It’s axiomatic that some posts are going to be a lot more popular than others. People have different priorities and the customer base has things that interest them and things that don’t.

For example with one exception none of my Doctor Who posts generally generate many hits although as a Doctor Who fan those are my indulgences (I’m still disappointed that my Benghazi Dr. Who post which I thought was brilliant satire from Sept 2012 didn’t go viral).

No blogger writes an essay or a post with the intention of it not being seen or being popular and that some posts just don’t attract traffic is a fact of life and it’s foolish to worry about it but awards not withstanding nothing brings you to reality like having a post you think is absolutely great, or very important, incredibly newsworthy hilariously funny that nobody has the least bit of interest in.

Thus we have the other half of the coin the “even less viewership than MSNBC awards” for the five post you ignored (that were worth your time anyway).

To qualify a post has to have as of today drawn less that 100 cumulative hits for the year. It has to be a post that I liked a lot that apparently nobody else did. One honorable mention will be named from December since they haven’t had as much time to be seen.

Those posts are the proverbial trees falling in the forest, the voice crying out in the wilderness or as you would call it in television terms practically the entire MSNBC lineup.

So here are the five (well six) posts that you pretty much ignored that unlike MSNBC after 9 AM EST deserve your attention:

#5  Aug 5th Al Sharpton useful to the Radical Left. Tawana Brawley not so much

This is the ultimate useful idiot tale

If you believe that aren’t you upset that after bravely managing to put it this trauma behind her, becoming a LPN, a worthwhile, honorable and difficult job, and supporting a daughter with it that she is still on the hook while the big names are not.

Aren’t you outraged that every week hours of her labor is going to a settlement that she will be paying for the rest of her life while Al Sharpton’s judgement was paid by high rollers and admirers like OJ Simpson?

Where are the celebrates rushing forward to allow Ms. Brawley to devote her funds to her daughter’s future? Where are the online campaigns to retire that debt? Why isn’t Sharpton himself whose promos are played daily all over a major cable network (well MSNBC) doing something about it? Why isn’t he talking to Spike Lee, to Rachel Maddow, and all their friends on MSNBC to convince them to hold a fund raiser to retire this debt?

How it this not a priority for the progressive community for the black community?

At least Brawley could claim the idiocy of youth, the others not so much.

#4  Feb 22nd  The Language and Propaganda of the Left

The playing with Language is how the left justifies a lot,

Sometimes words are not so much re-defined as given a twist.  Let’s demonstrate

It is stigmatizing  to shoppers who fail to pay for their items as “shop-lifters”.  After all the people going into the store are no different that everybody else people going to the store to get the food, clothes and devices that everyone naturally wants.  In fact the word “shoplifter” is patently racist and discriminates against the poor since such people are usually from the poorest classes and often of color.

In order to avoid the racism and class discrimination we should avoid the term “shoplifter” and replace it with “unremitting shopper”

And that is the logic used to turn “illegal immigrants” into “undocumented immigrants”.

It’s all marketing, it’s all about selling people a reality different than, well reality.

I thought the “unremitting shopper” was hilarious & the meme would really resonate, maybe next year.

#3  January 27th The Common Thread of the Left: The Ultimate Target

The start of the year was the end of a long batch of post on what the left was up to in this post I spelled it out the target of the left has always been one thing above all: Christianity

I ask you to look at the last 40 years. Look at where the culture and the media has gone and ask your self, why? Ask why children three generations removed from the cultural influences of Christianity find themselves killing themselves and others in numbers not seen before? Ask why schools, particularly those controlled in places the left is strongest are places not of safety or education but of danger and mediocrity. Ask why you have the most medicated culture in history, the most litigious culture in history and a generation that has physical and material advantages that their grandparents and great grandparents could only dream of, can’t cope with life and despair of their future.

None of this is a bug, it’s all a feature. Is this what you want for your children and grandchildren?

You can’t destroy America as it is without destroying the Christian culture that created it.

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by Baldilocks

On Christmas Eve, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney offered a photo of himself, his wife Ann, and their gazillion grandchildren.

In response to the photo, an MSNBC panel, conducted by the infamous Melissa Harris-Perry, proceeded to mock one of the grandchildren, young Kieran Romney, who is adopted and black.

“One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same,” panelist Pia Glenn offered as a caption for the photo, which the Romneys tweeted on Christmas Eve. (Lyrics of the original Sesame Street song are, “One of these things just doesn’t belong.”)

“And that little baby, front and center, would be the one,” Glenn said.

Comedian Dean Obeidallah joked that the baby is a token.

“It really sums up the diversity of the Republican party and the RNC, where they have the whole convention and they find the one black person.”

Of course, these people were excoriated, and why not? Good grief, it’s like reading the banter of elementary school children! And the panelists show themselves to be what they claim to denounce: those who would isolate a child who is externally different from most of his family members–than most of his countrymen.

After taking a well-deserved Internet pummeling, Harris-Perry–who is half white and half black herself–put forth an apology.

Now, she is taking an Internet beating for that, but that’s just gratuitous.

But there’s something even more disturbing than the behavior of Harris-Perry and company. That something is the logic implicit CNN’s Dr. Marc Lamont Hill’s commentary on this incident. From Right Scoop:

Dr. Hill:

Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black person …

Embedded in this seemingly ridiculous notion is a frightening idea: that Kieran Romney’s race was bound to be mocked and that his grandparents, knowing that he is different, set him up for ridicule by publicly acknowledging him as their grandchild.

The notion of “some,” that the Romneys are exploiting the child by including him in a family photo and by sharing it, is merely a foundation–a fabricated pretext to shift the blame from the MSNBC panel to the Romneys for the actions of the former.

