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If you missed our panel with Janet Aldrich, Dominic Nanni, Juliette (Baldilocks) Ochieng and Joe Mangiacotti, then click here.

Remember each week our panel recommends stories for the week, here is what they brought up:

Joe said we should look out for the results of the NSA panel due out the 15th here is a story from last month on it:

Working in secret like the programs they’re reviewing, five men with high-level security clearances and ties to President Barack Obama will soon deliver a report that’s likely to reshape U.S. government surveillance.

Must admit I wasn’t up on it

Juliette talked about education in California, this story is one that’s getting no press:

More attention must be paid to the California State University system and to the state’s community colleges if California is going to produce the educated workers its economy needs, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom says in a report set to be issued Tuesday.

The report commissioned by Newsom argues that the state is losing its place as a national leader in higher education.

One guess what the solution will be.

Dominic Nanni talked about the sale of the public art collection:

A federal judge ruled Dec. 3 that Detroit met the conditions for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Now a question that’s been simmering for months is coming to a boil: Should the Detroit Institute of Arts – one of the country’s finest art museums and perhaps the city’s greatest cultural asset – sell some or all of its collection to satisfy creditors?

I’m not a big fan of that idea, you can only sell it once and you can’t replace it and it won’t cover the debt.

Janet story is from Free-Press.net

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s FISA Improvements Act1 would give the NSA even more authority to monitor our phone calls, text messages and every online move.2

It’s an awful piece of legislation and it must be stopped.

It’s very hard to get freedoms back once lost

And my story is about an interesting lack of memory at the IRS:

The top lawyer for the IRS in the midst of the congressional investigation swirling around the nation’s tax collectors and their admitted targeting of the Tea Party, has responded to a written inquiry, and managed to claim ignorance on 80 different responses, as reported by The Daily Mail of London, England on Dec. 4, 2013.

The willingness of the left to pretend this is no big deal is simply astounding.

Remember don’t miss this week’s show and on the 21st we have our annual Christmas Show with Bishop Reilly

Michelle Malkin has sold Twitchy and some on the left is not all that happy

Shrieking Meth-Rage Banshee Michelle Malkin Selling Twitter Rag ‘Twitchy’ To Some Dumb Idiots

That’s wonkette, the comments section at Buzzfeed and Joe my God are starting to get interesting and at the wire the tweets collected are already getting angry.

Now it’s not all that odd that Michelle Malkin would make the left angry she is a conservative woman of color and a journalist who is an unabashed conservative. That’s three strikes to  the left right there.

But that’s not what makes the left really mad.

What makes them out of their mind, tear out their hair break out the torches and burn down the house mad is this:

 She is a success!

She created Hotair…and sold it for a profit

She created Twitchy…and sold it for a profit

How many millions has Salon lost? How many Millions has Tina Brown lost for her investors over the years.

Michelle Malkin is a walking talking American success story with more successful business experience than most of the people who write for the left combined.

And they’ll never forgive her for it!

Perhaps someday, if Tina Brown asks really nice, Michelle will give her business lessons.

In February of this year I began the greatest experiment in the history of this blog by seeing if I could actually turn writing & reporting into a paying business.

Stage one of this quest was the attempt to raise enough funds in the course of a month to pay the mortgage.

The post that announced this quest was titled:

I give you Charles Johnson the founder of the feast!

In which the story of my getting in the middle of a dispute between Stacy McCain and Charles Johnson was told which led to a phone call by Stacy introducing himself, my eventual banning at Little Green Footballs, Driving with Stacy covering Scott Brown, CPAC 2010, Meeting Andrew Breitbart, the Radio show, the blog paying the mortgage and now My Magnificent Seven Writers blogging here daily.

At the same time that my prospects have grown Charles’ have dropped.  This week he reached what has to be his nadir as Stacy McCain caught Johnson in statement so nonsensical, so mind blowingly ignorant and so easily disproved that I would have doubted he would have tweeted it without being paid to do so.

One only has to read the first sentence of a post titled Nelson Mandela Was Released From Prison After 27 Years. These 10 Political Prisoners Are Still Waiting from that bastion of right-wing thought the Huffington post, to realize how ignorant Mr. Johnson’s assertion truly is:

In 1964, Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison over his calls for a colorblind South Africa. He ended up serving 27 years behind bars.

