For no other reason than it was a favorite of mine as a child a series of Reviews of the British Action Series:The Adventures of Robin Hood that ran from 1955-1959

Summery: Sir Robin of Locksley comes home from the Crusades to find the land changed.

Plot: Sir Robin of Locksley arrives at his Castle, seeing it occupied he sneaks to his servant Tom’s quarters who informs him Sir Roger De Lisle has occupied it and he will not be able to regain it without a fight. He is announced at table and is told that he is an imposter as Sir Roger has a paper to prove Robin of Locksley is dead. When Robin Threatens to take his claim De Lisle scoff and a confrontation ensues. Robin escapes wounding to of De Lisle’s men. De Lisle’s that night goes to Nottingham to speak to the Sheriff while Robin camps in the woods. That evening Robin confronts and chases away three foresters about to put out the eyes and cut off the fingers of a man poaching a deer and afterwards goes to down to see the Sheriff. Will he get justice in Nottingham? or will an unexpected act change his life forever.

Familiar Faces: Leo McKern who will later be known as Rumpole of the Bailey plays Sir Roger De Lisle. Alan Wheatley (the Sheriff) will later be the first ever victim of a Dalek in Doctor Who.

Multiple Roles: Character Actor Willoughby Gray will play two different speaking roles, while Victor Woolf will have three plays 3. Two other servants of Sir Roger will double as outlaws.

What the leftist writers were selling:
The entire theme of the recognized authorities as corrupt (the “blacklisted” are the real heroes)

The Ironic Truth: Robin actually represents the actual authority (King Richard) The blacklisted communists are actually like the Sheriff supporting those who wish to usurp the proper authority.

Memorable quote: “You crusaders are all alike, You volunteer to go to the war of your own accord, nobody makes you go and you expect special consideration because of it”

Modern conservative theme:
The quote from the sheriff’s clerk is exactly how the left feels about those who fight for the country

A modern leftist would be outraged at: The idea of the crusader as a hero.

Final verdict: A nice combination of action to establish the series three stars

The November jobs report, which featured headlines of 203,000 jobs added and a 7.0% unemployment rate (both seasonally adjusted), featured something for everybody. Whether one is a starry-eyed optimist, a somewhat-hopeful realist, or an eeyore, if one looks hard enough, one can find it this time around.

I’ll start with the essentially-unqualified good, the employment survey. 203,000 seasonally-adjusted non-farm jobs added, with 196,000 of them in the private sector, would be great…if the economy were recovered from the Great Recession. The manufacturing sector made a significant contribution to that, with a 17,000 add. The average hours worked per week per job was a bit ahead of both last month and last year, which allowed the average weekly pay to also increase slightly.

Not all is completely rosy in the establishment survey, however. Jobs that tend to be low paying or less than permanent accounted for much of the seasonally-adjusted increase – restaurants and bars added 17,900 workers, general merchandise stores added 13,800 workers, and temporary help services added 16,400 workers. One would have hoped the seasonal adjustments would have accounted for the additional hires to handle the Christmas shopping season.

That leads me to the household survey. While the seasonally-adjusted labor force participation rate recovered modestly from October to 63.0%, it is still lower than both September, bo 0.2 percentage points, and last November, by 0.6 percentage points. The returning federal workers accounted for nearly half of the 818,000 increase in the number of employed and more than the entirety of the 365,000 decrease in the unemployed.

Once again, there was a significant divergence between the BLS and Gallup’s measures of adult unemployment. While the BLS says adult unemployment fell from a seasonally-unadjusted 6.8% in October to a seasonally-unadjusted 6.4% in November, Gallup says it went up from a seasonally-unadjusted 7.3% in October to a seasonally-unadjusted 8.2% in November. Somebody has to be wrong.

Going back to September using the BLS numbers, to take out the effects of the partial government shutdown, shows almost no improvement. The number of employed increased by only 87,000, while 265,000 departed the workforce.

Lest one thinks it’s all retirees leaving, allow me to give you the LFPR among the 25-54 year olds, the cream of the workforce. It was a seasonally-adjusted 80.9% and not-seasonally-adjusted 81.1%. Outside of last month, the former is the lowest since November 1984, while the latter is the lowest November since 1983.

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