Obama administration to kill Tomahawk production

By Steve Eggleston Over the last couple of decades, the Tomahawk cruise missile has become the Navy's go-to standoff weapon of choice. Its range, accuracy, stealthiness and range of warheads has proven invaluable, as over 1,000 Tomahawks have been used since its combat introduction in the first Gulf War. Several ballistic missile submarines have been … Continue reading Obama administration to kill Tomahawk production

Field Guide to NRLC 2014 Allan Fung R-RI candidate for Gov in RI

I spoke to Cranston Mayor Allan Fung who is running for Governor of Rhode Island at the Northeastern Republican Leadership conference in Nashua NH His website is here. To my knowledge he is the first Asian American to run for Gov in RI somehow the MSM doesn't find that newsworthy.

What That Ebony Mag-RNC Thing Was Really About

by baldilocks This week’s racial controversy involved Ebony Magazine senior editor Jamilah Lemieux  and RNC staffer Raffi Williams—son of Fox News commentator Juan Williams. When you’re reading the conversation, stop seeing red and try to see green. #SMH @JamilahLemieux is harming the Ebony brand. Questioning "blackness" is something @EBONYMag has fought for yrs! pic.twitter.com/yhBOeIXGhl — D.J. … Continue reading What That Ebony Mag-RNC Thing Was Really About

Field Guide to CPAC 2014: John Hovat of TFP

I spoke to Author John Hovat of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family & Property. This is a Catholic Group that fights fearlessly in the front lines of the culture wars. Their web site is here. As for Mr. Hovat's book Return to Order you can buy that below. Amazon.com Widgets

DaTechGuy on DaRadio Dr. Melissa Clouthier

This week on DaTechGuy on DaRadio we'll give you the results of our Poison Poll and discuss which GOP candidates will chase away the base next year with Dr. Melissa Clouthier one of the great pioneers of blogging. In Hour two we bring on old friend Brad Waitt to the studio to talk about his … Continue reading DaTechGuy on DaRadio Dr. Melissa Clouthier

S 987 The Putin Press Bill

Sir Humphrey Appleby: East Yemen, isn't that a democracy? Sir Richard Wharton: Its full name is the Peoples' Democratic Republic of East Yemen. Sir Humphrey Appleby: Ah I see, so it's a communist dictatorship. Yes Prime Minister A Victory for Democracy 1986 The freedom of the press does not discriminate amongst groups or individuals—it applies … Continue reading S 987 The Putin Press Bill