I’m currently in the non-denominational at MIT where I just saw this tweet via Lisa Graas:

Apparently however the Middle East Night Club decided they wanted no part of this

Here is the story:

Perhaps they will find an a deserted graveyard to use.

With an hour to the procession at MIT the crowd is starting to build The globe is here conducting interviews along with myself. I suspect this is going to be one of the most significant religious events in the area in a while.

Expect updates

A large canopy has just been brought in for the procession by a group of brothers. A busload of worshipers are now arriving

Update: Over 500 people processed from MIT all the way to Harvard where the Church could fit the crowd, (Base count 1200 plus an estimated 300 who couldn’t make it in. Meanwhile the Satanic Black Mass was cancelled and the taunting of the Catholic League by the Satanists failed to rattle them.

Final score God 3 Satan 0 full recap in the morning.

Update last: I’ll have the full story in a post in the morning but here are two videos to give you an idea of he crowd, first from the procession:

It took almost 5 minutes for all the people at the MIT Adoration to pass by.

Meanwhile here is the crowd at St. Pauls

And here are the stills.

The full story tomorrow.

Marco Rubio was not the only Republican at the Rockingham GOP event

rubio stills 179

last friday and several candidates for various offices talked to me.

I spoke to Col Gary Lambert who is running in the 2nd District:

Gary is a strong 2nd amendment fellow.

Several candidates for the GOP nomination for the US senate were there, I spoke to Jim Rubens:

and the candidate I have endorsed in the race Karen Testerman

Senator Brown was friendly but passed on an interview (his wife actually didn’t recognize me, I don’t get that too often, but in fairness I wasn’t wearing the scarf when I covered the Brown Campaign & I shaved my gray beard this week.

I also got a few minutes with former Governor & Whitehouse Chief of Staff under the 1st George Bush John Sununu

He pinch hit for Kelly Ayotte whose plane was delayed keeping her from the event, and he had one of the lines of the night when he talked about the election of Ronald Reagan:


We had a president almost as bad as we have now.


That is the real accomplishment of Barack Obama, he has managed to in the eyes of many surpass Jimmy Carter as the worst president in our lifetimes.

If only we had a president like this fellow

rubio stills 183

Even at his age I’d take him over who we have.

LindaThe 2013-14 school year is officially over in our household.  One of the unexpected perks of homeschooling has been the change in my view of summer break.  Instead of oh no what am I going to do with the kids all summer, I feel more like thank goodness I can do things other than school with the kids all summer. 

I’ve heard folks refer to our suburb of Tampa as “Disney World for homeschoolers,” and man they aren’t kidding.  It’s dizzying, the number of homeschool groups and classes available.  Feeling blessed to be here, I threw myself into the community wholeheartedly.  Sure, I can be Box Top coordinator.  Yes, I’ll help run Older Son’s basketball team.  Let’s organize a field trip to the history museum where Older Son volunteers.  Say, let’s try being a craft leader!

The last one is especially funny because I am about as crafty as dirt.  It’s hard to remember now, but I think at sign-up my thought process went something like this:  I remember the craft tables at the parties last year.  They are quick stops for the kids if they are actually idle enough for a little busy work.  I can do that.

Turns out, the kind of ladies that tend to sign up for crafts are the ones that actually, you know, enjoy doing crafts.  These Martha Stewarts are nice enough, but they expect a great deal of forethought and preparation.  Also mandatory meetings.  With samples.

In between all this, of course, I am shuffling children to various classes and sports practices.  With whatever time is left over, I am trying to stuff some Saxon and Sonlight curricula into their brains.  Grocery shopping (not with coupons! the boys would beg) and vet trips get squeezed in there somewhere.  It’s a real juggling act, and I’m not much of a juggler.

These are good problems to have.  It’s been a great year.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for the families who realized that the existing school system was failing their children, and in response essentially built their own from scratch.  I don’t think I would have survived without the support system they already had in place.

Anyhow, there is a point to my rambling.  I say all this to explain why I am stepping away from Da Tech Guy’s blog.

I’m tired.

