Two Events That Changed The World

The last seven days of the month of April 2014 marked two special occasions in both the Jewish and Christian faiths:  the two events are Passover and Easter respectively. In Judaism, the religious calendar is marked by many special time periods that are referred to as “The Feasts of Israel.”  These “feasts” commemorate times in … Continue reading Two Events That Changed The World

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, RIP

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, 1982 Nobel Prize for Literature, died yesterday. Cuba's government-run media mourned Fidel's friend, who even worked for Cuba's Prensa Latina news agency in Bogota and New York. He was 87 years old. One of the giants of Spanish-language literature, García Márquez's most renowned novel is A … Continue reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez, RIP

GOP You risk having no Base at all!

This should be a watershed year for the GOP. Propaganda not withstanding the costs of Obamacare continue to increase, the international failures of the administration are on full display and as each day goes by it becomes clear that the IRS scandal has the potential to incriminate not just people in the administration, but members … Continue reading GOP You risk having no Base at all!