Where is the Flemish Boko Haram?

The latest attempt to spin Boko Haram into something other than Islamic terror would be laughable if it wasn't being advanced by members of our government White House officials are openly trying to portray the Boko Haram jihad movement as a symbolic obstacle to girls’ educational progress, instead of another murderous Islamist group that could … Continue reading Where is the Flemish Boko Haram?

Venezuela: Crackdown time

An update on Venezuela by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz: The country, well into Communism by now, continues its descent into chaos. Nine senior government officials, including military officers, one diplomat and pro-government politicians, are in the most recent U.S. government's list of active drug kingpins and terrorists, the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN). Price controls wreck … Continue reading Venezuela: Crackdown time

Karl Rove Playing a 162 game season

I've been tied up with both the Harvard Black Mass story and my upcoming trip to EWTN in Alabama so I haven't paid a lot of attention to the Karl Rove, Hillary Clinton brain damage story. I'm no Rove fan but looking at this dispassionately it was a brilliant move. Consider: You want to interject … Continue reading Karl Rove Playing a 162 game season