I have enjoyed this opportunity to be a paid writer.  I have loved the camaraderie with fellow Magnificent Seven members.

But I’m tired.

In a few months, my husband will begin negotiating for a new set of orders.  This will be our last summer in Florida.  I’d like to drive around and see some of it while we have the chance.  In three months, I’ll be back to signing up for volunteer positions, shuffling the children to various classes and sports, and trying to stuff Saxon and Sonlight into their brains.  Experience is teaching me that I need to put more of my creativity into the curricula stuffing, instead of the blogging.

Who knows where the Navy will send us next.  Soon, I will need to put more of my time into preparing to move, instead of researching politics.

Thank you Peter, fellow Magnificent Seven writers, and every single reader.  You have encouraged and enlightened me.  I will still post at my home blog from time to time.  And like a bad penny, I may keep turning up here at Da Tech Guy, too.

Harvard is now up to its 3rd revision of its “official response” to the Harvard Black Mass scheduled for tonight.  As this statement doesn’t acknowledge the previous statements or that anything has been revised, rather than just posting it I’m going to fisk it.  My comments in Red italic


The following statement was issued by Robert Neugeboren, dean of students and alumni affairs at Harvard Extension School:

The first major change is the inclusion of an actual named person rather than something just unsigned.  Apparently it is better for one man to take the heat than the entire university.

Students at the Harvard Extension School, like students at colleges across the nation, organize and operate a number of independent student organizations, representing a wide range of student interests. The Harvard Extension School does not endorse the views or activities of any independent student organization. But we do support the rights of our students and faculty to speak and assemble freely.

This is pretty much the original first two paragraphs slightly rearranged and it sounds just as weaisly.   Not only do you have the vanilla 1st amendment defense but note how Harvard suddenly becomes just like “colleges across the nation” rather that THE elite university of the United States

In this case, we understand that this independent student organization, the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club, is hosting a series of events—including the reenactment of a “Black Mass”—as part of a student-led effort to explore different cultures.

Yea the Black Mass is just one of MANY student events.  but gone are the comparisons to the Shinto Tea Ceremonies, Shaker events and Buddhist Meditation.  The sudden need to no longer mention these events in the same breath as the Black Mass illustrates that the Black Mass is not just another cultural event

We do not agree with the student group’s decision to stage an event that is so deeply disturbing and offensive to many in the Harvard community and beyond.

Translation:  After a weekend of national coverage that has not been favorable having no opinion o this event is  no longer tenable, and note the use of the word “we” who is “we”?  Is it we the university, we the exchange club, we the people fielding the phone calls from all over the nation? 

While we support the ability of all our students to explore difficult issues, we also encourage them to do so in ways that are sensitive to others.

If you are going to mock Roman Catholic belief, you need to do it in a sensitive way.

To that end, the Harvard Extension School has worked with the club’s student leaders to address specific concerns that have been expressed. For instance, we have ensured that no consecrated host will be used as part of the reenactment.

How have you “ensured this?”  What steps have you taken?  Does that not suggest that Harvard is participating in the event in a supervisory manner as the Romans did at the crucifixion? 

Also, in an effort to help broaden the educational nature of this series, the Harvard Extension School has urged the Cultural Studies Club’s student leaders to reach out to Catholic student organizations on campus to foster a positive dialogue about the Catholic faith. The club’s student leaders have agreed to this proposal.

 If the cultural club was holding a minstrel show in blackface as an “educational” event,  would having the club “reach out” to campus Black organizations without cancelling the event be an acceptable choice? 

We hope these efforts and this dialogue will help address some of the most severe concerns about the event,

We hope that you crazy Christians stop calling and e-mailing us and about this event, we said we didn’t’ like it ….we said we don’t like it, isn’t that enough

while also helping students in the Cultural Studies Club better understand the perspective of many Catholics on these and other issues.

You guys better not put us on the spot like this again, especially if it risks donor dollars are put at risk.

Questions about the event should be directed to the Cultural Studies Club at culturalstudiesclub@gmail.com.

This is the ultimate Pontius Pilate moment, no longer is the contact   jeff_neal@harvard.edu if you want to send complaints send it to that e-mail account we at Harvard wash our hands of the whole thing.


