Congratulations Legal Hookers now PAY UP!

Another big win in the culture wars for the left as the Supreme Court of Canada has legalized Prostitution.

Canada’s highest court struck down the country’s anti-prostitution laws Friday, a victory for sex workers who had argued that a ban on brothels and other measures made their profession more dangerous. The ruling drew criticism from the conservative government and religious leaders.

Now by that argument I expect drug dealers, robbers armed and unarmed and and Car Jackers to make the same appeal but in fairness because it is an illegal business prostitutes are subject to intimidation and or violence from Pimps and Johns will now be alleviated and if we are lucky it should make the sexual slavery harder (I suspect it will not).

But now the Sex Trade workers have some new things to look forward to.

Taxes:  Hey you now have a legal business, that means that money has to be reported and claimed, or else.

Regulation:  You might not have to worry about your pimp but now that your job is legal it will be regulated, after all if a guy catches a disease from you, there can be a lawsuit.  If you mess up a marriage then as you are a business you might be supportable to a lawsuit.

Insurance:  OK it’s not as bad as paying protection money but now you are going to need insurance to cover illness, legal fees, lawsuits and while the Insurance company won’t break your legs if you don’t pay or violate terms wait till you find yourself not covered.

Inspections:  If you have regulations then you have inspections, sanitary conditions, medical standards, non-smoking etc etc etc.

Discrimination:  Hey remember when you didn’t want to do that weird thing or you weren’t interesting in homosexual sex or you that John was just too smelly or dirty that you didn’t want to deal with him.  Well tough, don’t you know that you can’t discriminate against a potential customer?

Legal Fees:  OK this isn’t so bad you likely had to deal with lawyers anyways so but now instead of innocent vs proven guilty where the advantage is yours to civil suits when the advantage could go anywhere.

Competition:  With this business legalized the stigma is gone, what are you going to do when high school and college women figure out they can earn a hell of a lot more per hour than they would at McDonalds by making me pay instead of giving it away?  How are you going to compete with those younger more willing women willing to undercut your price and what happens if other women decide not to follow all the normal laws and undercut you anyway?

Now if you were in a situation where there was physical danger these trades off might be acceptable but in the end everything costs something.

Time to pay up.