Another day, another story out of the Vatican getting spun:

Pope Francis moved on Monday against a conservative American cardinal who has been an outspoken critic of abortion and same-sex marriage, by replacing him on a powerful Vatican committee with another American who is less identified with the culture wars within the Roman Catholic Church.

The NY Times is breathless with anticipation!

The pope’s decision to remove Cardinal Raymond L. Burke from the Congregation for Bishops was taken by church experts to be a signal that Francis is willing to disrupt the Vatican establishment in order to be more inclusive.

I guess that whole Woman Cardinal thing the post denied must have been BS

And The Huffington Post decided this one was worth video!

I’m sure they are waiting with bated breath for his appointment to the Titular see of Partenia and the recall of Jacques Gaillot to replace him. It’s gonna happen any day now…

Alas for them all Thomas Peters put all of this wishful thinking in perspective: (emphasis mine)

poor Cardinal Burke, after today’s move, he will have so little to occupy himself. In addition to being the Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, a member of the College of Cardinals, a member of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, a member of the Congregation for Clergy, a member of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, a member of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, and President of the Commission for Advocates, and a frequent speaker to select Catholic causes and organizations, I’m not sure what he’ll be doing with all of this new free time.

And then drops the big one:

If we want to see anything significant in today’s news, it should be that Pope Francis confirmed Cardinal Marc Oullet as the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops! A more conservative Cardinal you couldn’t ask for.

If liberal Vatican-watchers want to read tea leaves, they should wake up and smell what’s brewing!

But in an era when The Advocate names Pope Francis their Man of the Year (to the sheer horror of their comments section) we should expect much more of this

In fact we need a category for all of these stories that try to fake people out on this stuff. In homage to the tactics that brought the invincible George Foreman down in the 70’s We introduce the Pope-a-Dope category as a subcategory of “Catholic”.

The real question is this, are our friends on the left using Pope-a-dope in order to bring the church down or is Francis using a Pope-a-Dope strategy to get them back in so they can be exposed to the words of Christ long filtered out by their gatekeepers?

I’m betting on the latter

It’s not exactly a hot news flash, but here goes.

With all of the media events of recent years that have been molded and shaped by reporters to fit a certain set of narratives, why would anyone not believe that the fix has been in for decades with respect to almost every topic and every persona? After CBS’s Rathergate and the MSNBC reporting shenanigans with respect to the George Zimmerman trial, does anyone really believe that we get the whole story on anything of political or social importance? After the establishment media’s failure to report anything of importance about the background of the man who is now the president of the United States, do we really know about anything which we haven’t observed with our own lying eyes?

When I first began to blog in 2003, I recall how people like former Vice President Al “30 degrees in LA” Gore and  Daily Beast/Newsweek editor Tina Brown reacted to being contradicted by normal people. Cries of “brownshirts” and “StaSi” filled the Internet air. All that specific sort of whining amused me because, as a normal person who has a decent handle on 20th century German history, I knew that both brownshirts and StaSi  were arms of consecutive tyrannical governments. To toss these epithets at private citizens with an opinion, a modem and a laptop (or whatever) was laughable and, it showed that having a degree from distinguished universities did not guarantee that the bearer was able to think at all, much less think anything through. Or so I thought. (For a proper deployment of the Stasi weapon, see one Angela Merkel.)

But now as I think things through once more, I’m not convinced that persons like Brown and Gore—persons of the Left–care that such epithets make no sense when used against their enemies. I forgot that almost all media sagas are carried on for the sake of the type of observer who does not want to find information independently or who cannot/won’t think topics through. Such a person—the low information voter (LIV)–will probably not understand the historical illiteracy of calling a private person ‘a brownshirt’ for mere disagreement. All that matters is that a person of trust calls out his/her enemies as an enemy–as someone to fight against–and that this call falls on as many ears as possible. Brown and Gore were merely painting their targets, just as their political fellows have done before and after them.

