Hillary’s Acomplishments? Dems still thinking

Last year I teased Doug Mataconis over his inability to name an accomplishment of Hillary Clinton as sec of state.

Last month I made fun of Andrea Mitchell for not only not being able to name a Hillary accomplishment but suggesting that it would be up to John Kerry to determine if she had any.

She’ll also have to show what she achieved as secretary of state. Yes, Benghazi will be raised over and over again. But she has to show some real accomplishments. And that is completely up in the air. We’ll see what John Kerry is doing, we see what negotiations are in play in Iran. We don’t know how that’s going to turn out.

Well it’s been several weeks since then but some things still haven’t changed

These guys are not called low information voters for nothing.

Meanwhile Hillary who corrected noted the Hitler motif that I pointed out a while back in Putin’s actions is already backing away.

No wonder democrats love her, nothing like firm decisive leadership.


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