Lipstick on a pig

(DTG:  We welcome UnCommonCents the first of our “villagers” with this post Villagers will write on local topics to the cities & towns in the  area where I live.)

By UnCommonCents

I’m a resident of Fitchburg Massachusetts and like many I make an effort to avoid the downtown area as much as possible. Being a husband, a father, a homeowner and a law-abiding tax paying citizen, my time is spent juggling all these blessings and needless to say time is of the essence.

Last Sunday was different , I had some business at the fire departments headquarters downtown and afterwards I had the rare opportunity to drive and “smell the roses” so to speak. I made my way down main street and noticed all the vacant storefronts. Nearly half of all businesses are gone! There are massive abandoned buildings with plywood where windows once stood. I thought to myself this used to be a thriving city and now it resembles Detroit! As I continued I came to another building that’s been decorated with banners and flags and I realized it was the CONDEMNED CITY HALL.

The banners and flags placed there are to mark the 250 anniversary of the City of Fitchburg. The heart of every city/town is displayed on “main street”. Consider it a trophy of achievement or in this case the lack there of!  Fitchburg, a city that was once thriving with a busy main street, a place that was once SAFE to walk with your family  and loved ones is now nearly abandoned and condemned!

This begs the question HOW? Just look into the mirror and you’ll see why and how. It has nothing to do with partisan politics aka democrat or republican, it has everything to do with the individuals WE elect into public office and if they have OUR best interest. The majority seek office for their OWN interest whether it be to further their party’s agenda or use it as a stepping stone for a higher position. If you want to see how well our elected officials are representing their constituents (we the TAXPAYERS) just drive down Main street. Politicians can manipulate numbers, the media can deceive but neither one can alter REALITY!


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