Guest Commentary: Stop the Ride I Want to get Off

Stop the Ride Want to Get Off – Partisan Politics are Making Me Sick!

by Gary Goldman

Is it just me or do you feel like you are on that never-ending Ferris wheel at the local amusement park? Around and around we go and where and when we stop nobody knows. Whether you are trying to manage your day-to-day activities, your household, or your business the degree of frustration caused by the actions of government leaders on a levels is overwhelming. Both political parties are guilty of coning the American people.

How can so many elected officials be so clueless? The uncertainty that is caused by their lack of courage to address the issues that are affecting us on a daily basis amounts to pure negligence. Every step that our political leaders take, every breath that they inhale, and every decision that they make is calculated on the basis of political gains and losses. Their constituents have become second nature.

We need to get away from this feeling that there is no solution to the problems that face this great country. We cannot continue to allow our political leaders to evaluate every issue based on partisan politics. Every time that it looks like a certain problem or issue is being resolved, our political leaders add some foolish resolution to a bill that derails the entire process. Many of the laws, and executive orders, that are being enacted today are stealing this country right from under our feet. We the people have allowed them this power by not fighting back.

No one ever assumed that either side would agree on all of the issues. Dialog and debate are honest and healthy ways to resolve our difference. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stop identifying every issue as Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, and start evaluating issues based on the facts?

Issue based politics that would look at a proposed bill based on how it affects you and I as opposed to how it will advance ones political career. I know most of you are probably assuming that I have lost my mind and that this type of behavior can never be accomplished. That is exactly what our political leaders want you to think.

They want us to surrender our rights and powers over to them. They know what is best for us! Well I say the time has come to let them know that “We the People” are not going to take it anymore and their actions have to represent our wishes.

We cannot be afraid to lose, in the short-term, if we want to win in the long run. We have to stop doing the same things over and over that have gotten us into this predicament. Our votes do count and it is time for us to take America back to the people. Democrat, Republican, or Independent voters have to start doing what is right for the country as a whole.

Gary S. Goldman is the owner of  Gary S. Goldman & Associates out of Shearborn Ma. providing business & management consulting services to business.  His weekly radio program Business Politics & Lifestyle with Gary Goldman can be heard each Saturday at 9 AM EST on WCRN AM 830 Worcester MA.

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