Common Core Gets Personal

By:  Pat Austin Among the many topics covered during CPAC this year has been a good, hard look at Common Core.  Here, on this blog, Lady Liberty does an excellent job covering Common Core topics.  From my point of view, I'm glad to see CPAC and other conservative groups taking a hard look at the monstrosity that … Continue reading Common Core Gets Personal

Obama and psychohistory

By John Ruberry Isaac Asimov's greatest and best-known work was the Foundation series. The plot is centered on the mathematical model created by Professor Hari Seldon--one that can scientifically predict the history of our galaxy. On the surface it appears to be a dry read, but plot twists and intriguing characters make the stories work. … Continue reading Obama and psychohistory

Thoughts as I pack to go home from CPAC 2014

You might wonder why I haven't filed a breathless array of CPAC 2014 stories. this is because I tend to use the trip as an info gathering project rather than a source for daily news, if I wanted to report daily news I could have done it at home watching CSPAN. So instead you will … Continue reading Thoughts as I pack to go home from CPAC 2014