Tuesday the Massachusetts Gaming Commission met in Leominster Massachusetts for the final hearings on the location of a proposed slots parlor or the state.

I got there about an hour early and recorded a summary of the issues.

Two men with a batch of “No Slots in Leominster” signs showed up early.

The meeting was meant for people to from surrounding towns to comment on their agreements. Don Lowe Bolton’s Town administrator was one of them:

I also spoke to one of the Commissioners on the subject.

There were plenty of other people with opinions one way or the other Yvonne from Leominster was in favor

Chris from Leominster opposed

and Old Friend David Roth of Fitchburg was in favor:

I did one more shot before things got started.

When they did about 100 people were there many of them who arrived at the last minute.

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…Democrat representative Carlos Henriquez was arrested for kidnapping and assault of a young woman who resisted his sexual advances.

17 days ago the son of the Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing for the Obama administration Democrat Representative Carlos Henriquez was convicted of assault on said woman and sent to jail.

He remains a member of the Massachusetts house of representatives.

If only he was the son of a member of the Jeb Bush 2016 team or of someone on John Boehner or Ted Cruz’s staff or a relative of a an official in National Organization for Marriage rather than an assistant secretary in the Obama administration, perhaps someone in the MSM would notice.


572 days ago the Son of the Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing for the Obama administration… January 31st 2014

Henriquez and Lunenburg Nothing (Useful) to see here… January 30th, 2014

Henriquez, IRS and Udall, it’s all one story January 29th, 2014

War on Women Update Carlos Henriquez D-MA Day 569/14 January 28th, 2014

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War on Woman Huckabee vs Henriquez Edition January 26th, 2014


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They were like the French Barons of the 13th Century They had accumulated so much power that they didn’t want to share it with anyone else.

Peter Seltz on the Baseball owners Dec 23rd 1976

Baldrick:  I have a cunning plan


The last several days we have seen the Republican party start to push forward various plans on “immigration”.

At first glance this would seem an odd thing to do. After all their base is solidly against any plan that gives amnesty to people who have violated law. It would provide the democrats & Obama with a “victory” to use in mid-term elections and they are likely to gain no votes from the various “Hispanic” populations that would be legalized (ask Gabe Gomez how many people from “hispanica” pulled the lever for him in the special election in Massachusetts if you doubt me).

This would seem totally counter-intuitive, but there are three factors that have led the GOP in this direction.

#1. Money:

For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.

Matthew 6:21

Large donors looking to depress labor costs have absolutely no problem with illegal immigration. As they are the people who sign very large checks to GOP candidates and pay the consultant class that “advises” them the party leaders wish to please them before all others.

#2. Electoral Security

A Congressman’s first duty is to get re-elected

Sam Rayburn

Naturally the biggest check on an elected political body is the people, with an election coming up office holder in fear of losing their seats or committee chairs in fear of losing their gavels are unlikely to support a widely unpopular program with their voters, however that presumes they actually have a chance of losing:

With Democrats’ grasp on the Senate increasingly tenuous — and the House all but beyond reach — some top party donors and strategists are moving to do something in the midterm election as painful as it is coldblooded: Admit the House can’t be won and go all in to save the Senate.

With Democrats willing to cede the House and little chance of losing their positions of power the GOP leadership feels it’s the best time to defy their base for the sake of their donors.

3.  The disrespect
Count De Money:  It is said the people are revolting
King Louis XVI:  You said it they stink on ice
History of the World Part 1  1981
There is absolutely no love lost between the GOP and the voters who support them.  I have never seen a party leadership that has so little love or respect for the actual voter who dutifully works for and elects them.  This being the case it becomes it becomes actually attractive to defy and ignore them particularly when you consider…

4.   The alternative

My name is Dr Leonard Hofstadter and I could never please my parents so I need to get all my self-esteem from strangers like you. (pointing at Sheldon) But he’s worse!