This statement is another exercise in sophistry.  They “do not agree” and say the club should be “sensitive” but are not willing to call the event “wrong” or “insensitive”.  They claim they are making sure the that a consecrated host is not being used while trying to distance themselves from an event being held on the Harvard Campus by a club bearing Harvard’s name as if they have no power to do anything about it.  Finally they not only redirect complaints from the adults at the university who are supposed to be in charge but to a gmail account that one might not even associate with the university.

This is what  THE elite university in the nation is reduced to.

Why any person who professes belief in Christ would pay money to send their child to be educated by these people is beyond me.


Update:  the President of Harvard has five days after the story broke weighed in,

The reenactment of a ‘black mass’ planned by a student group affiliated with the Harvard Extension School challenges us to reconcile the dedication to free expression at the heart of a university with our commitment to foster a community based on civility and mutual understanding.

No it doesn’t, it questions if Harvard will allow a club that bears its name to hold the Black Mass on their property.

Vigorous and open discussion and debate are essential to the pursuit of knowledge, and we must uphold these values even in the face of controversy. Freedom of expression, as Justice Holmes famously said long ago, protects not only free thought for those who agree with us but freedom for the thought that we hate.

This isn’t a debate, this isn’t a protest,  this is an event being held on Harvard’s property sponsored by a Harvard club.  If it was just about education the club could have gone off campus and visited The Satanic Temple’s location and observed the Black Mass there.  Nor is it a question of thought, nobody is complaining about Harvard’s thoughts, they are talking about Harvard’s actions.

But even as we permit expression of the widest range of ideas, we must also take responsibility for debating and challenging expression with which we profoundly disagree.

Again this isn’t a “debate about ideas”.or engaging in protest against the church and it’s beliefs.  It is a specific ceremony,  a proactive action against Christians in general & Catholics in particular.

The ‘black mass’ had its historical origins as a means of denigrating the Catholic Church; it mocks a deeply sacred event in Catholicism, and is highly offensive to many in the Church and beyond. The decision by a student club to sponsor an enactment of this ritual is abhorrent; it represents a fundamental affront to the values of inclusion, belonging and mutual respect that must define our community.

This is the best part of the statement, gone is the “disagree” from above replaced by actual words of condemnation.

It is deeply regrettable that the organizers of this event, well aware of the offense they are causing so many others, have chosen to proceed with a form of expression that is so flagrantly disrespectful and inflammatory.

Not as regrettable as Harvard choosing to allow this event by a Harvard club to be held on campus.

Nevertheless, consistent with the University’s commitment to free expression, including expression that may deeply offend us, the decision to proceed is and will remain theirs.

I am innocent of this man’s blood… 

At the same time, we will vigorously protect the right of others to respond—and to address offensive expression with expression of their own.

The suggestion that we who intended to respond to this event needed our right to do so to be protected by Harvard is both laughable &  disingenuous.

I plan to attend a Eucharistic Holy Hour and Benediction at St. Paul’s Church on our campus on Monday evening in order to join others in reaffirming our respect for the Catholic faith at Harvard

You and everyone else who comes would be most welcome, but a better demonstration of that respect would be using your power to not allow the Black Mass on campus

and to demonstrate that the most powerful response to offensive speech is not censorship, but reasoned discourse and robust dissent.

 Apples and orange this is a dodge.


Let me conclude by saying this is by far the best statement from Harvard.  It comes from the president on the main Harvard site and it, unlike previous statements explicitly acknowledges what the Black Mass is, what it is intended to do and why it is wrong. Compared to Harvard’s previous response it is a great improvement.

However that statement, in all its glory is sophistry, it draws a false equivalency to excuse inaction.

The president is correct that as a rule, the best answer to offensive speech is more speech.  People do not have the right to not be offended and the best way to deal with that kind of speech is to produce speech of your own.

However this is not speech being made by a group of people in the public square, or online or  a debate show.  Nor is this a  protest being held against the church, its beliefs or positions.  If it was it would be protected speech and no matter how offensive such speech might be it must be allowed under the First Amendment and the principles of academic freedom.

