DaTechGuy on DaRadio AP Dillon of Da Magnificent Seven on Common Core

You know my Magnificent Seven have been writing here since November but we have not featured one as a primary guest until now.

Today AP Dillon Lady Liberty 1885 of my Magnificent seven joins me to talk about Common Core and maybe some NC politics.

In the Second Hour, it’s Da Magnificent Panel, Maxine Baptiste will join AP, Joe and I (and maybe a friend or two) to deal with the issues of the week.

It all starts at Noon EST on DaTechGuy on DaRadio but that’s not all

Because it’s our anniversary we’ll be giving away some Big Finish Doctor Who CD’s just call in and win.

You can reach us at 888-9-fedora to opine on the air and as always you have multiple options to hear the show via our online streams click the links to listen.

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on our Tune-in Stream for the Money Matters Radio Network

And of course there are the terrestrial stations

WBNW Concord Ma 1120 AM FLAGSHIP

WPLM 1390 AM Plymouth MA

WESO 970 AM Southbridge MA

(and on the Terrestrial stations the replay is 11 PM EST tonight)

Join us, you’ll learn something and we’ll have fun.


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