The 16 days of Sarah Palin at CPAC: Day 13 Boldly Go Forth!

This is the 13th of my series of Sarah Palin clips from CPAC 2014 & commentary upon them:

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One of the arguments I’ve been making for years is that selling conservatism is not hard.

Conservatism has a virtue of a history of success both fiscally and socially that our liberal friends can not match.  Unfortunately due to the left dominating the educational system if you are 40 or under you wouldn’t know it.

Think of it if you told people of an era when such things were common they might think it was ancient history:

Teen suicide was practically unheard of,

Intact families were the norm rather than divorce

Schools taught facts rather than ideology

Cities & the country built great things

Parents and the elderly were held in esteem

Kids could feel safe in their neighborhoods

It was safe to walk streets

There were no police in schools nor need for them

Kids actually played tag and ran during recess without fear

College was not about getting drunk or high

All of these things are in living memory but our society & culture would not only have us forget them but pretend that it all came from a goal of keeping women down.

Consider this Morning Joe Clip from Friday:

Mika might be shocked, but I’m not. This didn’t happen in a vacuum it’s the inevitable result of abandoning conservative vales. Values that Sarah Palin reminds conservative women that are worth advancing as a grand legacy handed down from the giants who came before.

Start evangelizing

Sarah Palin understand the appeal of conservatism, the sooner we start going on offense, taking the fight to the culture and taking on the left on ground of our own choosing the sooner we will win.

Would that the rest of the party figured that out.


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