And The Cause Goes On

By Pastor George Kelly In 1979, the late Senator Edward M. “Teddy” Kennedy launched a furious, feisty, and zealous campaign to secure the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States. Senator Kennedy faced great odds as he pursued the Presidency. President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter was the occupant of the Oval Office and … Continue reading And The Cause Goes On

Breaking: Armed disturbance in Fitchburg (Video)

A breaking story with armed principles in a Neighborhood in Fitchburg: Expect updates Update: At the request of police I will not be able to provide more updates at this time Update 2: I can now provide some further updates including two videos shot at the time of the events in question. In summary here … Continue reading Breaking: Armed disturbance in Fitchburg (Video)

George Brett & Dinesh D’Sousa

George Brett was OUT. You have to understand this before we go any farther. George Brett was using an illegal bat when he hat that game winning HR off Goose Gossage. All the yelling & screaming and the commissioner ruling not withstanding Brett used a bat that was illegal and therefore under the rules of … Continue reading George Brett & Dinesh D’Sousa