By Steve Eggleston

The situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate. Earlier in the week, after a sham of a referendum that purported to split the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine, Russia annexed the peninsula. Now, with Russian troops not only consolidating their position in Crimea with prejudice but also remaining along the entirety of the border between Russia and Ukraine, ethnic Russians are agitating for the rest of eastern Ukraine to split off from Ukraine and join Russia. The Donbass region, which certainly appears to be the next Russian target, has the heart of Ukraine’s industry and mining.

On the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 front, the focus has shifted to an area about 1500 miles southwest of Perth, Australia, after analysis of images from both American and Chinese satellites suggested a rather expansive debris field. NBC News reports a civilian plane participating in the search spotted some sort of debris, but poor visibility conditions and the great distance from land otherwise hampered the search in that area, and nobody else has found anything, much less debris definitively from the aircraft.

Meanwhile, the airline’s CEO admitted that some of the cargo on board was lithium-ion batteries, which has caused a not-insignificant number of fires aboard aircraft and the craash of 2 cargo planes. The Daily Mail notes that the last positively-known altitude of the airplane, 23,000 feet, is a prescribed altitude designed to limit the spread of a fire on an aircraft.

Finally, if it’s late March, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is going on. While it took only 25 “second-round” games and 3 major upsets to wipe out every single bracket in Warren Buffett’s $1 billion challenge, Yahoo Sports, which is managing the contest for Buffett and Quicken Loans, had one bracket not entered into that challenge that survived the round of 64. Unfortunately, that bracket was busted in game 37, when 11th-seed Dayton knocked off 3rd-seed Syracuse.

by baldilocks

I’ve grown weary of methodically laying out the chains of occurrences, premises, conclusions and examples which have served as under-gird to my opinions.  Fact is, whether I make the effort or don’t make the effort, I get this sort of thing—this one from an old acquaintance via Facebook:

I object to you and almost everything you say. I think you are full of sh*t. That plain enough? I’m [here] to object to you and your invective, which I find personally offensive. At some point, people have to say, I object.

This guy kept insisting over and over again that he objected; I imagined him punctuating each objection with a foot stomp.

And, using the fact that he objects to me and everything I say, this “gentleman” came to the conclusion that I must be crazy and delusional.  Surely, that is the only reason that I could possibly be 180 degrees from him in all opinions.  Right?

The funniest thing, however, was that, in this man’s repeated exclamations of objection, there was never any specific direct object. (Linguists will groan at that pun.)  He never did pick out a topic about which he and I are in opposition and defend his viewpoint on that topic, even after I repeatedly invited him to do so.

It’s plain, [name redacted], but it’s still pretty generalized. There has to be a specific reason tha[t] you think that I am full of sh*t and you certainly should be able to take a specific issue and explain why I am wrong about it–in a sane and non-delusional, invective-free and sh*t-less manner, of course.

Come on. I know you can do it.

To which, I received this charming response:

I don’t have to defend it to you — or explain it — anymore than I expect you to do the same [sic]. You have an opinion — I think you’re full of sh*t. My opinion. I don’t really TRULY have to say anything else.

My nine-year-old niece would call such a response immature.  I wouldn’t, however.  It’s obvious that either the man is intellectually incapable of defending his opinions or he is too lazy to think his premises through to a conclusion and, afterward, articulate either.  Due to the puling, I vote the former.  Petulance in adults is usually a cover-up.

Then again, hasn’t our president repeatedly claimed that the time for talk is over? It almost is.


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This is the 13th of my series of Sarah Palin clips from CPAC 2014 & commentary upon them:

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One of the arguments I’ve been making for years is that selling conservatism is not hard.

Conservatism has a virtue of a history of success both fiscally and socially that our liberal friends can not match.  Unfortunately due to the left dominating the educational system if you are 40 or under you wouldn’t know it.

Think of it if you told people of an era when such things were common they might think it was ancient history:

Teen suicide was practically unheard of,

Intact families were the norm rather than divorce

Schools taught facts rather than ideology

Cities & the country built great things

Parents and the elderly were held in esteem

Kids could feel safe in their neighborhoods

It was safe to walk streets

There were no police in schools nor need for them

Kids actually played tag and ran during recess without fear

College was not about getting drunk or high

All of these things are in living memory but our society & culture would not only have us forget them but pretend that it all came from a goal of keeping women down.

Consider this Morning Joe Clip from Friday:

Mika might be shocked, but I’m not. This didn’t happen in a vacuum it’s the inevitable result of abandoning conservative vales. Values that Sarah Palin reminds conservative women that are worth advancing as a grand legacy handed down from the giants who came before.

Start evangelizing

Sarah Palin understand the appeal of conservatism, the sooner we start going on offense, taking the fight to the culture and taking on the left on ground of our own choosing the sooner we will win.

Would that the rest of the party figured that out.


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There are a lot of people including who have compared what is going on with Russia & Ukraine to Germany & Europe pre World War 2.

