Chris Cillizza Channels Jesse Myerson (or Journo-list)

I was looking at Chris Cillizza’s piece in the post concerning Rand Paul and Bill Clinton some posts around it I was instantly reminded me of Robert Stacy McCain’s exchanges with Jesse Myerson.

The Success of Jesse Myerson’s attempt to rationalize communism success is dependent on reaching a group of Salon readers who are not at all familiar with the actual reality of communism. If their only knowledge of it is “The soviets were our enemies 30 years ago” as opposed to stuff that is happening in Cuba right now like this:

An explosion of repression greeted anti-Castro activists in Cuba on Sunday morning in Santiago de Cuba and other cities as they tried to make their way to churches for Mass. In Santiago, there were at least 169 arrests of activists with the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), the Damas De Blanco, or “Ladies In White,” and other organizations.

& this  (translated from the Spanish via Chrome)

  • 179 arrested  violently on February 9 Sunday, today, in various parts of the province of Santiago de Cuba
  • 50 detainees with great violence in Palma Soriano on Friday, February 7
  • 28 detainees with great violence in Santiago de Cuba on Thursday 6th
  • 9 arrested Wednesday night in Petty 5, 3 of them were under age 6 who were also arrested
  • 36 arrested in Santa Clara on Monday 3, along with Guillermo Fariñas , spokesman UNPACU
  • 30 Ladies in White were arrested on February 2, Sunday in Santiago de Cuba

Robert Stacy McCain’s solid arguments not withstanding unless the young and low info voter audience that is Myerson’s target readership in Salon hear Stacy points, they will make no more sound than a tree falling in the forest no matter what  GEICO ads say.

The same dynamic is in play with Cillizza. His piece talk about the reasons why Rand Paul is making the case he is. All the reasons are concern things other than the democrat “War on woman” meme. In fact you can read the entire piece and not find the words “war on woman” anywhere in it.

I suspect that’s by design.

Meanwhile Ann Althouse gives a series of reasons for Paul’s attacks which includes the following:

Someone on the Republican side needs to be able to counter the “war on women” propaganda of the Democrats, and no one else seems to have the guts or skill to do it properly.

Her piece and four reasons for Paul’s attacks were linked and copied on Instapundit and made the HotAir headlines.

Now Althouse is a well read blog (alexa rank 79,554 worldwide & 17,632 in the US) The Hotair group blog is impressive (5,687/1,212) and while only a single person Instapundit is,  well Instapundit. (5,713/1330)

But the reach of the Washington Post greater by a factor of more than 10 in terms of Alexa Rank ( 299/88) not to mention MSM coverage so as long as Cillizza makes sure the average Washington Post reader, particularly ones born in 1984 or after, are focusing on his piece’s final paragraph:

Whatever the reason for Paul’s focus on Clinton’s private life, it’s a reminder (although we didn’t need one) that the Kentucky Senator operates under a different code of conduct than his colleagues and the people he will compete against for the 2016 nomination. It’s what makes him intriguing — and dangerous.

rather than statements from Senator Paul like this one:

for goodness sakes he [Bill Clinton] paid an $800,000 fine for sexual harassment

then the takeaway for those young unmarried women who vote democrat will be:

That GOP 2016 candidate Rand Paul is trying to bring down Hillary’s presidential bid by attacking her husband’s personal life.

rather than

THE Major fundraiser for Democrats crying “war on women” is a repeat sexual harasser who once paid $850,000 to settle a sexual harassment case.

and that dear readers is how the MSM game is played.

Hey Ezra Klien says there might still be a “journo-list” maybe he can get a spot in it, if he doesn’t have one already.

Note, Paul should have said $850K rather than $800K and it was a settlement.

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