By Steve Eggleston

Tomorrow, the 48th edition of the most-watched television event in America takes place from New York East Rutheford, New Jersey. Earlier in the week, Pete took a look at the waste of money that is spent on the ads aired during the game.

Meanwhile, the Fox affiliate in Detroit did a compelling story on the lengths the mayor of the city that actually is hosting the game went in an attempt to get tickets to the game. It isn’t suprising that the NFL itself overlooked the city actually hosting its biggest game.

It has been a while since I did prognostications on the NFL, but it is time to focus on the game itself.

The big story is the top-rated offense in points, yards per game, and passing yards per game, the Denver Broncos, going up against the top-rated defense in points, yards per game, and passing yards per game, the Seattle Seahawks. It really will be the case of the irresistable force meeting the immovable object – the Broncos just don’t make mistakes in the passing game, while the Seahawks not only forced the most interceptions in the regular season, they gave up the fewest big plays through the air.

The Broncos have a servicable run game, but the Seahawks have a stout run defense to go along with the league-best pass defense. Likewise, while the Seahawks lean heavily on running back Marshawn Lynch, the Broncos have a run defense every bit as stingy as the Seahawks.

The difference will be the Seahawks’ underutilized passing game against an average Broncos’ pass defense. Russell Wilson had the 7th-best quarterback rating among those with at least 300 attempts even though the Seahawks had the second-fewest pass attempts at 420.

The weather shouldn’t be too much of a factor. The latest forecast is for temperatures in the 40s and winds under 10 mph throughout the game, and a slight chance of rain throughout the day.

When all is said and done, the Seahawks will win 27-24.

Stop the Ride Want to Get Off – Partisan Politics are Making Me Sick!

by Gary Goldman

Is it just me or do you feel like you are on that never-ending Ferris wheel at the local amusement park? Around and around we go and where and when we stop nobody knows. Whether you are trying to manage your day-to-day activities, your household, or your business the degree of frustration caused by the actions of government leaders on a levels is overwhelming. Both political parties are guilty of coning the American people.

How can so many elected officials be so clueless? The uncertainty that is caused by their lack of courage to address the issues that are affecting us on a daily basis amounts to pure negligence. Every step that our political leaders take, every breath that they inhale, and every decision that they make is calculated on the basis of political gains and losses. Their constituents have become second nature.

We need to get away from this feeling that there is no solution to the problems that face this great country. We cannot continue to allow our political leaders to evaluate every issue based on partisan politics. Every time that it looks like a certain problem or issue is being resolved, our political leaders add some foolish resolution to a bill that derails the entire process. Many of the laws, and executive orders, that are being enacted today are stealing this country right from under our feet. We the people have allowed them this power by not fighting back.

No one ever assumed that either side would agree on all of the issues. Dialog and debate are honest and healthy ways to resolve our difference. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stop identifying every issue as Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, and start evaluating issues based on the facts?

Issue based politics that would look at a proposed bill based on how it affects you and I as opposed to how it will advance ones political career. I know most of you are probably assuming that I have lost my mind and that this type of behavior can never be accomplished. That is exactly what our political leaders want you to think.

They want us to surrender our rights and powers over to them. They know what is best for us! Well I say the time has come to let them know that “We the People” are not going to take it anymore and their actions have to represent our wishes.

We cannot be afraid to lose, in the short-term, if we want to win in the long run. We have to stop doing the same things over and over that have gotten us into this predicament. Our votes do count and it is time for us to take America back to the people. Democrat, Republican, or Independent voters have to start doing what is right for the country as a whole.

Gary S. Goldman is the owner of  Gary S. Goldman & Associates out of Shearborn Ma. providing business & management consulting services to business.  His weekly radio program Business Politics & Lifestyle with Gary Goldman can be heard each Saturday at 9 AM EST on WCRN AM 830 Worcester MA.

