steve eggBy Steve Eggleston

The Obama administration and the press (though I might be repeating myself) got their desired toplines of 288,000 jobs added and an unemployment rate of 6.3%, both on a seasonally-adjusted basis, in April. A closer look at the numbers show that things are not as they seem.

The first contradiction involves the number of jobs added. While the establishment survey claims there were 288,000 jobs added, the household survey claims there were 78,000 fewer people employed in April than in May. That divergence of 366,000 tells me that at least one of those numbers must be wrong.

Those 78,000 fewer employed were among the stunning 806,000 fewer people considered to be part of the workforce, defined as those working plus those who looked for work in the 4 weeks prior to the survey in mid-April. That drove the labor-force participation rate down from 63.18% to 62.81%, which, to the nearest tenth of a percent, is tied with December 2013 and October 2013 as the lowest since March 1978. It also drove the employment-population ratio down from 58.94% to 58.87%, which, to the nearest tenth, is lower than every month between January 1984 and December 2009.

That leads me to the second contradiction, one that actually has been a long-standing feature of the Obama economy – those under 55 continue to take Todd Rundgren’s advice and bang on the drum all day instead of working, while those over 55 take up some of the slack. Out of the age groups for which seasonally-adjusted numbers are available (16-19, 20-24, 25-54, and 55-and-older), only the elders had more people employed (174,000) or in the workforce (158,000) in April, and they also had the only positive growth in the labor-force participation rate (+0.12 percentage points to 39.93%) or employment-population ratio (+0.14 percentage points to 38.06%).

Those between the ages of 25 and 54 suffered the biggest drop in the percentage of employed, with the 209,000 fewer employed reducing the employment-population ratio among that age group by 0.19 percentage points to 76.46%. To the nearest tenth, that is lower than it has been every month between January 1985 and March 2009.

Those between the ages of 20 and 24 gave up looking for work by the largest percentage, with the 322,000 fewer participants dropping the labor force participation rate among that age group by 1.47 percentage points to 70.21%. The last time it was that low was May 2013, and before that April 1972.

A special mention must be made for the participation rate among 16-19 year olds. At a meager 33.2%, it is the first time since records began in 1948 that fewer than a third of teenagers even tried to work.

The final contradiction involves those who work part-time, defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as those who usually work fewer than 35 hours per week. While the household survey claims 398,000 fewer people worked part-time in April, the establishment survey claims the average private-sector workweek was unchanged at 34.5 hours, the average production/non-supervisory workweek was unchanged at 33.7 hours, and the average amount of overtime worked by non-supervisory workers in the manufacturing sector declined by 0.2 hours to 4.4 hours.

by baldilocks

Remember when conspiracy theories and theorists were ridiculed? Those were the good old days. More and more, however, Ibaldilocks find myself considering the possibilities of things I had previously thought to be ridiculous. Watching a concerted effort to take down a nation will do that.

In addition, I also find myself reading the opinions of persons who have been saying for decades, that there are groups long in existence, which have had the USA, as it was founded, in their sites. The idea seemed so secretive and shadowy before.

But, here is a man who points out that everything that’s happening to us has happened out in the open. We just didn’t want to see it. (Be advised: the commentator is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.)

This ever-growing network has been constructed right out in the open with a long lead-up after World War Two, and then an exponential ramp-up following the attacks of 9/11/01 and the paranoia entailed by it. It is surely a remarkable thing that there have been no terror acts on the grand scale in America since 9/11. The 2013 Boston marathon “pressure cooker” bombs that killed 3 people and maimed over 250 others was a way smaller op than 9/11 and relatively amateurish, and the Deep State did not prevent the Chechen Tsarnaev brothers from pulling it off despite the fact that the elder brother, Tamerlan, had been on an FBI watch list for two years prior to the bombing. The Fort Hood massacre of 2009 (13 fatalities [sic—14, including the unborn child of one soldier]) was perpetrated by, of all things, an army psychiatrist Major Nidal Malik Hasan. You’d think the army would have been onto this fellow… he being right under its nose… but what better illustration of basic institutional failure?

This national blindness is more than just a gigantic educational deficit. The blindness is spiritual and it is the reason I often post about things Christian. Many of us—including our earthly leaders–are unable to see what’s coming because of that blindness, one caused by things not flesh and blood.

I pray that God decides to open more eyes. Discernment is your friend.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2009; the second edition in 2012. Her new novel, Arlen’s Harem, is due in 2014. Help her fund it and help keep her blog alive!



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