Richard Tisei: A relapse of “Scozzafever”

With a party with only 11% registration we don’t have room to be kicking people out of the tent

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We are here to talk about three things over the next few days, winning winning and winning

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Social and Tea Party conservatives are constantly being critiqued not keeping any eye on the big picture.  We are reminded by the GOP establishment that winning in November is what matters and a 70% friend is not an enemy.

Apparently nobody told this to establishment favorite Richard Tisei

Congressional candidate Richard R. Tisei, the GOP’s nominee for lieutenant governor four years ago, is sitting out the convention to protest the socially conservative platform that state committee members embraced last month.

As Mr. Tisei is not a Tea Party Conservative this will likely not generate a lot of critique from the GOP establishment and will doubtless result in fawning media coverage for him.

While he will no doubt bask in said media glow, unfortunately this move is  a sign that the GOP candidate for the 6th district is having a relapse of that most dread of GOP diseases  Scozzafever!

Scozzafever is an illness that spreads among members of the GOP that want to be loved by the MSM. Symptoms include public disdain for the GOP caucus, allergic reactions to all things grass-roots or tea party (except fundraising dollars) and the obsessive need to go before the cameras to attack the party. The disease is most common among Gay or pro-abortion republicans but prolonged exposure to the national media in DC can cause this disease to strike the most stalwart member of the party over time.

In its most advanced stages Scozzafever (Sometimes referred to as Huntsman’s disease) causes the victim refer to his own party as Knuckleheads and to appear on cable networks as a regular guest supposedly “representing” his party in the eyes of the viewers while spending his entire appearance attacking the very caucus that he is a part of.

Once out of public office victims of Scozzafever tend to find themselves as regular contributors to MSNBC whenever it is necessary to have a “republican” on set however this symptom only manifests itself after a successful election or a presidential campaign.

Mr. Tisei’s convention time Scozzafever relapse is already having some deadly effects on the state party and its candidates

1.  In one fell swoop Mr. Tisei outbreak of Scozzafever has managed to overshadow the entire GOP state convention and give the left & the MSM a story to cover other than any possible candidate or speech.

2. If you are a GOP candidate at any level in Massachusetts Mr. Tisei’s  Scozzafever has given the media an excuse to ignore any issue you are raising.  If you wanted to deliver a  message on EBT fraud & state corruption or hit Obamacare, forget it.  Thanks to the dreaded scourge of Scozzafever the primary topic of any coverage the media give you will be Mr. Tisei.

3.  Mr. Tisei’s Scozzafever has effectively kicked his own former running mate Charlie Baker in the teeth.  In his last run for governor Tim Cahill tuned Baker’s right flank on social issues giving social conservatives another place to go and they went there leaving him with 42% of the vote in the year of the first Big Red Wave.  Tisei’s move, a symptom of his Scozzafever, gives the media a legitimate reason to pester Baker on these social issues giving him an excellent opportunity to alienate a base that he has to win this time in order to have a prayer of being elected.

Normally a carrier of Scozzafever is immune to its effects but as the prospect of a huge republican year looms nationwide the media will need a way to attack GOP candidates.  Mr. Tisei’s  Scozzafever induced boycott of the GOP state convention gives the MSM a legitimate excuse to ask him about GOP candidates from Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, to any GOP congressional, Senate and Gubernatorial candidate who doesn’t hold his views on social issues. You can be sure that his answer or non answer to that question will overshadow any message his wishes to convey to voters.

Won’t that be fun?

Given the horrible effects of  Scozzafever that we’ve already seen from Mr. Tisei I have one thing to say to potential GOP voters in the 6th Massachusetts district and to any members of the national party considering a contribution to Mr. Tisei’s campaign:

The results in MA-6 will not affect the  GOP’s control of congress.

Update: Rob Eno describes Mr. Tisei’s move as a “Stab in the back” to Charlie Baker, Rob he can’t help himself, it’s the Scozzafever and Yankee Pundit says:

it shows that Mr. Tisei is a hypocrite. How many times have conservatives been told by those in the liberal wing of our party that conservatives should set aside ideological purity for the purposes of winning elections. Most conservatives understand that it makes sense to support those with whom we may only agree 80 to 90 percent of the time versus ceding the election to those with whom we agree only 10 to 20 percent of the time. A candidate may not be perfect. But conservatives roll up our sleeves, open our wallets, and get to work. For instance, I don’t agree with Mr. Tisei on every issue. But I sent him $250 in 2012. Willingness to go the distance and find common cause with those with whom one is in partial agreement should also apply to moderate Republicans. If, as Mr. Tisei claims, he is in agreement with 90 percent of the GOP agenda, then it is his duty to get on board and support the collective good of his party. If he expects compromise from the conservative wing of the party, then he should be willing to compromise himself.

Ah the dread scourge of Scozzafever makes a man do dumb thing but if I may be so bold as to suggest an alternative use for Yankee Pundit’s funds in the future is available below the fold.


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