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Today’s liberals want kids to be thoroughly educated about sex, and as soon as possible.  After all, education is not the enemy.  Ignorance is.

There is some truth to that, of course.  If teenagers learn only that you shouldn’t do it, period! and yet they choose to do it anyway, they might worsen their situation through ignorance.  It wasn’t sexual intercourse; it was just oral! says the young woman who still manages to get an STD.

This truth is what makes “sex ed” such a sticky wicket.

It’s telling, though, how the left’s interest in education ends once the sex act results in pregnancy.  When the stick turns blue, the curiosity is gone.  Similar to the way in which a Christian might be claimed to over-emphasize abstinence, the pro-choice crowd pushes a glossed-over, incomplete picture that over-emphasizes their preferred choice: A baby is punishment.  It’s a myth that women regret abortionAbortion is a common female experience.  Don’t worry, abortion carries no moral implications.

Sure, there is some lip service to the idea that abortion is an important decision.  The key to exposing the pro-choice desire for women to remain ignorant about what’s really going on inside them is not in what they say, however.  The key is found in their fervent adherence to this commandment: Thou Shalt Not Mention What Shall Not Be Mentioned.

The pro-choice crowd follows this commandment faithfully.  As a result, abortion must be phrased in abstract terms.  It’s about choice!  It’s reproductive freedom!  “Choice” is most certainly not about a baby.  Nor a fetus, nor even an embryo.  It is a pregnancy, and pregnancies can be ended, without tough moral dilemmas.

The pro-choice reliance on ignorance is in full effect when they protest laws that require the abortionist to show the ultrasound to the mother before an abortion is performed.  It’s rape!  Rape I tell you!  Nevermind the fact that the ultrasound is a routine part of the abortion procedure, regardless of whether the mother actually gets the opportunity to see it.

Their reliance on ignorance is also seen in the way the media studiously avoids covering one of the most horrific serial killers in history:  Kermit Gosnell.

empty seats reserved for media at Gosnell trial
This Criminal Trial Is Not Worthy Of News Coverage

The lovely Irish duo who brought us the documentaries Not Evil Just Wrong and FrackNation want to rectify this glaring omission.  They have started a very ambitious crowd-sourcing effort to make a movie about Kermit Gosnell and his crimes.

The pro-choice crowd could not possibly talk about the Kermit Gosnell case without getting uncomfortably close to the physical reality of “ending a pregnancy.”  Gosnell’s crimes viscerally demonstrate how little difference there is between killing a baby then removing it, and removing a baby then killing it.  Facts have an annoying way of piercing right through the pro-choice veil of age/stage distinctions.

One last thing.  Before I recommend pitching in to the IndieGoGo fundraising effort for the Gosnell movie, I have to take care of my own house’s finances.  Da Tech Guy has been very kind and dedicated in adding voices like mine to his blog.  He believes in the conservative message, not just as truth but as a financially viable journalism career.

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If you are already a Tech Guy subscriber, and you have just one extra dollar to spare, please support the Gosnell movie project.  They have a lot of money to raise in a very short time.

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On Saturday’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio we announced the results of our GOP poison poll.

1688 people voted casting 6256 votes to answer the question: “Which GOP candidate would cause you to stay home in 2016.”

Finishing first was John “Name the immigration Bill after Ted Kennedy” McCain appearing on appearing on 45% of the Ballots but there is no chance of him running so lets consider just the people who might run.

Chris Christie on 42.5% of the ballots (719 votes)
Jeb Bush 40.1% of the ballots (667 votes)
Donald Trump 38.5% of the ballots (651 votes)

It’s significant to note that the first two of those names are the ones most oft advanced by our friends in the media as presumptive GOP nominees and supposedly the only people who have a chance of beating Hillary Clinton, although Christie’s stock is falling.

I should point out that this is the same media that pushed both John McCain in 2008 & Mitt Romney in 2012.

Christie & Bush are, if you believe the MSM the choices of the big money donors looking for a “winning” candidate  in 2016.  That is the meme being advanced on the morning shows.

Now it is true that money is a vital ingredient to run a national campaign but the other half of the recipe is voter base.  They are the Milk & Eggs you would add to a pancake mix, leave out either one and you end up with a mess that tastes terrible.

The GOP money people and the media can push Jeb Bush and Chris Christie all they want but without the voters they can’t and won’t win.

So lets look at the other end of the spectrum, which people drew the fewest votes of the pile.

Tim Scott 12 <1%
Mike Pence 14 <1%
Bobby Jindal 17 1%
Scott Walker 19 1%
Nikki Haley 19 1%
Ted Cruz 29 1.7%
Rand Paul 30 1.7%

While I would argue the Tim Scott is not ready for the White House, consider the names on that list. 3 Sitting Governors with records of success and two sitting Senators who have made a name for themselves in the congress, one of whom (Paul) has extensive experience in a presidential campaign.

Now  if you are a person of the establishment you might say:  It doesn’t matter if the base is behind them if they can’t raise money.

That’s a fair statement to which there is a fair answer that the re-election of Barack Obama should have already taught them.

It’s much easier to add cash to candidates who have the base behind them and sell them to uninformed voters than it is to sell well financed candidates to an informed base who has already rejected them.

How the party & the donors react to that truth will tell you if their priority is to win elections or feathering their nests and feed their egos.


Olimometer 2.52

The Mortgage is due today and I’m $795 short.

I was not in vegas so Sheldon Adelson is unlikely to be hitting DaTipJar to save the day.

Will you?


If 61 of you hit Subscribe at $20 a month subscribers this site will be able to cover its bills for a full year and things will be a lot more like Alito and Kagan around here than Kennedy & Roberts reliable..