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As everyone knows the Friday News Dump is a hallowed tradition in political circles.

When you have news that you want to bury, that you want to be sure the media will ignore or miss, that you need to say you gave “full disclosure” while making sure the fewest people possible actually hear it. Friday afternoon is your time.

For decades this has been a hallowed tradition in Washington DC.  You want news buried,  release it Friday afternoon.

Each year Thanksgiving multiplies this effect.  If a Friday afternoon news dump garners fractional attention then coverage of a Friday dump when the entire media is focusing on the single biggest shopping day of the year, becomes infinitesimal. at least domestically.

If you want a story ignored you just aren’t going to find a better news dump day then Black Friday..

Until today.

With Nelson Mandela’s death we have Black Friday cubed combining:

 the traditional Friday period where coverage is scant

 the Christmas shopping season when people are paying much less attention (part of the black “everything” week.

and an event that is going to take up every bit of media space on almost every news channel and newspaper not only at home but around the world.

Photos of the administration holding human sacrifice of Tea Party Members in the cellar of the White House could surface, Documents  revealing Obamacare funding a hit squad targeting Sarah Palin & Rush Limbaugh could be released and video of Barack Obama holding orgies with Madonna, Lady Gaga, Amanda Bynes, Charlie Sheen and Alec Baldwin in an exclusive Hellfire club at Camp David when he was supposedly golfing could be uploaded to YouTube…

…and that would end up on page D-23 as a single paragraph in the lifestyles section or a 20 second throw away line in the middle of a news cast.  That is if it isn’t cut for that exclusive interview with Nelson Mandela’s second cousin’s nephew’s babysitter’s best friend.

So keep a VERY close eye for the next 72 hours on any news or document release by the White House or any other group trying to downplay something because if there is a smoking gun now is the time to throw it into the winds of Mandela coverage


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One of the first things that they teach you in Economics 101 is that “Economics (according to the classical definition) is the study of the allocation of scarce resources which have alternative uses.”

In short, “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”  We cannot have our cake and eat it to.

Professors of Economics continually drill into their students two important principles:  (1.) The notion that there are “Opportunity Costs” associated with everything that we do, and (2.) Secondly, that is important to remember the concept of “Trade-Offs.”

Simply put an “opportunity costs” represents the price that one pays when they decide to purchase an item or a material good.  When you make a particular acquisition of a good or a service, you then forgo the next best potential alternative.

For example, if you decide to buy a luxury car, you no longer have that money at your disposal to buy clothing or something else; with the particular purchase of that car, you have forgone the possibility of spending that money in other ways.  Furthermore, instead of buying that luxury car, you could have chosen to go shopping with your wife or significant other (shopping is an activity that pleases this writer’s wife to no end…).  With the money that you spent on that luxury car, you could have chosen to spend it in other ways such as seeing many, many movies or plays.  But, because the study of economics revolves primarily around the question of resource scarcity, you quickly learn that you must wisely choose how you will allocate your limited resources (in this case money).

What always has puzzled this writer is that our national representatives seem to be so clueless when it comes to “basic economic principles.”

Why does it always seem that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats that serve in both Houses of Congress never seem to understand the basic concept of “opportunity costs?”

Every two years or every four years during mid-term and Presidential elections, we listen to the various aspirants for political office tell us how they increase social services, finance costly military expenditures, and reduce federal outlays – all without either raising taxes or strangling businesses with new and costly governmental regulations.  This brings us to the concept of “trade-offs.”

Families make “trade-offs” all the time.  Because time, treasure, and talents are scarce you have to make hard choices with regards to what you may acquire (or cut back on) at a given time.  Families may have to choose between going away on a nice vacation and sending one of their children to music camp.

Why is it that Washington does not understand the principles of “opportunity costs” or “trade-offs” when they are busy passing sweeping new regulations that inhibit economic activity?

Politicians make it seem that all that the Federal Government has to do is tax and spend and that every social problem or ill will automatically vanish.

The saddest thing about this whole political posturing and campaigning that takes place every two to four years is that we foolishly their promises every election cycle!

Shame on us!!!

