Peas in a Pod

by Linda Szugyispam

Thank goodness for spam filters.  All of our in-boxes would be buried without them.

With the spam folder, we have a handy dumping place for all the Rolex replica offers, questionable drug purchasing links, “free stuff or money” scams, loan sharks, online dating invitations, mail order bride proposals, and of course the inevitable links to pornography.  Sometimes a spam email manages to slip through the cracks, but no big deal.  Just click the spam button and poof! the offending dreg of internet society is banished.

Those porn-peddling, phish-scamming, fake-product-pushing dregs have a new cohort, by the way:

spam obamacare

Yep.  The spam filter missed a recent email, entitled “Get FREE Coverage Info – Pre-Existing Conditions OK! Coverage for Unemployed!”  After treating me with a photo of our kind, health insurance-mandating-providing benefactor, the email encouraged me to Click Here To See If You Qualify Now!

Hovering over the “Click Here!” button brought up the name “,” which is literally a blank, white page of nothingness, which I won’t link because I’m not as reckless with your computer as I am with mine.  In spite of the name “loreworld,” clicking the button brought me to a site called, which I am also not linking just in case.  My malware scan came up clean after all this irresponsible internet usage, so I’ve got that going for me at least.

The unnamed ‘P.O. Box’ address at the bottom of the email is the same as this one, selling dental implants, so the spammer probably hawks a wide variety of wares.  I don’t know how spamming actually makes anyone any money, but the idea must be to make it up in volume, which is probably more valid than any of the absurd claims about Obamacare reducing the deficitcreating jobs, and Saving You Money!

So it makes sense to see the president’s face in a spam email, hawking health insurance with the promise of free stuff.  An arm of the administration may reach out and smack the fellow spammers who have the temerity to hijack the president’s own sales pitch, but the truth is, they are peas in a pod.