Some Bundy Jiu Jitsu for the Right

Jack Ryan: I would go in the other direction. If a reporter asked if you and Hardin were friends, I’d say “good friends”. If they asked if you were good friends, I’d say “lifelong friends”. Give them no place to go, nothing to report. No story.

Clear and Present Danger 1994

Yesterday I made the case that Mr. Bundy’s grandstanding about race had turned his situation from an issue that put the left on the defensive (the last rancher fighting an overbearing heavily armed federal government) and thus ignored as much as possible by the MSM. To an issue which puts the left on offensive (An old racist not paying his bills) which is suddenly leading on MSNBC, and Colbert etc etc etc.

As Dave Weigel pointed out there are bigger issues involved here that have been ignored for decades to wit:

so there are plenty of people who want to keep the actual issue alive, or explain away Mr. Bundy’s remarks or point out the double standards here. However with a meme that is now going to be pushed to every low info voter, a meme that can be pushed to their base to turn them out, and an excuse to not talk about Obama failures from Russia to Obamacare so that’s not going to fly, If you think that the issue of the federal government overreach on land is something that so if you want to advance the actual issue that has been ignored for all this time, let me give you some advice:

1.  Stop defending/explaining Bundy’s remarks:

There have been some clever remarks on the subject, but Bundy said what he said. Simply admit what old man said was racist straight up instead of spinning or defending them.  That effectively ends the conversation.  At that point where do they go?


2.  Make the Pivot

The left wants to associate the right with Bundy because of his remarks on race, but two can play for that game,  Once you concede the racism of Bundy’s remarks you are in a position to make some excellent points to wit:

The idea is to force the question as to why every other rancher who was in that area is gone, in fact a smart conservative reporter would after framing that story find some of those ranchers and ask them about how the government drove them out of business.

Alternately you could say something really simple like: “Clive Bundy is a racist so naturally the government should take his cattle & his ranch.”

Let the left react to that statement, if they say “no” then it forces them to the actual issue, if they say “yes” then it’s even more damning.


3. Make the left own BLM

It’s axiomatic that Bundy’s racism doesn’t justify the actions of the BLM, Dana Loesch almost had it with this speech:

Forget Tommy Henderson, Kenni Patton, or other ranchers who have weighty claims against the BLM, it’s all moot now because of Cliven Bundy. Bundy’s a racist, therefore anyone who agreed with his criticism of the BLM’s heavy-handed tactics is also a racist. Bundy’s a racist, thus the politicians who spoke against the BLM sending 200 armed agents to deal with a local issue must also be racists.

While that’s a good point the question is how to put the  left media in a position to use that point.  The trick is to be more media savvy than Mr. Bundy to wit:

Oh I certainly agree Bundy remarks are racist, just as I’m sure you will agree BLM agents shoving Margaret Houston, Mr. Bundy sister to the ground, was excessive force by the BLM.

Oh I certainly agree Bundy’s remarks are racist, just as I’m sure you agree tasering Mr. Bundy son & putting the dogs on them was excessive force by the BLM.

Oh I certainly agree Bundy’s remarks are racist, just as I’m sure you agree the BLM & feds allowing calves to starve is cruel and inhumane.

If they agree with those statements then the logical question is:  What do we do about the BLM?  If they don’t then the comeback question is:

Excuse me are you saying because Cliven Bundy said something racist it’s Ok to manhandle his sister, taze his son and/or kill his cattle?

If you are invited on a liberal show to discuss this, you have immediately put your host on the defensive, once that is done, it can be run with and the focus put where it should.

Remember the “Bundy is a racist”  is the ground where the left and the BLM wants the right, but with a little media savvy the BLM fight can be moved back toward the question of an overreaching government which is the actual point of the dispute.


4.  Introduce another story

if the media wants to talk racism, that’s an excellent opportunity to bring up a story or two they’ve ignored.  For example when asked about Bundy’s remarks one might answer:

I have to admit the BLM overreach not withstanding, when it comes to Bundy’s remarks I haven’t heard anything that racist since Democrat Rep Alvin Holmes said: “99 percent” of Republicans in the Yellowhammer State would order their daughters to get abortions if they were impregnated by black men. which I’m sure you’ll join me in condemning.

When they try to pivot back to Bundy I’d keep going there:

Oh yes I’d join you in calling on Mr. Bundy to apologize for his insensitive remarks just as I’m sure you join me in calling on Democrat Rep Holmes to apologize for declaring on the house floor he doesn’t like him [Clarence Thomas] because Thomas is married to a white woman.

If they want to do a story about racism, by all means lets give the one.


We may be forced to make our case on unfavorable ground, with these simple moves you will be surprised at how fast the left will find that ground equally uncomfortable.


Update:  Added the movie quote & pulled the OK

Update 2:  I think the Ill Gov Pat Quinn and equating black republicans to Nazi Collaborators would work under choice 4 as well.


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