If only we had a President as strong as Jimmy Carter

You sometimes get a rookie pitcher with a winning season but usually not. I’m hoping for Chester Arthur but I’m expecting Jimmy Carter.

DaTechGuy blog Dec 2nd 2008

As the Obama Ukraine policy continues to crash and burn, Morning Joe today brought in the ultimate expert, a man who had to directly deal with a Russian invasion of another country and come up with a response to not only hinder that invasion, but to keep them from further aggression.

That man? Jimmy Carter:

Zbigniew Brzezinski served in the Carter administration and Mika she spent some of her formative years in that White House so to see the former President on Morning Joe is not much of a surprise.

But to hear Jimmy Carter talking (accurately I might add) about his tough response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was a surreal moment.

In 2008 I was asking if Barack Obama would be more Jimmy Carter or Chester Arthur. If you had told me my 2008 self that before his second term was over Barack Obama would make Jimmy Carter appear a strong and decisive leader I would have laughed in your face.

Now that it’s actually happened I feel more like crying.


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