Thursday night as we left a memorial service for a dear friend my wife made it clear that whatever we do we WOULD be home by 8 PM to see the Sound of Music live.

While my wife enjoyed the show our cultural “elites” were unimpressed:

Kevin Fallon, the Daily Beast:

‘Sound of Music Live!’ Review: The Hills Are Barely Alive

Was Carrie Underwood a good Maria? No. Was NBC’s decision to do a live staging of ‘The Sound of Music’ a good one? Maybe not. Was it fun anyway? Actually, kinda.

Perez Hilton:

Last night’s broadcast of the Sound of Music LIVE was met with mixed reviews, Carrie Underwood’s vocals were AH-MAZE but her acting was…not. (Just take a look at the live tweets from last night!)

Charlotte Alter Time Magazine:

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Carrie Underwood?

9 things that went wrong, 6 things that went right, and 4 people who should’ve played Maria instead

Seija Rankin: Refinery 29

How do you solve a problem like Maria? If you’re the real Von Trapps, you get Anne Hathaway on board. After last night’s, ahem, interesting, live rendition of The Sound of Music

Hank Stuever The Washington Post

NBC’s ‘The Sound of Music Live’: An impossible climb after all

America infrequently gathers around the tube anymore (except, of course, for football games), but you could sense millions drawing near Thursday night for a skeptical look at NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live,” an ambitious — yet disappointingly stiff — staging of the original musical.

Alessandra Stanley The New York Times

‘Idol,’ Meet the Trapps: The Perils of Tinkering With Favorite Things Carrie Underwood in NBC’s Live ‘Sound of Music’

Nobody could solve the problem of this Maria.

Tom Gliatto People

Sound of Music Live Without Much Life, Says PEOPLE’s TV Critic

NBC’s Sound of Music Live!, starring country star and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood as trilling, hill-hiking governess Maria von Trapp, was like a snow globe with scarcely any flakes.

Yup the cultural elite of the left spoke with almost one voice. Carrie Underwood and the Sound of Music was not one of their favorite things.  Everyone seemed to agree.

…except the viewers

Matt Webb Mitovich TV Line

How do you solve a problem like a boorish, overly snarky Twitter feed? By hushing the haters with huge numbers.

Facing off against 100-percent original broadcast competition throughout its entire three-hour run, NBC’s The Sound of Music Live! on Thursday night put 18.6 million total bums in the seats (as they say on Broadway), while scoring a 4.6 demo rating (per finals).

That marks NBC’s largest non-sports Thursday audience since May 2004 (when Frasier’s finale night averaged 22.6 mil) and its best non-sports Thursday demo number since the April 2009 ER finale (5.2).

For all the desire of the left to see Carrie Underwood fail, for all their critique of her performance, Ms Underwood did something that the left’s favorites like The Office, Parks and Recreation 30 Rock et/al could not.  It won Thursday.

Michael O’Connell The Hollywood Reporter:

TV Ratings: NBC’s ‘Sound of Music Live’ Sings With 18.5 Million Viewers

UPDATED: The peacock’s three-hour presentation of the musical ties “The Big Bang Theory” in the demo and propels the network to an impressive nightly win — its biggest on a Thursday since the “ER” finale in 2009.

Just as importantly is the type of show it was.  This was a program that had:

No suggestive dialogue

No profanity

No hints of nudity

No redefinition of Marriage

No re-writes to to make it more culturally “inclusive”

This was in every aspect the type of story that traditional American Culture embraces and the left rejects and worse of all it stared a darling of the American Right that directly made fun of the cultural left’s god in the White House.

And it produced a ratings earthquake for NBC.

Think about it:  Carrie Underwood went toe to toe with The Big Bang Theory the funniest show on television and stood tall.

The cultural arbitrators of the left might not be impressed but I guarantee you every person in the advertising and business looking to place an ad was.

This should be a lesson  to NBC and the networks that appealing to Red America pays dividends even with 300+ channels to choose from.

But even more important, it should be a lesson to us on the right who want to win the message war.  That’s a fight that has to be made in popular culture.  If we produce a quality product with appeal to that broad American public that we can engage in popular culture and win.


Full disclose:  I watched the Big Bang Theory (one of my favorite shows) upstairs while my wife and oldest watched Sound of Music Downstairs. When I got back from picking up my youngest from work I went upstairs my wife had the Sound of Music on up there so she could watch it then hit the sack as soon as it was done so I watched it with her.

I thought it was pretty good but I also don’t compare it to the Julie Andrews iconic movie performance.

There’s a huge difference between a Movie where you have multiple takes and dubbing or even a stage performance with an audience of thousands that is repeated night after night and a one shot live broadcast with millions watching and all the technical worries that come with it.

A tip of my Fedora to Underwood, Moyer and the entire cast, particularly the kids. they all took a really big risk leap of faith and risk and pulled it off.

Tea Party Express rally,  Mishawaka, IN

By John Ruberry

A week ago my wife was admitted to the hospital because she was experiencing abdominal pains and a high fever. On Tuesday she had her gall bladder removed.

She’s covered on my employer-based health care plan.

