5 Posts That you liked most in 2013… (and one oddity)

As you might have guessed 2013 was not as busy around here as the 2012 election year (as of the close of business yesterday traffic was 96.1% of 2012 levels) but there were plenty of posts that got a lot of attention.  Here are the five that you found the most interesting:

5.  From Oct 4:  Miriam Carey Shatters Media Dreams

Do you remember Miriam Carey, no?  Well that’s because she didn’t fit the template

The possibilities were endless!    and then came the facts:

The driver wasn’t a Tea Party member

Wasn’t a person involved in politics,

Wasn’t armed

Wasn’t a man

Wasn’t even white!

The driver was a black woman with  mental health issues and a young child violating every stereotype the media held dear, given she lived in Ct. they couldn’t even blame her postpartum depression on lack of access to abortion.

And a two-week story about the violence of the tea party with heavy face time dominating the landscape faded toward the bottom of Memeorandum and the hour-long segments with just a little news tossed on it became a small opening before going back to hitting the GOP on the government shutdown.

It’s sad to see a dream fade so quickly

If she had been a white Republican every end of the year story would have featured her.

4.  July 20th Why Obama staged his Impromptu Presser on Trayvon in three images

Imgae 3: Memeorandum on President Obama’s I could have been Trayvon Speech?

success 3

Image 1: Memeorandom on the IRS Testimony:

success 1

This post proved that pictures speak louder than words:

#3  December 24th  Joe Manchin Accidentally Explains Media silence on Arapahoe

Similar to #5 as it’s all about the whys of the MSM

Bottom line going after guns is a political loser for the left and as long as that is true Gun issues in general and the Arapahoe shooting in particular no longer has potential to elect democrats…

…and thus no value to the MSM.

I think any democrat who says the word “gun control” after the election season starts will become an unperson.

#2 Dec 9th The Plum Line Gives Away the Game

December was a good month both for traffic & Democrats giving away the game

Over and over the House has acted, over and over the Senate didn’t vote

When the house passed budgets the senate didn’t vote…until Obama was re-elected.

During the shutdown bi-partisan bill after bi-partisan bill passed the house and the senate didn’t vote.

Just last month the Upton Bill passed with 39 democrats voting yes, and the senate didn’t vote

The question isn’t if Reid wouldn’t win these votes, odds are he would have won most of them, but Reid isn’t worried about winning votes, he’s all about making sure no democrat has to make any decision that the American people might hold them accountable for

It’s a story the media doesn’t want told.

1. July 7th Pope Francis Releases Encyclical, MSM: “I see nothing, I know nothing”

There were many reasons why the Pope was named man of the year by the Advocate & Time, his first Encyclical LUMEN FIDEI (the light of faith) was not one of them.

The family: “A stable union of man and woman“, “a manifestation of the Creator’s goodness, wisdom and loving plan.“, “a plan bigger than our own ideas and undertakings“!

Such a statement would be considered “Fighting words” if uttered by a Bishop on TV.

But the media remained silent why? Fear

Because they are still afraid of a direct confrontation.

They understand that unlike the Gabriel Gomez campaign or the Amnesty Bill an attack on the beloved first Pope from Latin America can be considered by many an attack on Latin Americans in general. It can actually create a united “Hispanica“. United against them.

So they will see nothing as they did on the LCWR and they did on lukewarm Catholics (Hi Mrs. Pelosi) in the hope that nobody will notice until one day his “My Chcemy Boga” moment comes and it’s too late.

It’s also the reason why the phony “Pope hated by conservatives” is important, they can paint it as conservatives attacking Latin Americans.

Those are the top five posts of the year but I’d like to bring up one “honorable mention” not because of the volume it generated but because of the consistency of the traffic.

Oct 31 Tami Erin and the Hustler Gambit (Content Warning)

Tami Erin of Pippi Longstocking fame decided to go the stripper Hustler route at age 39 and I wrote about the dangers of that choice:

There are already plenty of younger more voluptuous women ready and willing to carry themselves more provocatively than Ms. Erin. It won’t take long for the novelty to fade and then the stray lesbian kiss, topless shot or swing around a pole will not be enough to retain the interest and procure the monies of the MichaelDick73′s JDogg77′s and Machette42′s of the world.

That’s the point when she is going to have to go a bit farther and then a bit farther again until a search for Tami Erin will turn up results on a niche category of older woman doing X, Y and Z on porn sites around the world.

Ms Erin I’d think long and hard before you choose that path.

This post didn’t manage 175 hits its first day and only managed over 100 hits one other day but in three months only got a few hundred hits when it went up

But in the two months since it has gone up there have only been 3 days that it has not been visited at least once.

Sex sells

I suspect in 20 years this post will still be getting hits. Some things never change.