Unfortunately things being what they are educationally a lot of people really know nothing about WW 2 and how it came about. All they get taught about the war by our culture is:

The Nazi’s were bad for killing Jews
America was bad for interning the Japanese.

So in order to educate our low info voters in a format that they would be able to understand (without forcing them to actually learn history) I submit this short clip from the 1986 British comedy Yes Prime Minister that explains the likely Russian tactics.

Any Questions?

Today will be a busy day for DaTechGuy

Today at 10:30 I will be appearing on GROK TALK to talk about what I saw at the NLRC (and perhaps give an update about the outbreak of Scozzafever in Massachusetts.)

Then at Noon it’s time for DaTechGuy on DaRadio, Like Richard Tisei I won’t be at the GOP convention but I’ll be live back in the studio for the first time in three weeks.

We’ll be talking our GOP Poison Poll a bit about Richard Tisei’s catching Scozzafever but we’ll be concentrating on Putin, Ukraine, Crimea and what is coming next.

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With a party with only 11% registration we don’t have room to be kicking people out of the tent

Ma GOP chair Kirsten Hughes on DaTechGuy on DaRadio

We are here to talk about three things over the next few days, winning winning and winning

NH GOP chair Jennifer Horn Republican North East Leadership Conference

Social and Tea Party conservatives are constantly being critiqued not keeping any eye on the big picture.  We are reminded by the GOP establishment that winning in November is what matters and a 70% friend is not an enemy.

Apparently nobody told this to establishment favorite Richard Tisei

Congressional candidate Richard R. Tisei, the GOP’s nominee for lieutenant governor four years ago, is sitting out the convention to protest the socially conservative platform that state committee members embraced last month.

As Mr. Tisei is not a Tea Party Conservative this will likely not generate a lot of critique from the GOP establishment and will doubtless result in fawning media coverage for him.

While he will no doubt bask in said media glow, unfortunately this move is  a sign that the GOP candidate for the 6th district is having a relapse of that most dread of GOP diseases  Scozzafever!

Scozzafever is an illness that spreads among members of the GOP that want to be loved by the MSM. Symptoms include public disdain for the GOP caucus, allergic reactions to all things grass-roots or tea party (except fundraising dollars) and the obsessive need to go before the cameras to attack the party. The disease is most common among Gay or pro-abortion republicans but prolonged exposure to the national media in DC can cause this disease to strike the most stalwart member of the party over time.

In its most advanced stages Scozzafever (Sometimes referred to as Huntsman’s disease) causes the victim refer to his own party as Knuckleheads and to appear on cable networks as a regular guest supposedly “representing” his party in the eyes of the viewers while spending his entire appearance attacking the very caucus that he is a part of.

Once out of public office victims of Scozzafever tend to find themselves as regular contributors to MSNBC whenever it is necessary to have a “republican” on set however this symptom only manifests itself after a successful election or a presidential campaign.

Mr. Tisei’s convention time Scozzafever relapse is already having some deadly effects on the state party and its candidates

1.  In one fell swoop Mr. Tisei outbreak of Scozzafever has managed to overshadow the entire GOP state convention and give the left & the MSM a story to cover other than any possible candidate or speech.

2. If you are a GOP candidate at any level in Massachusetts Mr. Tisei’s  Scozzafever has given the media an excuse to ignore any issue you are raising.  If you wanted to deliver a  message on EBT fraud & state corruption or hit Obamacare, forget it.  Thanks to the dreaded scourge of Scozzafever the primary topic of any coverage the media give you will be Mr. Tisei.

3.  Mr. Tisei’s Scozzafever has effectively kicked his own former running mate Charlie Baker in the teeth.  In his last run for governor Tim Cahill tuned Baker’s right flank on social issues giving social conservatives another place to go and they went there leaving him with 42% of the vote in the year of the first Big Red Wave.  Tisei’s move, a symptom of his Scozzafever, gives the media a legitimate reason to pester Baker on these social issues giving him an excellent opportunity to alienate a base that he has to win this time in order to have a prayer of being elected.

Normally a carrier of Scozzafever is immune to its effects but as the prospect of a huge republican year looms nationwide the media will need a way to attack GOP candidates.  Mr. Tisei’s  Scozzafever induced boycott of the GOP state convention gives the MSM a legitimate excuse to ask him about GOP candidates from Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, to any GOP congressional, Senate and Gubernatorial candidate who doesn’t hold his views on social issues. You can be sure that his answer or non answer to that question will overshadow any message his wishes to convey to voters.

Won’t that be fun?

Given the horrible effects of  Scozzafever that we’ve already seen from Mr. Tisei I have one thing to say to potential GOP voters in the 6th Massachusetts district and to any members of the national party considering a contribution to Mr. Tisei’s campaign:

The results in MA-6 will not affect the  GOP’s control of congress.