The Big Bang Theory: The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization 2008

It has been quite clear for many years that the Tea Party voters who gave the GOP their majority do not trust them.  It is also painfully clear that the GOP leadership hates and despises the tea party voters because their single-minded dedication to actual principles impedes the power that comes from business as usual.

However there is one thing that both the GOP and the Tea Party know for a fact.  The Democrats are worse.

Right now the fate of the Senate could go either way, as long as that is the case it is essential for the GOP to hold the house.  A Barack Obama with both house and senate and not even congressional elections to restrain him, nor congressional investigations to impede his actions is too terrible to contemplate.

Or to put it another way, if Obama felt free to do things like Benghazi & the IRS stuff with a GOP house to go after him, what will the Democrats do with both houses of congress in their pocket?  The mind boggles.

Thus for the above three reasons the immigration/amnesty bill proceed apace with the GOP House leadership looking at the tea party & conservatives with all the confidence of a certain fictional senator.

Sen Pat Geary:  Let’s just say that you’ll pay me because it’s in your interest to pay me But I want your answer and the money by noon tomorrow.
The Godfather Part 2 1974

This is of course a recipe for disaster. The base already demonstrated both in 2008 & 2012 it is more than capable of staying home if treated badly (such as the Ron Paul supporters) or if an unacceptable ( the tea party) and I’ve constantly argued against and done what I can to prevent such a result.

Yet here we are.

The only solution for conservatives and the tea party is to find a way to cut the Gordian knot is to discover a way to put pressure on the House leadership without actually threatening GOP control of the house.

The obvious thought would be primary opponents to the house leadership but said leaders have incredible amounts of money and influence in their districts  particularly within the party itself making such challenges quixotic at best and failure would be a waste of money & a demonstration of weakness.  Additionally once the filing deadlines are done that incentive is gone.

What we need is a cunning plan that solves that contradiction so that the base can look at the GOP house leadership and say in the words of Michael Corelone:

You can have my answer now, if you like.  My offer is this: nothing.  Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally.
To be able to give such a Sicilian like response to the GOP you would need someone ready to advance such a plan whose income and future are completely divorced from the GOP establishment and thus not dependent on it.  Someone who cares enough for conservative principles to advance such a plan but is not out to destroy the party itself, someone willing to prime the pump and prepare the gears for motion but willing to stop them once the goal has been made.

But more important than any such person above all else, you need a plan…



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Friday is here and this week’s $345 paycheck to cover the mortgage and my writers sits at $110.50

Expansion plans are in the works and given that fact along with my CPAC expenses coming up a bit of a pad to start the next month running would be most welcome.

Particularly if as I suspect after a period of contemplation the number of friends I have in high places might suddenly decrease.


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Monday I interviewed GOP candidate for the 2nd Massachusetts district Dan Dubrule after his speech at the Twin City Tea Party monthly meeting

It’s not every GOP candidate who is a union leader and he is passionate about the misconceptions about Union Workers as I write in my Examiner piece:

I’ve been a union rep and a shop steward for 18 years…so I know what it means to be a union member to be an advocate. Not all unions are what they have been portrayed to you. The members are just like yourselves and your neighbors they work … but they’re forced to pay into a system that in itself is potentially needed that’s questionable but their leadership they’re in a bad spot, they’re in a no win situation. What they’re looking for and what they know is what we all want, we want representation we want a good district & we want a good America for us and their kids and to get back to those union guys they’ve been lied to and stolen from for a long time they’re very upset”

The new Mass 2nd district voted for both Charlie Baker & Scott Brown nevertheless he still has an uphill fight to unseat longtime incumbent James McGovern but I can tell you one thing for sure. Dan Dubrule has a better shot at being a member of the majority party of the US House of Representatives that McGovern does…

Just two months ago, Democratic National Committee chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz insistedrepeatedly — that House Democrats would run on ObamaCare and win back control of the chamber. Just a day after Barack Obama himself defended ObamaCare in the State of the Union speech, they’re singing a different tune. Donors and strategists will move resources away from House races and instead focus on trying to salvage control of the Senate:

That must be why Henry Waxman is calling it quits

Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), one of the most prolific and successful lawmakers of the modern era, has decided to retire at the end of this congressional session.