The Romneys should have never post the photo; or they should have never included the child in such a photo. But because they did, the Romneys deserved what they got from the MSNBC panel…according to Dr. Hill’s logic.

“You deserve to be assaulted because you tempted us by wearing that short skirt/being out too late at night/leaving your meat uncovered. Wear a burka.”

“You and your grandson deserve what you got. He got mocked because you showed him to us. Don’t try to exploit him again by include him in pictures with your white grandchildren and we won’t be tempted to mock him or you.”


Right. The buck-passing never stops with these people.

(h/t The Other McCain)

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As you might have guessed 2013 was not as busy around here as the 2012 election year (as of the close of business yesterday traffic was 96.1% of 2012 levels) but there were plenty of posts that got a lot of attention.  Here are the five that you found the most interesting:

5.  From Oct 4:  Miriam Carey Shatters Media Dreams

Do you remember Miriam Carey, no?  Well that’s because she didn’t fit the template

The possibilities were endless!    and then came the facts:

The driver wasn’t a Tea Party member

Wasn’t a person involved in politics,

Wasn’t armed

Wasn’t a man

Wasn’t even white!

The driver was a black woman with  mental health issues and a young child violating every stereotype the media held dear, given she lived in Ct. they couldn’t even blame her postpartum depression on lack of access to abortion.

And a two-week story about the violence of the tea party with heavy face time dominating the landscape faded toward the bottom of Memeorandum and the hour-long segments with just a little news tossed on it became a small opening before going back to hitting the GOP on the government shutdown.

It’s sad to see a dream fade so quickly

If she had been a white Republican every end of the year story would have featured her.

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Then they would have been able to sail into the bay like this

Instead of being stuck like this:

That first video comes from the Australian Antarctic Division department of the environment. Here is the YouTube description:

The SY Aurora anchored at Commonwealth Bay in 1912. The expedition, using the ship SY Aurora commanded by Captain John King Davis, departed from Hobart on 2 December 1911, landed at Cape Denison (named after Hugh Denison, a major backer of the expedition) on Commonwealth Bay on 8 January 1912, and established the Main Base. Cinematography by Frank Hurley.

Mind you this weekend CNN was covering the Chinese icebreaker that couldn’t get to them

The icebreaker Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, was just six nautical miles away from the Russian-flagged vessel when the captain decided the ship could not get any closer, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said Saturday. The Snow Dragon went back to open water and remains in the vicinity of the stuck ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, to provide support, said Andrea Hayward-Maher, spokeswoman for the AMSA. The Chinese vessel has a helicopter on board that could assist in evacuation. A French icebreaker was en route to assist, but AMSA called off that vessel’s mission at midday Saturday.

The CNN piece concludes with no small bit of Irony thus:

The expedition to gauge the effects of climate change on the region began November 27. The second, and current leg of the trip, started December 8 and was scheduled to conclude with a return to New Zealand on January 4.

But as What’s up with that notes, this hasn’t stopped these guys from fundraising off of their global warming trip:

Meanwhile, in the “Spirit of Mawson” Spirit of “never let a good crisis go to waste”, the folks on-board have realized the world is watching, and decided to make a pitch for money at their website, presumably to fund next year’s research media junket:

At Michelle Malkin’s site Doug Powers is also having fun with this:

So, what’s the carbon output of all these rescue ship and helicopters? I’m guessing they’re not solar powered. Turney runs a company called Carbonscape that aims to “fix carbon from the atmosphere and make a host of green bi-products, helping reduce greenhouse gas levels.” Well, he’s given himself a new carbon harnessing project to work on

and embeds this CNN video that doesn’t seem to get the irony here Nor did they anticipate this when they were tweeting on Dec 7th

and making their case

We are going south to: gain new insights into the circulation of the Southern Ocean and its impact on the global carbon cycle;

explore changes in ocean circulation caused by the growth of extensive fast ice and its impact on life in Commonwealth Bay;

use the subantarctic islands as thermometers of climatic change by using peats, lakes, trees and remains of the last ice age to explore the past;

investigate the impact of changing climate on the ecology of the subantarctic islands; discover the environmental influence on seabird populations across the Southern Ocean and in Commonwealth Bay;

understand changes in seal populations and their feeding patterns in the Southern Ocean and Commonwealth Bay;

produce the first underwater surveys of life in the subantarctic islands and Commonwealth Bay;

determine the extent to which humans have had an impact on this remote region of Antarctica; and provide baseline data to improve the next generation of climate models and predictions for the future.

At least they would have done these things if certain theories accepted as gospel about disappearing Antarctic were not shown to be disastrously wrong


Looking at Alok Jha’s twitter feed he doesn’t seem to get the irony, but there are folks on twitter who do:

And the daily mail is having a grand time with this headline:

Global warming scientists forced to admit defeat… because of too much ice: Stranded Antarctic ship’s crew will be rescued by helicopter

Chris Turney, a climate scientist and leader of the expedition, was going to document ‘environmental changes’ at the pole
In an interview he said he expected melting ice to play a part in expedition

Final thought, It’s the beginning of Summer in the Antarctic.

Update:  The most interesting thing about this post is the number of comments that were pulled.  Must be very frustrating when you can’t hide the decline.

Update 2:  Headline at Michael Graham’s site:

The Same People Who Took Away Your Light Bulbs Are Stuck In The Ice


Hilarious!  Except for the fact that these failed climate models are the same ones used to annoy and hassle people like you and me.  They’re the reason we’re getting stuck with expensive boondoggles like Solyndra, Evergreen Solar and wind farms.

And they’re the reason why the lighting in your house sucks so badly. Or will soon:

Update 3:  Welcome PowerLine readers make sure you see this graphic.


Olimometer 2.52

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