the Magnificent Seven month in Review

Saturday  marked the end of the first month of my Magnificent Seven writing on DaTechGuy Blog and what a month it has been.   You have been treated to topics like Church history from Pastor George Kelly Common Core's Kobayashi Maru from AP (Lady Liberty) Dillon , a bit of Venezuela from Fausta, Indoctrination vs … Continue reading the Magnificent Seven month in Review

Education Experts Gone Wild

For this post, I collected a whole lotta links on Education Expert Stupidity.  At the start, I was all geared up for apoplexy.  I’m talking outrage of the eye-twitching, blood vessel-bursting kind. Writing is a journey, however, and the destination is often a surprise.  Certainly, idiocy is in no short supply.  But at the end … Continue reading Education Experts Gone Wild

Be Michael not Sonny

Brigadier:: Did you believe them? 4th Doctor:  No, of course not, and they know I didn't. And I know that they know that I didn't, and they know that I know that... Doctor Who  Robot 1974 Worf:  We will wait until he feels the grasp of his enemies around his throat Star Trek TNG  Redemption … Continue reading Be Michael not Sonny