You can see the full range of videos including Q & A below the jump,
Continue reading “Interview Dan Dubrule GOP Candidate Ma-2”

By A.P. Dillon

Over the weekend, there was another round of Hilary Rosening. By that I mean the disparaging of stay at home moms. This war on women by other women started with Rosen, was picked up by Michelle Goldberg and then again by Elizabeth Wurtzel. The latest to pick up the mantle is a woman named Amy Glass.

This Amy Glass person wrote an article titled, I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry. I’m not linking to it.  She doesn’t deserve more than the one click she got out of me already.

You’re probably saying that couldn’t really be the title. No, really. That was the title. You didn’t even have to read it to know what this childless, Ivory tower, I’m-your-better-so- listen-to-me type was going to say.

Here’s the Cliff Notes version of what she thinks about stay at home moms (SAHMS):

  • SAHMS are average and “do nothing”.
  • It’s hiding from the fact SAHMS have “no real accomplishments”.
  • SAHMS are “conditioned” to think what they do is important when in fact, according to Glass, it’s stupid.
  • It’s not a real job. Doctors and engineers are real jobs.

Let me respond to these four points  in kind with the level of sophistication that Ms. Glass displayed: No.

Longer: The level of self-importance and lack of self-awareness in this woman’s article is staggering.  Glass sit there and plays Jenga with the roles of society, ripping out the one that brings the rest of the pieces toppling down.

On Motherhood

As someone who worked before she stayed home, let me enlighten Ms. Glass.  I’m possibly her worst nightmare since I am college educated and worked in the corporate world for over a decade before having a child. In fact, I have two now. Ya know what? I LOVE STAYING HOME WITH MY KIDS. *gasp* It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. You’re a fool.

It should be noted that I still recognize to this day that there are women who chose to work outside the home instead of being stay at home – that’s fine and that is their choice. By the same token, some of them have to work outside the home, some don’t. Either way, it’s their choice. I made a choice too and that was to raise my children. Contrary to Ms. Glass’ point of view: Women do have choices.  These choices shouldn’t be disparaged, but should be celebrated. Perhaps it’s that very fact we have choices that ticks her off so bad — we’re not choosing as she has.

I thought a bit like Ms. Glass before having kids. In fact, I thought that I would return to work even while I was pregnant with my first son.  I had a career, was important and people counted on me. Although I might have had the same ideas about ambition, I would never have made such a sweeping set of insults against women the world over who have stayed home and raised their children. Yes, they are insults, Ms. Glass. Ridiculous ones at that.

Anyway, the moment I held him… all bets were off.

No meeting I could go to, no client, no presentation, no job was nearly in the same realm as the responsibility and importance of the little bundle in my arms. I would be willing to bet that even moms working outside the home still consider being a mom as their biggest and most important role.  I won’t go into the long list of things I do as a SAHM, but anyone who has done it even for a short time knows SAHMS wear more hats than we can count.  SAHM or working mom — it’s not just a job, it’s also role. Just like father, brother, sister, aunt and so on. Moms are a part of the fabric that makes up society – the very one YOU live in. Sorry Ms. Glass, but you’ve read Feminine Mystique one too many times. 

Quick Sidenote: Fathers matter too, but this piece is about the moms.


You Had Mother

What Ms. Glass brushes off is that Motherhood is the cornerstone of human existence. It’s the propagation of the species and the shaping of those who will make up our society.  The doctors and engineers? They had mothers. The person who created the computer that she hammered out her self-loathing screed on? They had a mother. Stay at home mom or working mom – they had one. Even Ms. Glass had one. Imagine that.

Jacques Barzun’s  prologue in From Dawn of Decadence sums up the problem with Ms. Glass and her thinking:

“All that is meant by Decadence is “falling off”. It implies in those who live in such a time no loss of energy or talent or moral sense. On the contrary, it is a very active time, full of deep concerns, but peculiarly restless, for it sees no clear lines of advance. The loss it faces is that of Possibility. The forms of art as life seem exhausted, the stages of development have run through.”