All I’m really saying: keep your third eye open.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel,Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012. Her new novel, Arlen’s Harem, is due in January 2014. Help her fund it and help keep her blog alive!

Cui Bono?

Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla 2nd Century BC

David: Why is that wrong?

Darryl: Look, I have the gift. I didn’t ask for it, but I do. I can sense these things, spirits, whatever you wanna call ’em. Why they’re hangin’ here in the first place? That’s their unfinished business.

David: Do I have the gift?

Darryl: Dude, please. You definitely don’t have it. You’re a civilian.

David: But if I don’t have it, how is it that I can see her and talk to her when no one else can?

Darryl: Exactly.

David: Exactly what?

Darryl: That’s the right question.

Just Like Heaven 2005

One of the things that has characterized modern thought process is the sheer arrogance of it.  They search for deep thoughts such as in the incredible Boston Globe piece asking if someone we were responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing because we failed the bombers family while ducking the question that provides the obvious answer as it does not fit into their worldview.

I hold it axiomatic that man has not changed much in his whole existence that the same things that drive people, pride, greed, lust, diversion, power, fear are the same things that drive us all today, the only difference being our technological ability to provide these things.

However modern liberals hatred of Western civilization means the basic question the obvious ones as pronounced by Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla are meaningless.  They represent just another pronouncement from an old dead white European who didn’t even know how to text or twerk.  How can we possibly learn anything from the likes of him?

That arrogance and worldview is the reason why the import of this pronouncement of Robert Stacy McCain is totally lost on them:

where are Russia’s Assanges, Mannings and Snowdens? Where are the hackers and “whistleblowers” exposing the secrets of America’s enemies?

To a person who has been schooled in the history of Western Civilization and it’s wisdom, those words, like the question of Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla give the obvious explanation to the motives of the Edward Snowden, Julian Assanges and Bradley Manning and the leftists who are so enamored with them.  You’ll find they are the same people who in the 80’s were also enamored in every movement the contested Reagan in his battle with the Soviets and the same that ushered in the fall of the house of Tsarnaev

Perhaps even those libertarians who have been schooled in the Constitution and the classics and are naturally suspicious of big government that question is like a light that dawns showing that whatever they may think of the programs that these men exposed, their purpose has less to do with civil liberties than they pretend.

It’s by asking those wise questions, time-tested through history that the whole of Human wisdom is advanced.  They serve reality as it is rather than as others would have it be.

The Oracle: Have they not been given?
4th Doctor: Well, that’s what I’m asking.
The Oracle: Who are you to dare question my word?
4th Doctor: Well, who do I have to be to dare question your word?

Doctor Who Underworld 1978

On occasion when I’ve been out covering stories I’d run into people who worked for something called “Patch”.

I presumed it was something along the lines of the Examiner where I wrote the occasional article being paid about 1/2 cent per hit. (No time really for that now but you never know) and didn’t really think about it one war or the other until I saw this piece by RS McCain yesterday:

excuse me also for thinking Armstrong is one of the most clueless executives in online media.

AOL’s Tim Armstrong reluctantly lets go
of Patch as shareholder pressures mount

Maybe you don’t care about this little media industry story, but it’s fascinating how the failure happened, and how Armstrong was permitted to throw away money on this pet project:

Stacy links to a NYT post titled AOL Chief’s White Whale Finally Slips His Grasp

Mr. Armstrong had a sentimental, and some would say debilitating, attachment to Patch. He helped create it in 2007 while a senior executive at Google. When he got the top job at AOL in 2009, he persuaded the company to buy it. Patch then proceeded to churn through leadership, business models and write-downs on the way to its reduced state.

The board of AOL, handpicked by Mr. Armstrong, authorized him to invest $50 million on the idea in 2010 and after that, it became a black hole for cash. By the end, it had cost an estimated $300 million. (AOL said the figure was more like $200 million.)

