Nevada at the start of Godfather 2

Note the response by Michael when Senator Geary tries to “squeeze” him and insults his family for good measure. He doesn’t get angry, he doesn’t threaten him he makes his “offer” and ignores Geary’s bemused reaction and waits…

…until Senator Geary finds himself betrayed by his own appetites (with some help from Corleone Lt Al Neri) put him in a compromising position where Tom Hagen “friendship” is the only hope to extract himself from a danger to life and career.

In each case Michael waits, lets his foes relax until every piece is on the board where he wants it, and then he strikes.

Bottom line Michael & Vito got the results they desired, Sonny did not.

There is a lesson here, for all those angry about the new Filibuster rules in the Senate and a lot of other things.



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