When people take for granted the pursuits that make their existence possible and then take it one further by denigrating such people, a society has become decadent. Ms. Glass is the epitome of decadent.  I reject Ms. Glass’ moral condemnation of motherhood as she clearly seems to ignore where her own culture and society come from.

I’m raising my children and doing it by staying home with them. Suck a lemon, Ms. Glass. I reject your shallow, improvident and myopic opinion of me and women like me – both past, future and present. In closing:

  • Providing a stable, loving environment with a parent present for children to grow and learn in is not stupid, it’s imperative.
  • Raising decent human beings that will participate and further our society and species is definitely an accomplishment.
  • I’m not conditioned by society to stay at home and raise my children. If I’m conditioned, it is by the decision to have them in the first place. Unconditional love is a helluva drug.
  • It is a real job. In fact it is THE real job.

Ms. Glass will never “get” any of this. My children will and they’ll pass it on.


Related readingCharles C. Cooke takes Ms. Glass to task handily, as does Matt Walsh on the same topic.


A.P. Dillon (Lady Liberty 1885), is a Conservative minded wife and mother living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. A.P. Dillon founded the blog LadyLiberty1885.com in 2009. After the 2012 election, she added an Instapundit style blog called The ConMom Blog. Mrs. Dillon’s writing can also be found at StopCommonCoreNC.org, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Non-political writing projects include science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.

Yesterday Carlos Henriquez made the front page of the Boston Herald:

Inmate lawmaker Rep. Carlos Henriquez is 
doing his Beacon Hill business from his Billerica jail cell, thumbing through bills and budget proposals, and speaking to staff by phone “at least once a day,” 
according to the disgraced Dorchester Democrat’s legislative aide.

“We’ve been in regular contact with him, and at this point he’s concerned with the issues of the district,” aide Jessica DaSilva told the Herald.

Prison is a pretty boring place so Henriquez is lucky to have all this legislative and constituent business to keep his day full.

DaSilva said Henriquez’s office is fielding four or five constituent calls a day, mostly from people concerned about cuts to unemployment benefits. She said Henriquez also has been reviewing budget amendments, though she would not say which.

If nothing else it means the voters know where he is 24/7 and he has time to read the bills if he so chooses.

Now to me A lawmaker convicted of assaulting a women who refused him sex and had to escape his car in the wee hours of the morning is, in the era of the “war on woman” a national story, that same lawmaker refusing to resign is even more so but that lawmaker on the front page of a state newspaper doing legislative work from in prison while refusing to resign? How does that not lead?

For the same reason as this story out of Lunenburg will get very little press:

There is not enough evidence to charge the prime suspect in a racist graffiti case that rocked Lunenburg late last year, Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr. said Wednesday.

No charges?

“We have notified the Lunenburg Police Department that the evidence presented to us fails to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed by a particular person,” wrote Early in an email his office has been sending to Lunenburg residents who have inquired about the case.

But this story was big news, it even appeared on national TV shows,

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

How can this be? The base story appeared in papers as far away as Atlanta Ga & London England, it made SI.

Yet the DA’s office has suddenly decided that the reasonable doubt standard that used to apply to juries in the case replaces the “ham sandwich” standard that normally applies to indictments.

Now it could be that the DA decided that it would be a waste of taxpayer money, and that a conviction is unlikely but given the reach of the story such a decision would naturally generate press around the world, and stories full of outrage, a DA would normally be worried about that kind of thing and be prepared to answer a lot of tough question from reporters around the world.

I suspect he is not.

You see the primary suspect in this story is no longer the largely white football team in a small town but the mother of the supposed target of the racist graffiti. It is no longer a story about racism, it is about yet another race hoax. If the team had still been the suspect and racism been the theme and the DA a republican the decision to not press charges would be a source of national outrage and coverage but remember the rule we stated yesterday.

