A Different Type of New Year’s Resolution

By Pastor George Kelly At the beginning of each year, Americans are poised to enter the new season armed with the determination to improve upon their quality of life from the previous year.  Some people wishing to make firm their new commitments even issue forth personal decrees that are often referred to as “resolutions.” Resolutions … Continue reading A Different Type of New Year’s Resolution

Cold 10th Day of Christmas Thoughts….

Some 10th day of Christmas Thoughts in no particular order. The sound I just heard but you didn't was a ton of Snow just falling off the roof, hope it didn't fall where we shoveled today. You know I don't think we really appreciate the times we live in, we know when storms are coming … Continue reading Cold 10th Day of Christmas Thoughts….

Shhhh Pope still Catholic

The Telegraph in England has an interesting story out of Malta: In his Christmas sermon, Bishop Charles Scicluna of Malta condemned adoption by same-sex couples. He insisted that God's own son was raised by a man and a woman, and not by two men or two women. How divisive! said the media. But now it … Continue reading Shhhh Pope still Catholic