Rent A Jihadi all the Terror None of the Press

Are YOU a Terror Group more interested in the results than publicly?

Do you hate Catholics? Do you despise gays? Do you want to stop the Tea Party (in case the IRS doesn’t manage it) or stymie union activists?

Do you want to stop: Atheists, Gun owners, Mexicans, Asians, Whites, Blacks, Makers of Genetically modified foods, Republicans, Democrats, the cast of Glee or Duck Dynasty?

Would you like to put fear in the hearts of Pro-life or Pro-Abortion activists?  Do you want to terrorize Wall Street Bankers, Organic farmers, Oil Companies or members of the media?

Then Rent a Jihadi is for you.

For one low price Rent a Jihadi will provide a friendly helpful terror cell of dedicated islamists happy to slaughter the infidel of your choice.

Even if your target is a Muslim, don’t worry, we’ll find something they are doing wrong and punish them for their errors!

Beheadings, Bombings, Arson, Murder Kidnapping or just Terrorizing foes into silence, our jihadists will get it done, even if they have to blow themselves up to do it.

The best part, The American media will ignore and downplay all that we do, even if we target a media protected group like Gays and the few people who try to bring attention to our actions will be denounced as Islamophobe hate mongers

If want you want is your group featured on the evening news, talked about by Diane Sawyer or  Wolf Blitzer and a front page spread in the New York Times we’re not for you, but if you want those you oppose to run in abject fear or die a horrible death, Rent a Jihadi is your one stop shop for effective terror at competitive prices.

Call 888-NO-Press and get your free terror estimate today!

Take advantage of our “Slaughter the Zionist” special by targeting  Jews or Islamic apostates get 25% OFF ANY service.

*(Note:  A surcharge applies if you wish to target 2nd Amendment supporters in general  or Ann Barnhardt in particular as they might shoot back).


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