The Price of Christophobia

Procreation is the biological purpose of sex, after all, and as the Contraceptive Culture encourages us to have unnatural sex — to thwart the natural purpose of sex — it also disconnects sex from love, marriage and parenthood, so that sex becomes a meaningless recreation of no more ultimate consequence than a video game. Robert … Continue reading The Price of Christophobia

New Mexico: Another Obama land grab

By John Ruberry Last week, while few people outside of the west noticed, President Obama declared nearly 780 square miles in southern New Mexico America's newest national monument, Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks, his largest designation yet. Two months ago the president, who infamously boasted early in his term, "We can't wait for Congress to do its job, … Continue reading New Mexico: Another Obama land grab

The Bloggers Prayer

Oh God, you who gave free will to your creation, bless those who use that precious gift to blog. May we though this gift of freedom of expression enlighten, entertain and inform our readers, and we ask particular blessing for those who bring your word across the net, that they may faithfully execute your command … Continue reading The Bloggers Prayer

Tim Tebow & Christophobia

Do you remember Tim Tebow?  He won the Heisman Trophy in 2007 while still a sophomore and managed to win two national championships while at Florida. He came to the NFL to the Denver Broncos as a backup during his first season in 2010 getting three starts at the end of the season.  After Denver's … Continue reading Tim Tebow & Christophobia

Lech Walesa is displeased US no longer world leader

By Steve Eggleston In an interview with the Associated Press, former Polish President Lech Walesa said of the world and the American role in it, "(T)he world is disorganized and the superpower is not taking the lead. I am displeased." Walesa, who led the Solidarity movement that led to the end of Communism in Poland, … Continue reading Lech Walesa is displeased US no longer world leader