I submit & suggest it’s because all of these stories involve Democrats and their national memes and Democrats understand that when it comes to such stories MSM immediately recognizes them as unnewsworthy.

So like the Democrat combatant in the war on women currently doing his legislative work behind bars, the race hoaxer who turned her community upside down with a phony race card and the Democrat’s DA decision not to prosecute are simply not newsworthy.

Meanwhile my question from last month still stands:

Where does the town of Lunenburg go to get their reputation back, where does the football team go to get their Thanksgiving game back and who pays for all the police, local state and federal that were used in the attempt to sell this BS?

nothing to see here, move along.

Exit question: While one can argue that the family in the small town is now marked and suffered enough what sort of incentive is created for the next race hoaxer who wants to destroy a person or a town’s reputation for personal or political reasons when they know they are unlikely to face any legal consequence?

Update: The Parents of some of the boys who were initially implicated are none too happy

“I said it before and I’ll say it again, the people that are responsible for this are cowards,” Szabady said. “You know, to do something like this and blame it on kids and just sit back and watch? You’re a coward. And the law will eventually catch up to you.”

Or perhaps not.

By an odd coincidence the AG of Massachusetts is running for governor. I wonder if such a case, if prosecuted might be problematic during the campaign? Then again maybe there is hope

The Lunenburg Police Chief tells WBZ-TV that federal charges could be filed.

Yeah I’m sure Eric Holder will get right on that one.

Meanwhile Stacy McCain has discovered another perp that doesn’t fit the media’s template.

Update 2: Glenn Reynolds linked to the Boston Herald Story above. Does that mean national republicans will finally use this as a weapon in the war on women BS? If they do and it gets repeated on any national show I predict pressure from national democrats will have Henriquez out of office so fast it will make your head swim.

Update 3: Why is Henriquez not resigning after assaulting a women who refused him sex? Maybe we should ask his mom Sandra Henriquez Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing for the Obama administration.


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You might recall some video from last Friday concerning armed men on Fulton Street Fitchburg and my initial report that day from the scene as things developed:

This week the Fitchburg Police department released the following Press release now available on Facebook

On Friday January 24, 2014 at approximately 10:40 p.m. members of the City of Fitchburg Police Department and a Massachusetts State Police K-9 Unit acted on information received and initiated a search of two separate apartments located at 21-23 Fulton Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Here they searched for evidence involved in an alleged weapons incident that occurred at approximately 12:00 p.m. on that day.

That is consistent with my direct observations during the day, apparently they found something, the release continues

As a result of the execution of search warrants by police, three handguns, another type of firearm, and a bullet resistant vest were located and seized inside the apartments by the Fitchburg Police Department.

“another type of firearm?” that’s a pretty broad statement. I find the discovery of the vest significant as I presume it isn’t for safety when leaving a party with a metal detector per Chris Rock. The release continues announcing arrests connected with these searches.

As a result of this investigation, Friday January 24, 2014, Keno Berrick (09/29/1993) of 21 Fulton Street 1st floor was arrested at the Fitchburg Police Department and charged with discharging a firearm with 500 feet of a dwelling and carrying a firearm without a license.

Also arrested was Marquis A. Ford (01/05/1986) of 21 Fulton Street 1st floor at his residence and was subsequently charged with Assault with a dangerous weapon, use of body armor during a felony, and possessing a firearm without a license.

Oddly enough Massachusetts strict gun laws didn’t prevent these two young men being armed, the release continues with a new development.

A third suspect is currently being sought after by the Fitchburg Police Department’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations for their alleged role in the incident.

And concludes with this from the chief of police.

Chief Robert DeMoura said “the quick response by our patrol officers and dedication to this case by our detectives got these dangerous weapons off the street.”

The police certainly did a good job here, but I submit & suggest that the most dangerous weapons they got off the street that day were two legged.

In last night’s State of the Union speech, President Obama mentioned Iran ten times, Hezbollah once, but not a word on Latin America and how it plays in Iran’s plans.

The President may not have read, for instance, the 2011 report from the House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence describing Hezbollah’s growing terrorist network in the Western Hemisphere.