December is that last month of the “good old days” for health care, particularly for married couples.

That’s because ObamaCare kicks in on New Year’s Day.

Next month some employers–fortunately not mine–are dropping spousal coverage on their health care plans–and some others will be charging a $125 monthly fee to cover spouses who can get insurance elsewhere. That’s over $1,000 a year.

If you like your plan–you can’t keep it.

We’ve learned that ObamaCare is part-government takeover of healthcare, and part wealth redistribution. As for the latter, in order to qualify O’care subsidies, it actually makes financial sense for some married couples to divorce.

But my wife and I aren’t even rich!

Now we know what then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi meant when she said, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” 

I was thinking about what else lurks  in that bill as I sat in the surgery waiting room last week. Unless–or I’m being hopeful–until it’s appealed, our collective ObamaCare journey will resemble the trip upriver in Apocalypse Now.  We have plenty of surprises in store for us–none of them will be pleasant.

“The horror, the horror,” as Colonel Kurtz told Captain Williard in that film.

But I want to end this post on a happy note. My wife is resting and recovering at home.

Ramona: Didn’t a great man once say, “Science demands nothing less than the fervent and unconditional dedication of our entire lives?”

Sheldon:  He did.

RamonaAnd who was that great man?

Sheldon:  Me. Sorry Leonard.

Leonard:  Seriously? You’re not coming?

Sheldon:  You heard her. How can I argue with me?

The Big Bang Theory: The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem 2008

In short, resisting a more powerful opponent will result in your defeat, whilst adjusting to and evading your opponent’s attack will cause him to lose his balance, his power will be reduced, and you will defeat him. This can apply whatever the relative values of power, thus making it possible for weaker opponents to beat significantly stronger ones.

Jigoro Kano

As we enter day 4 of Mandela fest on every network and in every paper it’s become readily apparent that the left intends to do its level best to use Nelson Mandela as a club against the right even to the point where Ted Cruz is attacked not for his statements on Mandela but over troll statement by some of his commentators.

Talking points memo is in full Mandela attack mode going after any person who dares not bow down before the secular god, and the use of Mandela as a club vs the right dominate Memeorandum:

Hunter Walker / Talking Points Memo:

Tom Kludt / Talking Points Memo:


Anneta Konstantinides / ABC News:
Ted Cruz Criticized for Praising Nelson Mandela

Don’t Sanitize Nelson Mandela: He’s Honored Now, But Was Hated Then

Jacob Fischler / BuzzFeed:
South Carolina Sheriff Refuses To Lower Flag For Nelson Mandela


While it’s important to tell the truth about Mandela as he was and South Africa as it is that doesn’t solve the media problem nor counter the club that the left / media will us on us with low information voters.

So what is the solution? The clue comes in my initial post on Mandela’s death:

The world is full of examples of the former, of Castros of Putins of Mugabes, of men who started as revolutionizes against oppressors and became oppressors itself. Even here in America how many people were attacked in the name of “Justice for Trayvon?”

Because he did not, because he eschewed violence when he had the power to wreak it, because he instead restrained himself he also restrained an entire people who could have called for blood.

This made him great.

That example is the single greatest gift he gave to the world and is rightly admired for it and will be for centuries to come.

If only the Castros , Putins and Mugabes followed it.

The secular sainthood myth of Mandela is based on a single undeniable fact, that he is pretty much the only Leftist communist revolutionary in history that didn’t abuse the power he eventually won  to gain wealth & power for himself and repress and slaughter those who disagreed with him using either government or extra government methods.

That is so atypical, so extraordinary (even the peaceful Norwegians after liberation from the Nazis executed Quisling) that I have no problem calling Mandela “great” but more importantly what if we on the right embrace that standard and hold the left to it?

For example, when the left praises Castro, we put Uncle Fidel up against the Mandela Standard

Mandela: Didn’t keep power for himself for 50 years.

Mandela: Didn’t keep a secret police watching his political foes.

Mandela:  Didn’t keep dissidents from leaving

Mandela:  Held free elections with multiple parties

Mandela:  Didn’t have the wives of jailed prisoners beaten


Do you see? The left always seems to have excuses for murderous communist tyrants and dictators, but when we play the Mandela card how do they justify these acts when Mandela himself didn’t do them?

And that doesn’t have to be applied only to foreign affairs consider:

Mandela never used the tax system against his political foes

Mandela never summarily suspended law

Mandela didn’t use the government to suppress his political foes.

It can even be used on specific issues

How can voter ID be racist when Mandela’s South Africa requires it?

Q: Can I vote with my temporary registration certificate (TRC)?

A: No, you can only vote with your South African, green, bar-coded ID or a valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC). You can apply for a green, bar-coded ID or a valid TIC from the Department of Home Affairs.

Q: Can permanent residents vote in the elections?

A: No, only South African citizens with a green, bar-coded ID book can vote in elections.

One of the Alinsky’s rules for radicals is to:  Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.  By all means we should hold our friends on the left, both nationally and internationally to those Mandela standards they profess to admire.

And if they don’t, well obviously they must be racists.


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