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In the 2nd Hour we’ll welcome Texas tea party GOP candidate for Senate Dwayne B. Stovall who will discuss why he is challenging John Cornyn in the Lone Star State.

And then we have Da Magnificent Panel Candidate Stovall will remain with me and Joe Mangiacotti and we’ll be joined by Gary Goldman (who had an unfortunate emergency last week) John Weston host of Right Overnight Radio and in the Bob Beckel chair Dominic Nanni. We’ll touch on Lunenburg, the Waxman Resignation the Dems conceding the house & the GOP trying to give it back.

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What do Presidents John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton all have in common?

No, this is not a trick question.

One might say that these three former Presidents all possessed great “charisma.” Charisma means different things to different people. Some define this quality as an intangible ability to attract, draw, and bring people into one’s sphere of influence.

Still others such as the leadership guru John Maxwell espouse the view that a person with charisma displays a unique combination of empathy with great listening skills. In this sense, all three of these men were great listeners who displayed the ability to make their guests feel special and important.

Political Historians might argue that these three Presidents were great orators who used their profound communication skills to move America in ways that made their Presidencies “transformational” in nature.

President Kennedy called the philosophy of his administration “The New Frontier.” President Kennedy argued that the US lagged behind the Soviet Union in both Space innovation and missile deployment. Mr. Kennedy launched forth the vision that by the year of 1970 the United States should successfully send a man to the Moon and bring him safely back to earth (Kennedy’s vision became reality in 1969).

President Kennedy was a free market exponent; he argued that the nation’s Marginal Tax Rate of 90 percent stifled risk taking, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Kennedy thought that if tax loop holes were eliminated and tax rates were reduced then two things would happen: (1.) Robust economic growth would occur and (2.) Government revenues would expand. History shows that Kennedy was correct in both of his assumptions.

President Ronald Reagan arrived in Washington in 1981 when the United States was mired in a great recession and economic stagnation. The newly installed President called for a period of “Economic Renewal.” Mr. Reagan emanated an unbridled optimism in America’s ability to remake herself and to leave the political malaise of the Carter years and return to her storied greatness.

Mr. Reagan used his great communication skills to convince Congress to cut taxes, scale back regulation, and rebuild our nation’s defenses. The length of President Reagan’s accomplishments is breathtaking. When he left office inflation had been tamed – lowered from 13.3 percent to 4 percent. And unemployment fell from a high of 9.9 percent in 1982 to the lowest it had been in years (5.5 percent).

President Bill Clinton arrived in Washington D.C. when our nation was mired in a minor recession. (The term “minor recession” depends on whose point of view you are discussing…) President Clinton – with the help of the Republican controlled congress during the last six years of his tenure worked together to reform welfare, cut the capital gains tax rate, and balance the budget for the first time since 1969.

Some political observers would say that we should celebrate the differences in these three men as well as discuss their similarities.

That point is well taken.

However, one similarity of these three men becomes apparent upon closer inspection and that is that these three men understood the concept of “economic incentives.”

Too often Presidents descend upon Washington D.C. with a litany of policies that they wish to pursue. They attempt to remake the country according to their philosophical or ideological worldview.
However, Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, and Clinton placed economic growth and innovation ahead of political policies. These three Presidents studied Economics in great detail before running for elective office.
Mr. Reagan majored in both Economics and Sociology at Eureka College; at Eureka, Ronald Reagan studied classical economics.

Both Kennedy and Clinton studied for two years each at the prestigious London School of Economics.
The records of these three Presidents clearly show that the country experience rapid creation of capital and lower unemployment during their tenure in office – great economic expansion then at any other time in recent memory.

Perhaps if more of our aspirants for higher office would spend more time studying and understanding basic economic concepts then just perhaps our nation might be able to retire a 17 Trillion Dollar deficit, balance our budgets, reduce unemployment (especially in our depressed cities like Detroit, MI) and witness an economic expansion that would once again place the United States in the forefront of technology development, educational attainment and business innovation.