Or he may not have heard of the deepening ties between socialist Latin American regimes (what Lachlan Markay calls The Correa-Khamenei Axis), which continues Hugo Chavez’s aid to Iran in evading sanctions.

President Obama may not have heard of the war of all the people,

the ideological and political war against the United States, capitalism, and the widely accepted tenets of modernity

which was spearheaded by Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. Not that alliances between Latin American communists and Middle Eastern terrorists are new; in 1966, forty-eight years ago, the Tricontinental Conference in Cuba brought together Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat.

But Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela aren’t the only countries currently involved with Iran,

Iran continues its activities in our hemisphere, working ever more closely with Uruguay and Bolivia and continuing its operational activities with Venezuela. According to the Uruguayan foreign minister, his country holds “identical view on international affairs” with Tehran.

Argentina announced almost exactly a year ago a joint truth commission with Iran that would investigate the 1994 car bomb attack at AMIA, a Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires, which killed 85 and injured 300. The 1994 AMIA bombing is the second-largest Islamist terrorist attack in our hemisphere, and was masterminded by Mohsen Rabbani, who presently is actively recruiting converts in Latin America, and Ahmad Vahidi, now Iran’s Defense Minister – hardly a group leading to any truth on the attck.

Having read last night’s nothingburger SOTU, then, I, too ask, Does anybody really know what time it is?

Fausta Rodríguez Wertz writes on Latin American and American politics and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

Out of a decent respect for the opinion of mankind, it is customary to give such excuses as “threatening weather” or “wet field.”  There is nothing in the world, though, to prevent me from saying the field is unfit because I had a nosebleed behind first base.

Bill Veeck:  Veech –As in Wreck  1962

As I reflect on the 570th day since still sitting Democrat representative Carlos Henriquez’s arrest and the 15th since his conviction for assaulting a women who refusing him sex and his stubborn refusal to resign I find myself nodding in recognition.

While one would think any reporter would immediately recognize the story as newsworthy,   There is in fact a more significant story here that Carlos Henriquez is just a part of.

Consider for example this story from earlier this month:

The Justice Department selected an avowed political supporter of President Obama to lead the criminal probe into the IRS targeting of tea party groups, according to top Republicans who said Wednesday that the move has ruined the entire investigation.

Hmm an administration under investigation where two people have already pleaded the 5th,  puts a donor to said administration in charge of the probe.  That would seem a newsworthy to me.

Then there is the story out of Colorado  on the Obamacare numbers:

Republicans have been hitting Sen. Mark Udall over whether his staff pressured Colorado state officials to change their figures on the number of Obamacare cancellations in the state.

The timing of his move was interesting

Worth noting is the fact the original media reports of 249,000 cancellations in the state happened on or about November 6. The dispute between Udall’s office and the Department of Insurance didn’t happen more than a week later on November 14. Specifically, the issue didn’t appear to rise to importance for the Udall office until President Obama decreed citizens could keep cancelled plans.

Hmm A senator trying to get a state to fudge numbers to aid his party’s president.  That would seem newsworthy to me.

Then there is the story that came out today concerning the investigation of that senator.  N “neutral and objective panel” seemed to clear the Democrat Senator, however….

Republicans were stunned to find that the “neutral and objective panel” consisted of Ms. Kelley, a Hickenlooper appointee; her deputy, Michelle Pederson; and John Cevette, a legislative liaison and former chief of staff to Brandon Shaffer, a Democratic Senate president.

Hmm a “neutral and objective panel” investigating a senator is revealed to have consisted solely of members of that senator’s party after it clears him.  That would seem newsworthy to me too.
All of these stories  seem newsworthy to me together they tell quite a tale, lets review:
1.  A  State  Rep taking a much younger woman late at night in his car demanding sex is arrested on assault & kidnapping stays in his race, wins, and two years later is convicted of assault stubbornly refuses to resign his house seat.
2.  An administration where two people have already pleaded the 5th putting one of their political donors in charge of an investigation of itself and keeping that fact under wraps.
3.  A sitting US senator attempting to have numbers reported by his state concerning an unpopular national program he voted for, altered to favor his party a week after they are released.
4.  A Governor’s “neutral & objective panel” that clears a sitting US senator turns out to be exclusively consisting of members of his administration and the senator’s political party.

