This will make a few leftist heads explode


Its existence frustrates the left but its use frustrates the great enemy.

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The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the LORD,

Proverbs 9:10a

Lord make me chaste, but not yet

Saint Augustine in his youth

In the Michael Sam saga there has been a lot of throwing around the word “homophobia”.

“Homophobia” is an interesting term, it implies a fear of homosexuals as if Christians are afraid of roving bands of sodomites are crossing the earth waiting for to ambush them for their own evil schemes.

It’s a creative use of language but if we look at the world the exact opposite is true.  The reality is not Christians afraid of homosexuals but it is the dreaded scourge of Christophobia.

Christ challenges us to leave comfortable sin, desirable sin, sin that the world wants to celebrate and embrace, and warns us that sin lead to destruction.  It’s that challenge that is the root of this scourge of Christophobia that we seen manifest around the world in many ways.

Why else have you seen crackdowns on the faithful around the world who would dare worship?

Why else have thousands of Christians ben murdered and purged, particularly in Muslim nations including a young woman who today faces a death sentence in Sudan for daring to abandon Islam and declare Christ the son of God and the savior?

Why else does the Obama administration fight against the little sisters of the poor and the IRS reach the point where they ask potential tax exempt groups the content of their prayers.

And why does the media rush to silence or destroy any who dare come to the public square and profess the standard Catholic or Protestant beliefs on sin in general and Abortion & Gay Marriage in particular.

All of these things are done because of Christophobia.

But the question remains why?

Why do they have this Christophobia why are they so afraid, so insecure with their worldview that they can’t abide it being challenged?

Why does the world tempt us with wealth, with acceptance and celebration if we will simply reject the church or be silent?

Why does the world threaten us with scorn, opprobrium  and rejection if we dare embrace the Church in public?

Why do these people with fire, sword and tongue try to do what armies & empires have failed to do for two thousand years?

Why do those who proclaim their atheism the loudest point their harshest barbs at Christians rather than any other of the monotheistic or polytheistic religions of the world?

The answer is actually quite simple, because at its heart Christophobia is not an irrational fear.  It’s a fear that has a logical root:

That nagging suspicion in their gut that Christianity is true.

If Christianity is true, then Heaven & Hell exists and our destiny is one or the other.  It’s no coincidence that the first attacks on Pope Francis a week ago today came because of his loud and unfailing proclamations that the Devil & Hell are real.

Fortunately that same Christ that warns us of sin is willing to forgive and forget sin, ANY sin, all you have to do is before your last breath pick up your cross and follow him.

I can hear the snickering over the net and can see the rolling of the eyes from here.  That’s OK.

You might laugh, you might scoff, and that’s your right but there is one thing I can say that nobody reading this can dispute.

I state that Christianity in general & Catholicism in particular is true fact.  That good and evil are not flexible man made constructs but absolute reality and with consequences and that nagging suspicion come from your guardian angel hard at work to save you.

You can believe me or disbelieve me or laugh as you will but 100 years from now everyone reading this, including me will be dead.

At that time if you disagree with me and are right, neither your nor I will  know it or care in the least.

If however I’m right we’ll both be aware of it, the only question will be, will we be aware of it with the everlasting joy that is produced in Heaven or the everlasting clarity that Hell provides.

That’s something worth being afraid of.

By John Ruberry

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” Ronald Reagan.

With the latest Obama White House outrage, the VA Waiting List scandal, it’s safe to declare an end of Obama-ism. And what is it? Obama-ism is the belief that government is the cure to all of society’s ailments.

I present the following evidence.

Obama stimulus "campaign" sign
Obama stimulus “campaign” sign

Obama’s $862 billion stimulus bill did not stimulate the economy, which remains still remains in the doldrums. Its only visible achievements were the plethora of stimulus “campaign” road signs alongside of road repaving projects. Say what you will of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, but new roads were built as a result of it.

In regards to energy, Obama’s renewable drive pumped millions of taxpayer dollars into green energy firms, many of the recipients of that cash later filed for bankruptcy. There is an energy boom in America–but it’s a oil one that occurred in spite of the president’s hostility to fossil fuels;  it’s happening in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale Formation.

The feds bailed out General Motors–and taxpayers lost $10 billion on the deal.

The president’s signature achievement, the eponymous ObamaCare, which wasn’t rolled out until his second term, has never been popular. Its kickoff was heralded by an enrollment website that was barely working for weeks and still has problems.

Which brings us back to the VA Waiting List scandal. At least forty veterans awaiting health care treatment in Phoenix died after being placed on a secret waiting list. There are at least seven other of these cruel lists.

Many Americans are probably asking themselves, “Is this what ObamaCare will become?”

Five-and-a-half-years after becoming president, Obama’s liberal policies have not been able to mend the economy, it can’t produce energy, and its health care record is well, sickening. Obama-ism, and I’m not at all surprised, is a failure.

I began with Reagan and I’ll end with wisdom from his first inaugural address: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

John Ruberry writes the Marathon Pundit blog.