John Podhoretz asked the obvious question:

The Obvious answer is that he didn’t spend money advancing conservative media, As long as you avoid that your job is secure with the elite, also he didn’t spend his own money which is a common liberal theme.

Still Armstrong does have a point, there is a local market for local news but it has to be sustainable if you can’t pay the bills then you can’t do it.

I can hear the critics now: “That’s pretty big talk from a guy who won’t buy a snow blower (or a pair of boots) because he doesn’t have the scratch. Who are you to tell a guy as rich as Armstrong how to run a business?

In one respect that’s a fair point, when Mika Brzezinski & others called for a $15 hr minimum wage for flipping burgers I challenged them to open a franchise, pay that wage and make it work. So it’s fair to say: How would YOU make Patch work?

Well I have a couple of ideas, but the first thing that comes to mind is my Magnificent Seven model.

My Magnificent Seven writers are paid via my tip jar. I raised my weekly goal to cover the cost of their single weekly article.

So far the result has been mixed. I’m very pleased with the quality of the writing and I believe they make the blog better by bringing expertise on subject I might not have.

On the other hand there has been no noticeable increase in traffic yet and DaTipJar response has been irregular.  We’ve made the new goal 2 weeks out of 5 and have yet to cover the cost of the Seven in a monthly goal yet, but it’s only been one month.

That’s why my magnificent seven agreements are for 3 months. If it turns out it’s not generating the revenue to support itself, then no matter how much I like it, I can’t continue it. If it turns out it IS then it can continue and perhaps expand.

So for the benefit of Tim Armstrong let me show you how it’s done:

Introducing Da Villagers :

Hilario: The feeling I felt in my chest this morning, when I saw Calvera run away from us, that’s a feeling worth dying for. Have you ever felt something like that?

Vin: Not for a long, long time. I envy you.

The Magnificent Seven 1960

If you haven’t seen the move The Magnificent Seven it’s often forgotten that the some of the villagers fought and died beside them.  So it makes sense to me that if I have a series of hired guns writing for me I should also have some villagers writing too.

So here is the deal. There are quite a few tea party members who focus on local/state issues. I’m making inquiries to find a few who can write.

If I find a suitable one I will bring him/her on as a villager along side of my Magnificent Seven.

The terms will be the same as the seven, 250 words at .02 per word be exclusive to DaTechGuy Blog for at least 3 days, paid at the end of the month with the following exceptions:

1.  Rather than a single day you will be a floating writer with your weekly piece being on any day when there is news to write about

2.  Unlike my Magnificent Seven you are expected to write about local issues and events that would appeal to the people in this local area (central Massachusetts) preferably on a particular city.

3.  Because this is a “patch” like experiment this can’t simply be opinion, It has to be a report on an event, a town meeting or city council meeting you covered, a political event or speech, or a local news story.  I don’t mind (and frankly prefer) a conservative take but it has to be based on local events not on a general idea.

4.  Because of the floating nature I will want the post written and completed in draft rather than just scheduled so I can make sure your post doesn’t step on any others.

This like the Magnificent Seven agreement will be a three-month agreement, but you can change that in two ways:

1.  A local sponsorship:  If you find a local business willing to sponsor your posts here at $50 a month.  You can write here beyond the three months even if DaTipJar fails to cover your cost.  They will get a link on the site and a 15 sec ad on the show.  If the person is willing to pay $100 a month they will get a link on every one of your posts & you will be allowed a 2nd weekly post at the normal rates

2.  Commission:  If you can Sell a single annual ad on this site at $100 a month or more (15 sec ad plus ad rather than sponsor placement) You will get a 25% commission on said ad in addition to your normal payment per piece.  If you sell a more expensive ad we’ll talk.

If I find a suitable person we’ll increase the weekly goal by $5 and see if it works out.  If it doesn’t then it will stop.  If it does the perhaps we will bring in more locals

And THAT is how you do it Mr. Armstrong without risking millions of dollars of other people’s money, slowly and carefully.

No Charge


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