I was one year old in 1964, Lyndon Baines Johnson was president and Ronald Reagan was still years away from the start of his political career, as Robert Stacy McCain put it:

I suppose it is possible that he was actually ignorant of this fact.  After all since Johnson has taken to banning people who contradict him it’s certainly possible that he never saw those responses and is blissfully unaware of the actual history of Mandela.  Alternatively if he is paid to advance these positions veracity would be no more important to him than it is to the staff at Media Matters.

Either way the lesson of Charles Johnson’s transformation isn’t really the story of a blogger paid or not paid to change, or even the story of a single statement no matter how ignorant. It’s simple physics,  a story of Cause and Effect.

First Cause Dec 1st 2009

LGF was last linked by Glenn Reynolds Aug 27, 2009 (on rathergate) and Charles last mentioned by name on April 16th 2009 (Beck v Johnson can’t we all just get along?). Robert Stacy’s Instalances? I count 11 Instalanches for him since Charles last one. And here lies the REAL reason for today’s post by Charles… Look at this page, you will see that Charles last instalanche was his 234th. Roll that number in your heads bloggers that is 233 more than me (are my posts that boring?) His first instalanche was April 22 2002. So in a 90 month period that is an avg of 2.6 instalanches a month or just under one instalanche every twelve days.

and Thursday January 7th 2010:

Charles slanders Glenn and Patterico calls him out on it. I’m not surprised by this and Glenn isn’t holding his breath waiting for an apology but the best revenge is this, Charles has not managed an instalanche since Aug 27 2009 and Patterico just received his 2nd of the new year. If that isn’t enough my instalanche monday is one more than Charles has managed since then too . He’s still 232 instalanches up on me but I’m working on it.

Bottom line it has been 56 months since Charles Johnson 234th and last Instalanche to date.


Robert Stacy McCain notes that as of Dec 7th 2013, LGF’s Alexa rank is 96,673 worldwide & 30,733 in the US.

With the number of web sites in the world and in America that is still an impressive number however it ranks more than 28,000 spaces behind Stacy McCain’s worldwide number (68,116) and nearly 17,000 spaces behind his US rank (13,813).

Given McCain’s shoe leather reporting and journalistic experience that might not be as odd as it sounds but it gets even more interesting when you compare Charles to a comparative newcomer like me.

You might recall that at the time of Charles’ last Instalanche he was 233 instalanches ahead of me. Although it is nearly 1 in the morning curiosity got the better of me so I took the liberty of counting all my Instalanches since that day.

The Good news for Johnson?  He is still ahead of me on total instalanches.

The bad news?  His lead is now 8.

Moreover those 223 Instalanches in the 1564 days since Charles’ last one works out to one every 7.01 days or one a week. What has that done for my Alexa Rank? let’s answer that question in real time: dtgvslgf Yes that right as of this moment worldwide Charles Johnson is only 718 spots ahead of me worldwide 96,673 vs 97,341.   In the US it’s a different Story, at 19,446 I’m a full 11,287 spots ahead of Charles’ 30,733.

Now Alexa results fluctuate, nobody is guaranteed an Instalanche (my last one was back on Nov 21st)* and there are plenty of things I say that produce disagreement & anger from the left as usual and even, on occasion the same from my friends on the right. But both sides know that agree or disagree they are appreciated when they visit and they’ll get debate rather than a curt dismissal

Perhaps Charles isn’t interested in rank, perhaps he doesn’t care if he influences opinion or if LGF is a part of the national debate. Maybe these days Mr Johnson is content in maintaining a niche market populated by the loyal worshipers of the Lizard king.

If so, all I can say is, may you be happy in the choice you have made.

Update:  I wrote this post between 1 & 2 AM on Monday.  At 5 PM Glenn linked to my post on the Do nothing senate.  Charles’ lead is down to 7.

Update 2:  Replaced the word “Given” with “With” in the sentence on page rank because it sounds better.

Update 3: Missed a stray sentence fragment that I thought I had removed already, taken care of


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