Joe Manchin Accidentally Explains Media silence on Arapahoe

A few days ago we commented on how the Arapahoe shooting suddenly seemed to disappear from the cable news shows.  This didn’t change even after the horrible news that young Claire Davis has died of her wounds.

While I commented on several factors I skipped the most important, the political one.

The left media and Michael Bloomberg went all in on gun control after Newtown. You saw millions of dollars spent all over the country to promote gun control and legislators who would support it.

The end result was disastrous for the left, three successful recalls in Colorado against pro-gun control senators that millions of dollars of campaign cash wasn’t able to stop. The democrats had to resort to a resignation to preserve their majority.

Several Democratic lawmakers conceded that a recall election would have served as a distraction during the 2014 session for them and for Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is up for re-election.

And if voters in Hudak’s district had voted to oust her and replaced her with a Republican, the GOP would have gained control of the Senate by one seat. Democrats now have only an 18-17 majority over Republicans, thanks to the successful recalls of Morse and Giron, who were replaced by Republicans.

Under Colorado law, Hudak’s successor will be a member of her own party.

And the damage wasn’t limited to Colorado.  In NH the listing the Terrorist Bomber of the Boston Marathon as a “gun victim by Bloomberg’s group” had Nashua’s mayor running them running away as fast as her legs could carry them, and the GOP had 300 protesters in the Snow and cold protesting one of their own, Scott Brown in the same city this week.  In congress gun control crashed and burned and Senator Joe Manchin noted it’s not likely to go anywhere:

“Hopefully, we’d have a few (lawmakers who voted against it) that would maybe reconsider,” Manchin said on CNN’s “State of the Union. “I’m not going to force anybody or make anybody uncomfortable. They all have to live with themselves and go back home and explain their vote.”

“So it’s going to be difficult to get the extra votes that we need,” Manchin said.

Bottom line going after guns is a political loser for the left and as long as that is true Gun issues in general and the Arapahoe shooting in particular no longer has potential to elect democrats…

…and thus no value to the MSM.

Update: Corrected redundant sentence at the end.

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