The Snowden O’Donnell Dilemma

Avram: He's right and he's right, they can't both be right Tevye: You know you are also right Fiddler on the Roof 1971 Stacy McCain notes that Edward Snowden has suddenly become less popular among the left: MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell skewered Edward Snowden’s Christmas address on Thursday, saying the National Security Agency leaker’s claims are “wildly … Continue reading The Snowden O’Donnell Dilemma

Obama Winter: The War on Coal

By John Ruberry The high temperature tomorrow is expected to reach -11 in Chicago tomorrow. That's without the windchill. We may face 48 hours of subzero weather for the first time in twenty years. About two feet of snow has fallen since New Year's Eve where I live in Morton Grove, Illinois. It's snowing here … Continue reading Obama Winter: The War on Coal

Pope-a-Dope: What a difference 48 Hours Makes

On Jan 3rd I commented on a story where the Holy Father encouraged the Bishop of Malta to speak against "Gay Adoption" in his country and disagreed with Popewatch that this would be the breaking point with the left and the media: The problem is this is still an election year in America and if … Continue reading Pope-a-Dope: What a difference 48 Hours Makes

Ann’s Hidden Message

Leslie Winkle: Listen, neither of us are neuroscientists, but we both understand the biochemistry of sex. I mean, dopamine in our brains is released across synapses, causing pleasure. You stick electrodes in a rat's brain, give him an orgasm button, he'll push that thing until he starves to death. Leonard Hoffstadter : Well, who wouldn't? … Continue reading Ann’s Hidden Message