This is instead a specific event with a specific meaning being held by a club that bears Harvard’s name  at a venue on the Harvard Campus that  Harvard’s President has decided to allow.

Furthermore the propose of this statement all about mitigating the outrage that this event is producing while providing Ms. Faust cover to refrain from using the power & authority entrusted to her.

It’s not a statement it’s an excuse and frankly unworthy of the president of the most prominent university in the United States .

President Faust’s presence at the Holy Hour not withstanding if the Black Mass takes place on campus it should end with Ms. Faust’s resignation.


Update: Ed Morrissey isn’t buying it either:

Well, if Faust finds it “abhorrent” and a “fundamental affront,” why not force its cancellation? The ceremony — excuse me, performance art — will take place in a pub on university grounds, and the club is affiliated with the university. Harvard claims it can’t do anything about it on the grounds of intellectual freedom, but local priests scoff at that notion, especially given the intentionally sacrilegious nature of the black mass. One priest wondered whether Harvard would allow a re-enactment of a KKK ceremony as educational

Father Merrin: Especially important is the warning to avoid conversations with the demon. We may ask what is relevant but anything beyond that is dangerous. He is a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological, Damien, and powerful. So don’t listen to him. Remember that – do not listen.

The Exorcist 1972

Theyll [the left] always tell us who they fear

Rush Limbaugh

One of the things we’ve talked about here at DaTechguy blog concerning Pope Francis has been how the media has tended to ignore stories that don’t fit the narrative they’ve constructed of him.

So I was really surprised to see the Washington Post decide that this aspect of Francis message warranted their attention

After his little more than a year atop the Throne of St. Peter, Francis’s teachings on Satan are already regarded as the most old school of any pope since at least Paul VI, whose papacy in the 1960s and 1970s fully embraced the notion of hellish forces plotting to deliver mankind unto damnation.

Largely under the radar, theologians and Vatican insiders say, Francis has not only dwelled far more on Satan in sermons and speeches than his recent predecessors have, but also sought to rekindle the Devil’s image as a supernatural entity with the forces­ of evil at his beck and call.

We’ve noticed the Pope’s willingness to bluntly talk about the devil before but apparently in this Harvard Black Mass world this seems to have gotten some people hackles up

by focusing on old-school interpretations of the Devil, some progressive theologians complain, the pope is undermining his reputation as a leader who in so many other ways appears to be more in step with modern society than his predecessor.

“He is opening the door to superstition,” said Vito Mancuso, a Catholic theologian and writer.

The complaints of progressive “catholic theologians” concerning “superstition” are as amusing as the Baptist minister who has no problem with Joshua stopping the sun, Jonah in the Whale, Christ feeding 5000 or Peter healing the cripple but calls the Eucharist a “magic trick”.  If you claim to be a Catholic theologian and say “the Devil is superstition” then you’re doing it wrong.

This is a real change for the press compared to his predecessor

“Had Pope Benedict done this, the media would have clobbered him.”

Mind you this is a rather mild critique yet the media giving air to any complaints at all to the first Latin American Pope is unusual.   I find it fascinating and telling that of all the things the Pope has done it is this that begins the attack upon him.


I suspect it’s because belief in the existence of the Devil runs counter to  the two pillars of the secular left: Moral relativism & consequence free action.  How can one promote hedonism and moral relativism without worry if there are not only absolute standards of good and evil but eternal consequences for the wrong choice?

Some ideas are just too dangerous to let stand and for the media this is the signal to turn.

They might have let a lot of things go but once you start acknowledging the Devil’s existence, that’s a bridge too far.

Update: It took a full week after the fact for Maureen Down to cry foul over the Vatican insisting Catholic nuns believe in Christ

I submit & suggest that if the Pope isn’t hitting the devil this pushback doesn’t come.

Update: Linked by the Anchoress Thanks, meanwhile Captain Ed Morrissey noting the Harvard black Mass BS from Harvard’s President explains why the Pope is talking so much about the devil

Perhaps it’s because it’s becoming more necessary.


Olimometer 2.52

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