Guest Commentary: Postal Workers vs Staples

By Gary Goldman

Does The Postal Workers Union Need To “Staple” It Shut?

Does a union whose rank and file is employed by a quasi-government agency, funded by taxpayer money that is losing billions of dollars per year, have the right to object to innovative solutions that may help ease the financial hemorrhaging .

This is also the same agency that missed the opportunity to dominate Next Day mail Service.

The postal workers union is shifting focus from the real issue – losing billions of dollars; to staple employees who will not be earning a union wage, and the loss of union jobs.

News flash to the Postal Workers Union; if the bleeding is not stopped, jobs will be lost, and services will be cut. The USPS has also lost a considerable amount of its market share to emails, stamps on line, and doing business via the internet.

The postal Workers union is not in a position of power. When you have employees that have customer service sensitivity, and an agency that is making money, then you may have the right to question change. Right now, that is not the case.

I can assure you that when you walk into a Staples store to conduct USPS business, you will be greeted by smiling employees, that acknowledge your existence, that are happy to assist you, and appreciate your business

Time has proven that there is no parity between high union wages, well run business’s, and friendly service. The postal workers union needs to embrace the change and see what will evolve. It is ultimately the consumer – tax payer that will decide if this private -public partnership is working. The massive losses and operational inefficiencies cannot continue indefinitely.

If I were a postal worker with managerial and supervisory skills, I just may consider sending my resume over to staples. You never know what opportunities are around the corner. Just ask those fed ex employees who had the vision to look outside the box.

Gary S. Goldman is the owner of  Gary S. Goldman & Associates out of Shearborn Ma. providing business & management consulting services to business.  His weekly radio program Business Politics & Lifestyle with Gary Goldman can be heard each Saturday at 9 AM EST on WCRN AM 830 Worcester MA.

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