Time Disorder

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Have you noticed that there are some people—many people–who have no concept of time?  No, I’m not referring to the chronically tardy–though I do suspect that many of them are unable to perceive (imagine) time also. I’m talking about those who fall into the following categories:

  • Unable to consider individual events from the past as anything but singular and isolated occurrences, e.g. unable to connect those events with each other and—further–with contemporaneous, on-going events,
  • Unable to use known, available and pertinent information/ideas to analyze the sum (or, to use a better mathematical term, the product) of events in order to come to a plausible conclusion as to what is going, and
  • Unable to take that conclusion and reasonably project what may happen in the future.

Such people are not able to think strategically. It can be selective and temporary dearth; often due to a syndrome to which almost all of us are prone: wishful-thinking.

A related phenomenon: normalcy bias.

[Normalcy bias] causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects.

Many do not want to or cannot put together the events, which have lead this country to its present state, much less come to a reasonable conclusion.  However, I don’t fall into either category.  Believe me, sometimes I wish I did.

But the more I learn about the history of the twentieth century, the more I consider that history against what is known about human nature, the more I observe the state in which this country finds itself in at present–the more I believe that the peril anticipated by all too many observers, was planned.

It is the imperative of all to  face this.

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