Our History: Gone Like a Dream of Yesterday

We took the kids to a civil war reenactment this weekend.  It was a cold day for central Florida, which of course means that it wasn’t actually objectively cold, but when you are afraid to wear jeans in January because you might roast by the afternoon, you aren’t going to be prepared for a rare frigid wind.

After a couple of hours perusing the sutlery and the camps, I was thoroughly chilled and way more excited about the fry bread than the battle itself.  Wrapped in an odd assortment of whatever clothing I could extract from my van, I settled in a camp chair on a hill above the crowd.  Younger Son served as a much-needed blanket in my lap.

Alas, a number of folks crowded right in front of us at the last-minute.  A teenaged boy completely obscured Younger Son’s view of the battlefield, which really wouldn’t have annoyed me.  Much.  Except for the fact that he looked at his phone more often than the sweeping view he was blocking.

I grumbled, gathered our things, and moved forward until we were right next to that teenager.  Settling in the camp chair again, I cast a dark glance his way, but he was oblivious.

The minor inconvenience was quickly forgotten.  Cannons were fired, the cavalry rode in, Union troops marched, and a ragtag group of Rebels tried to ward them off.  Then, I couldn’t help but overhear the teenager ask his mom, “Which one is the North and which one is the South? I forget.”

In my old age I have found my trademark restraint (also known as shyness) failing me.  As my head whipped around to address this question, a guffaw of disbelief escaped my lips.  And so a conversation began.

They were both kind, thankfully, given the way I intruded into their conversation.  The mom acted somewhat sheepish that her son was so clueless, and the son simply explained that he hates history.

I said, that’s because you aren’t taught history properly.  Instead of sharing all the dramatic stories of our past, your teachers just recite dry facts and dates.  He further explained that he hadn’t had American History since 8th grade.

I must have embarrassed him, because he continued to enlighten me with whatBlank Stare Civil War history he did know.  He explained that his 8th grade teacher told him that the North had better weapons because they had all the factories, but the South had better armor because they had all the cotton.


I didn’t know what to make of that.  I didn’t want to be confrontational.  How, exactly, do you ask what the heck are you talking about without being confrontational?

His mother and I explained how the South didn’t have better anything.  He piped up one more time, saying that at least the South had more people.  SighThe awkward silence probably spoke volumes.  He nervously added, well, unless my teacher was wrong, because that’s what she said.

I offered that if he’d like to read a good story about the Civil War, he should read Company Aytch.  He didn’t ask for any details, so I doubt he’ll be taking my advice.  Perhaps, though, he’ll be thinking twice before he asks dumb Civil War questions during a Civil War reenactment.

This is purely anecdotal and all that.  Still.  It’s pretty powerful anecdotal evidence of how completely we have severed ourselves from our own history.

And as bad as Common Core is . . .

Common Core doesn’t even standardize the subject of history.


The left has been rewriting history for some time now.  Common Core is merely the official stamp on progress already accomplished.

Update DTG: The left re-writing history, that sounds so familiar:

I have stated that modern liberalism & progressive is diametrically opposed to and actively targeting Christianity because it is all about truth and reality and rejecting truth and reality is the cornerstone that modern liberalism is built upon.


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