War on Women Update Carlos Henriquez D-MA Day 569/14

This is a War on Women Update!

As of Today January 28th 2014 it is day 569 since Boston Democrat Representative Carlos Henriquez was arrested & charged with Domestic Assault & Domestic Kidnapping.

As of Today it day 14 since Boston Democrat Representative was convicted of Assaulting and sentenced to six months in jail.

Carlos Henriquez remains a Democrat Representative in the Massachusetts General Court (The State Legislature)

Perhaps if Senator Rand Paul or Governor Mike Huckabee critiqued Representative Henriquez his name this Democrat combatant in the war on women might be as newsworthy to the national media as a mayor of a city in another country.

Maybe Dem Rep Carlos Henriquez is planning on using the “she kinda asked for it defense” that is apparently a feminist MSNBC & Washington Post approved defense of Bill Clinton