Math, Amanda Marcotte & The Dugger family

One of the things about a free society as opposed to say China is a person has the freedom to have a family as large or as small as they choose.  So if Amanda Marcotte doesn’t want children she does not have to have them,

While as a Catholic I object to artificial contraception as sin, as long as long as she doesn’t force me or other religious people to pay for it against our conscience it’s her call to make and none of my business, provided of course she is not actually killing her child (abortion).

It should also be pointed out that when Ms Marcotte talks about what having children involves other than the use of the word “monsters” this paragraph quoted by Stacy McCain is pretty accurate:

“They are loud and smelly and, above all other things, demanding. No matter how much free day care you throw at women, babies are still time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness.”

That’s pretty much true and the neediness doesn’t end all that quick when they grow up, nor does your worrying about them.  My sons are both over twenty & I worry about their future, their health, and their happiness.  Children are a task that really never ends.  My mother worried about all of us till the day she died.   Having children changes your life forever if Ms. Marcotte doesn’t want her life changed so be it, that’s her call…

…however I am shocked Shocked that she would let down the radical feminist sisterhood so.

By choosing not to have children, she is conceding the future to people like the Dugger family

For those of you who don’t know the Duggers,  Jim Bob & his wife Michelle have 19 kids between the ages of 26 & 4.  (I briefly and unknowingly encountered some of the family at CPAC this year).

No matter what you think of the decisions of Ms. Marcotte vs Mrs. Dugger concerning procreation those choices have a practical effect politically.

As of today Ms. Marcotte & her husband represent two votes in any election.  Meanwhile as of today Michelle Dugger & her husband & voting age children represent nine votes, by-election day 2014 it will be ten.

That’s an electoral radio of 5-1.

Ms. Marcotte decision is giving the forces opposed to her an advantage for generations to come.  For true believers in feminism that amounts to a selfish betrayal of her sisters in the  movement.

And that doesn’t even consider outside influences.  Every person that Amanda Marcotte inspires with her feminist argument against children decreases feminism’s voting power while every person inspired by the 21 Duggers to have more kids does the opposite.

While at 36 Amanda Marcotte is eleven years younger than Michelle Dugger it’s likely too late for her to make a big difference but for the sake of argument lets say she reconsiders and decides to have a child this year for the sake of the sisterhood.

That child if carried to full term would be born in December of 2014 and assuming no change in voting laws, will be eligible to vote for the first time in a general election in 2032.

By that year all 22 current Dugger children and grandchildren will be of voting age, but at least Ms Marcotte will have reduced the voting ratio in favor of the Duggers to 8-1 by that year instead of 12-1 that it would be if she remains childless.

While there is no guarantee that all the Duggers and their descendents will vote the same way in the future the decisions of Ms. Marcotte and her disciples assure us that as time goes by the influence of their philosophies will fade in the US until they like the Shakers become a footnote in history.

I’m 15 years older than Ms. Marcotte but if I’m lucky enough to make it to my aunt’s current age of 92 and Ms. Marcotte is still around at 77 (much more likely) we’ll both live to see that.

Only one of us will be smiling at that result.

Update: RS. McCain links and comments on Ms. Marcotte’s “Darwinian fate”

The proximate cause of Marcotte’s anger — although she’s so perpetually angry she does not really need a reason to begin ranting like a lunatic — was a post by “pro-life humanist” Kristine Kruszelnicki offering non-religious reasons for protecting the innocent unborn. Among other things, Kruszelnicki pointed to opinion polls showing that 1-in-5 atheists are pro-life, a percentage that doesn’t quite square with Marcotte’s “nearly all” claims about the pro-abortion views of “non-believers.”

Facts and logic can never persuade the ideologue, and Marcotte’s beliefs are clearly rooted in emotions that are deeply irrational and intensely personal. No one who does not already share her radical feminist ideology could be persuaded by Marcotte’s arguments. She is losing, and she knows it: 50% of Americans are pro-life, compared to 41% who are pro-abortion, and the trend toward a pro-life majority is one of those facts which are incompatible with Marcotte’s worldview

Stacy McCain is no Jim Bob Dugger but even if Ms Marcotte changes her mind about concerning a child and gives birth in December of this year by the time said child is of voting age the Marcotte Clan will still be outvoted by the McCain clan by a ratio of 3-1.


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