Update: Rob Eno describes Mr. Tisei’s move as a “Stab in the back” to Charlie Baker, Rob he can’t help himself, it’s the Scozzafever and Yankee Pundit says:

it shows that Mr. Tisei is a hypocrite. How many times have conservatives been told by those in the liberal wing of our party that conservatives should set aside ideological purity for the purposes of winning elections. Most conservatives understand that it makes sense to support those with whom we may only agree 80 to 90 percent of the time versus ceding the election to those with whom we agree only 10 to 20 percent of the time. A candidate may not be perfect. But conservatives roll up our sleeves, open our wallets, and get to work. For instance, I don’t agree with Mr. Tisei on every issue. But I sent him $250 in 2012. Willingness to go the distance and find common cause with those with whom one is in partial agreement should also apply to moderate Republicans. If, as Mr. Tisei claims, he is in agreement with 90 percent of the GOP agenda, then it is his duty to get on board and support the collective good of his party. If he expects compromise from the conservative wing of the party, then he should be willing to compromise himself.

Ah the dread scourge of Scozzafever makes a man do dumb thing but if I may be so bold as to suggest an alternative use for Yankee Pundit’s funds in the future is available below the fold.


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In the column that this journalist wrote last week, he opened up by stating that “The time period of 1981 through 1991 was a time of breath-taking change.” 

(There might be those who did not like the conservative nature of that change that transpired in the 1980s, but that is another story to be explored at another time.)

In the United States, former Governor Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as the 40th President of the United States.

At the Vatican in Rome, Italy, Pope John-Paul II was inspiring a new generation of Roman Catholics to cheerfully embrace their faith as “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.”

And in 1979 in London, England, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher – affectionately referred to as “The Iron Lady” – arrived at 10 Downing Street as the new Prime Minister of Great Britain.  Mrs. Thatcher was the first Conservative leader of England since Sir Winston Churchill’s second tenure which ended in 1955.

Prime Minster Thatcher came to 10 Downing Street with a resolve to reverse much of the policies that had been initiated by the British Labor Party from 1945 to 1978.  This was a daunting task!

The preceding 35 years right after the Second World War (WWII) marked a watershed moment in how most of Europe began to see their relationship to their federal or “centralized governments.”  Prior to the end of the WWII most of Europe was still dominated by the economic writings of Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations” (1776).

Adam Smith postulated that the “natural system of liberty” (what we currently refer to as the free enterprise system) was by far and away the best means of producing goods, commodities, and national prosperity.  From 1776 through the late 19th Century, Smith’s seminal work on economics was taken as a reliable authority on economic subject matter.

In the early 1900s Great Britain along with many other European nations underwent a paradigm change with regards to their views of how wealth should be “equitably distributed.”  The emphasis moved away from economic / wealth creation to wealth redistribution.  The new mantra of the day was government was responsible for the welfare of its citizens from the “cradle” to the “grave.”

Sir Winston Churchill was a brilliant War Time Prime Minister; however, the citizens of Great Britain rejected the domestic conservatism of Churchill for what was perceived to be the cheery liberalism of Clement Atlee’s Labor Party.

Mr. Atlee proceeded to nationalize Health Care, embrace Keynesian economics, provide for greater governmental control over the economy and strongly back labor unions.  Mr. Atlee and his Labor Party scored impressive electoral wins with both the changes that they enacted and with public opinion behind them it seemed that the era of “progressive politics” meant that their momentum could continue indefinitely.

Well, as the late Paul Harvey would say, “And here is the rest of the story.”

Through the 1960s and 1970s, it appeared that the nation’s taxes continued to expand and that there was no end to “labor shortages” and crippling “labor strikes” that imperiled the spiritual, moral, and economic health of Great Britain.

Yet, through this time of “cradle to the grave” Governmental expansion there arose in Mrs. Margaret Thatcher – the leader of the Conservative opposition – a call for the British people to remember that not all of their problems could be nor should they be solved by their central government.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was a conservative in the mold of the late British philosopher Edmund Burke (please see his 1790 masterpiece “Reflections On the Revolution In France”) who believed that people should pursue their duties and pleasures in a multitude of “little platoons.”

Little platoons would be units of organization such as the family; the extended family; Churches; Synagogues; the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts – 4H Clubs; Rotary Groups; et cetera.  It is in these little platoons that values, principles and belief systems are transmitted and reinforced.

The health and freedom of a society depended on having many little platoons or intermediating structures that act as a barrier to too much central governmental power grabbing over the lives of the citizenry.

Mrs. Thatcher brought her Judeo-Christian and cultural conservative belief system to her country and helped her nation undergo a spiritual, economic, and cultural redivivius.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her people once again became important actors on the world scene – and from an economic perspective the country’s Gross Domestic Output began to grow, expand, and accelerate.  People began to experience a boon in their pocketbooks.

Finally, Europe and the rest of the world owes Mrs. Thatcher a debt of gratitude in the fact that she like President Ronald Reagan across the Atlantic Ocean was a tireless champion of freedom who stood strong against Communist oppression and the expansion of the Soviet Union expansion in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Edmund Burke once stated that “the easiest way for evil to triumph was for good men to do nothing.”

Mrs. Thatcher was a principled-centered stateswomen who stood athwart against the forces of evil, tyranny, and economic stagnation.  She surely deserves her own Profile in Courage.