Did not Benjamin Franklin warn us after the Constitutional Convention of 1787 when asked what type of government that they had given the new country with this reply – “We have given you a republican form of government if you can keep it.”

Did not John Adams state that there was never a democracy in history that did not commit suicide?

Are we not committing suicide with this huge albatross around our necks known as the national debt?  At the time of this writing, our national debt is quickly approaching 17 Trillion Dollars!  Why is it that despite the party that occupies the White House or the party that controls both houses of Congress that our national debt continues to rise unabated?

Perhaps our problem is with the very nature of running for political office itself.

Politicians do what they know they must do in order to get elected.  It is estimated that only 3% of the American population will ever run for political office even once during their lifetime.  It takes the average person running for political office on average two to six election losses before they experience their first political victory.  What then happens by default is that we reward people for their political perseverance and not necessarily for possessing keen economics acumen.

If our children are going to experience anything near like the Spiritual, Social, Political and Economic prosperity that we as people have enjoyed for more than two centuries, then we MUST quickly get a grip and work to get our financial house in order.

WE MUST DEMAND from our would be politicians (dare we say future statesmen and stateswomen?) that they seriously articulate plans to reduce our gargantuan 16 to 17 Trillion Dollar Debt before they every receive our vote.  In this way – and while there is still time – just maybe FISCAL SANITY CAN BE  RESTORED TO OUR REPUBLIC.

“…if there is one thing I’ve learned in politics, it’s never turn your back on a crumb.”

Hubert Humphrey 1957

Robert Spencer tells of an interesting story out of England:

Britain plans to classify “Islamist extremism” as a distinct ideology, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday, as part the government’s response to the murder of a soldier on a busy London street.

Cameron said he would implement recommendations he had received from a task force he set up after the murder of Lee Rigby in May, to try to stop people being radicalised by “hate preachers”.

Mr. Spencer is bemused:

They’re emphasizing that it has nothing to do with genuine Islam. How they will explain why “Islamist extremists” move freely among authentic Muslims without being rebuked, repudiated, rejected or reported remains to be seen. And how far they will get in tackling this ideology while maintaining the falsehood that there is no justification in Islam for it is unclear. It would be more truthful for them to be honest about its Islamic derivation and challenge the Muslim community in the UK to reform and to work with law enforcement, but truth is at a premium in the UK these days.

Very good point, Pam Geller has a hilarious picture that fits this comment to a T:

Well this one takes serious intellectual twisting …… will the British authorities ban the quranic texts that call for jihad?

And Stacy McCain has a few things to say as well:

It seems there are an awful lot of Muslims who share this ”Islamist extremism” hatred of the West. Perhaps I’m the only one who remembers watching TV news coverage on Sept. 11, 2001, when crowds of Muslims were dancing in the streets of Cairo and Gaza in celebration of the terrorist attacks masterminded by al-Qaeda.

All of these interpretations are valid but there is a bright side, a crumb if you will, that everyone seems to be missing that we should be very pleased about.

With the classification of “Islamic extremism” as an unacceptable ideology in England the question quickly becomes, “How do we define it?” What are the beliefs that constitute “Islamic extremism?”

Is it committing attacks on people in the name of Islam Islamic extremism?

Is  it calling for attacks on people in the name of Islam  “Islamic extremism?”

Is financially supporting attacks on people or those who call for attacks on people  in the name of Islam  “Islamic extremism?”

Is preaching in a mosque in support of attacks on people and or those people or organizations who do so in the name of Islam “Islamic extremism”?

and that’s just in terms of basic terror attacks, let’s go a bit further:

Is killing someone who converts from Islam “Islamic extremism?”

Is preaching it is acceptable to kill someone who converts from Islam “Islamic extremism?”

Is financially supporting either those who kill or preach that killing someone who converts from Islam “Islamic Extremism?”

We can play this game all day with Honor killing, attacking gays, attacking non Muslim in “Islamic” areas etc etc etc…

Once these things are defined (and we need to pressure them to be defined) then it will be an easy matter to point out the people, the groups and the Mosques that fail within the definition of “Islamic Extremism” and challenge England to act.

It’s a baby step, but with some effort and care England just might be taught how to walk:


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