What connects these four stories out of Denver, Boston & Washington DC, they all speak to the power and arrogance of the Democrats in the current media culture.

Carlos Henriquez didn’t pull out of his race at the time of his arrest because he understood that even with the war on woman being the theme of the 2012 election and one of the most prominent female candidates in the country running in his state,  the media, local state & national would ignore it.  He remains in his seat because he understands that even with his conviction for actually assaulting a women the media will never find his story more interesting than Mike Huckabee saying the word: “libido”

The administration appointed a political friend and donor to investigate itself on a critical scandal because they understood  that the national media would not press the issue or report on a story they had ignored for months on end.

The Senator and his office feels themselves free to attempt to pressure his state to change it’s reported numbers because they understood that the media would not press them nor nor keep a close eye on any investigation that might come.

and that’s also why The Governor & his administration felt fee to stack the investigating committee of  a prominent member of his political party because it is their understanding that while the story has broken today it will not go far and will certainly not go national.

Why?  Why would all of these public people believe that stories would not advance beyond a day?

I submit & suggest it’s because all of these stories involve Democrats and their national memes and Democrats understand that when it comes to such stories MSM immediately recognizes them as unnewsworthy.

What other conclusion can be reached when the administration sends the IRS to target Hollywood conservatives and the broadcast networks give the story a combined total coverage of zero seconds?

Why are these stories not worth national attention?  That judgement is totally subjective. Perhaps someone had a nosebleed in the editor’s room?

That’s the story:   A media so in the tank that the Democrats in general and the party in particular feels free to do what they will because they understand their acts will not get exposure to general public on a national level.

I can’t speak for others but I immediately recognize this as newsworthy.


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Half of the battle in media is to decide what to report on and what doesn’t. Yesterday the London Telegraph has this story on Scott Walker and the situation in Wisconsin titled How Scott Walker and the conservatives saved Wisconsin. America, take note:

There was a time when Wisconsin was headline news. You must remember the story? Wisconsinites elected some caveman called Scott Walker as their governor on a platform of drowning government in the bath. He wanted to reform the unions and bring spending under control – and the public sector came out onto the streets to stop him. It was a kind of velvet revolution led by teachers and social workers and the folks who shoot bears when they start eating out of trash cans. They tried to remove Walker from office, but that didn’t work because he somehow won the recall vote, making him the only governor in US history to do so. And then it all went oddly quiet from the Badger state…

Which is a pity because it turns out that Scott Walker’s conservative agenda has actually worked. Really, really worked. The American Spectator reports:

In 2011, Wisconsin had a whopping deficit of $3.6 billion dollars. But a corporate tax cut and collective bargaining reforms invigorated the state economy. Now, the state is boasting a $911 million surplus, credited to “good stewardship of the taxpayers’ money.”

Unemployment is down, too. It’s hit 6.2 per cent, the lowest figure since 2008.

How did he do it? With a mix of conservatism and pragmatism.

Given how many Wisconsin stories  that Scott Walker’s battle vs the left and the unions has generated  over the last two years FYI (Ann Althouse covered it best) I would imagine that this story is generating a huge amount of links given an new election coming up and the talk of Scott Walker as a possible 2016 contender.

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Let’s zoom into red box where that Scott Walker story was…

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No links below it, as Rush would say…Zip Zero Nada.

The power of the MSM is to set the agenda, and that agenda is set by what the gatekeepers of the news media decide is worth speaking about.

Never forget this.

Update: If someone can explain to me why this post ended up below a post on SE Cupp being made a co-host on Crossfire in Memeorandum I’m all ears.

Update 2: OK the story itself is all about Scott Walker but the title on Memeorandum is misleading.