“…So is the NFL.”

Those Damn Pictures Boss Tweed commenting on Thomas Nast's cartoons   One of the most valuable things in politics is a one liner that everybody gets something that cuts through the minutia, the noise and the " Squirrel!" moments to distract people.  If you can deliver a line that immediately makes people understand what you … Continue reading “…So is the NFL.”

Venezuela: Killing beauty

Venezuelan actress and former Miss Universe runner-up Mónica Spear was murdered, along with her ex-husband Henry Thomas Berry, in front of their five year old daughter on Monday, the Feast of the Epiphany, while on vacation Thomas Berry – who moved to the South American country when he was seven – and Monica Spear Mootz … Continue reading Venezuela: Killing beauty

The Obamacare Jiza on the Catholic Church

Many years ago I remember watching a mini-series that is largely forgotten on Peter the Great with Maximilian Schell in the title role. There was a key scene in the third episode that always stuck with me. Peter was looking for funds to build a fleet and expand his army and decided he would tax … Continue reading The Obamacare Jiza on the Catholic Church