Some Massachusetts “Reproductive Health Facilities” are more equal than others

Why the Massachusetts abortion buffer law is an abomination against free speech in under 200 seconds?

Of course if you want the argument in detail you can read SCOTUS BLOG

In this case, the anti-abortion protesters say that the law works to interfere with their freedom of speech at abortion clinics in Boston, Worcester, and Springfield, Massachusetts. They argue again that the law permits viewpoint discrimination by favoring pro-abortion speakers over opponents, that the law singles out abortion clinics for speech restrictions that do not apply at other health-care facilities, and that at those three clinics there are not adequate alternative means to getting their message across to clinic patients.

It’s worth noting that this Problem Pregnancy location has been the target of vandalism, attack and threats

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But they have no 3 point line.

Can someone explain why Problem Pregnancy, a place that actually facilitates human reproduction doesn’t have a buffer zone as a “reproductive health facility” but Planned Parenthood which ends human reproduction does not?

I’ll give the last word to Lila Rose:

The Constitution of the United States does not become void as one gets close to an abortion facility.


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