The Shocking Christie Camelot Culture

While the media,  as opposed to the rest of the country, continues to be shocked SHOCKED at the political culture in NJ this  story from Tip O'Neill's autobiography Man of the House seems remarkably relevant. In the chapter "The Kennedys" Tip tells about the Democrat convention of 1960 and the process of lining up delegates … Continue reading The Shocking Christie Camelot Culture

Getting the Protection Back

By baldilocks The governmental--read: Obama Administration--response to Bridgegate and its (lack of) response to Benghazi are not the least bit surprising. (By the way, I prefer the moniker Bridgeghazi.) The GOP is the enemy. What part of "boots on their necks" and "revenge" was unclear? But this dichotomy is a mere symptom of the chaos … Continue reading Getting the Protection Back

Don’t show the ASA this Image …

on an Arabic Facebook page. They wouldn't be able to handle it. Here is the poster's statement translated into English via Google Chrome Dr. Faisal al-Qasim Imagine: Israel is jealous of the preferential treatment received by the Assad regime from the international community: How do you boycott our goods, and Tgeshun universities against us, and … Continue reading Don’t show the ASA this Image …

A word about “Nixon in a Paintsuit” Stuff

A lot is going to be written about Hillary and the enemies list story some of it will undoubtedly be written by me but I want to make one point concerning the Hillary stuff that you have been absorbing for the last day or two. There are democrats who would like to be president, there … Continue reading A word about “Nixon in a Paintsuit” Stuff