Da TechGuy with Tim Donnelly & Sara Mare Brenner now Available

Hey did you miss DaTechGuy’s interview with Tim Donnelly and Sara Marie Brenner in the first hour of this weeks show on Saturday.  No worries you can hear it here.

How about that 2nd hour with Sarah Marie Brenner and DaTechGuy’s  Magnificent Panel with Maxine Baptiste, Mary Lotze and Brad Marsden?  That’s here.

As for the stories that can’t be missed mine is here

While people are dancing around the implications anyone who thinks polygamy laws are going to withstand the age of Gay Marriage, they are out of their minds.

Brad’s Choice was my own piece on Tim Donnally

Running on what you believe rather than pandering a good thing.

Maxine’s story is the Penguin Santa one:

Frankly If this author things a community that has high unemployment, violence to the nth degree and a scourge of single parenthood things that the biggest problem facing black children is a white Santa it says something not all that wise about her.

Plus penguins are from the South pole.

(Oh and the attempt to use this as a club against Megan Kelly is simply an attempt to intimidate)

As for Mary her story is the Affluenza business

Frankly I think this comes from the same mindset as the Santa business but that a court bought it says we need a better class of judges.

Remember Next week on DaTechGuy on DaRadio retired bishop Reilly a Peter Healey from the Knights of Columbus.