Jeff, Pam Meet EWTN Coverage of the Pope

It’s a rare thing when I disagree with Pam Geller or Jeff Dunetz (Yid with Lid) but I think that the Pope’s moves in Israel were not only useful but Useful for Israel.

Pam being Pam was blunt. She referred to the Pope’s prayer at the security barrier as “Papal Jihad

Jeff gave a more detailed explanation why he objected

Sunday’s unscheduled prayer had the extreme weight of symbolic imagery. Israeli guards watched from a fortified guard tower overhead as the Pontiff stepped down from hisPopemobile and made his way to what some say is the most photographed section of the Wall. He stopped at a panel spray-painted, in black, “Pope we need some 1 to speak about Justice Bethlehem look like Warsaw ghetto” and, in red paint, “Free Palestine.” He bowed his head in silent prayer, laid his palm against the wall, and before leaving touched his forehead to it.

Later the Pope’s friend Rabbi Abraham Skorka who traveled with him to the holy land told Army Radio that in that moment Pope Francis prayed for peace so the wall could be dismantled. But the message the Palestinians and media took away was much different; Jews should not defend themselves by keeping terrorists out.

Now it’s very true that the Palestinians & the media spun this differently than the reality but lets face it they spin EVERYTHING different than the reality. They have spun the Pope plenty and will continue to do so.

But it’s right for the pope to pray there, That such a wall is necessary is a shame and to pray for peace so it can be gone is completely in keeping with the Pope’s mission.

But the most important part of that stop was setting up the one that followed. Jeff again:

After spending Sunday with Palestinian President Abbas, the Pope spent Monday with his Israeli hosts. At Netanyahu’s urging the Pope made one more spontaneous stop, a memorial to victims of terror at the Mt. Herzl Military cemetery. The barrier he told the pontiff, is to prevent such deaths, many of which had occurred from suicide bombs.

I’d like to think that I’m up to date on what happens in the Middle East and the Arab Israel conflict but I must admit I never knew about the memorial to the victims of terror existed and I’ll wager that plenty of faithful Catholics never knew about it either.

AFter hearing the story of a 10 year old girl the best friend of the PM’s son who was blown up in a bus the Pope the Pope prayed at the spot:

In this place of deep pain, where we remember all this pain, I want to say that terrorism is bad, the way of terrorism does not help and the path of terrorism is fundamentally criminal.” I pray for all these victims, and for all the victims of terrorism in the world.

The Pope then walked over to the wall, and touched it, exactly as he had touched the barrier.

while liking the gesture Jeff noted objected to the seeming moral equivalence

And in a way maybe they shouldn’t absorb it. By praying at the security fence, and doing the same thing at the memorial to victims of terror, the Pope was drawing a false moral equivalence between blowing up ten-year-old children and finding a non-violent solution to stopping the terror.

And this is where he is missing the cunning of Pope Francis.

Jeff is correct that the while this video can be promoted by Pro-Israel writers and bloggers like us

…American & western MSM will likely downplay or ignore this it.

What Jeff hasn’t done however is look at this as a consumer of Catholic Media.

Now this isn’t a big surprise, I wouldn’t expect him or Pam to know much about Catholic media so let me give him an education.

EWTN is THE Catholic network. It broadcasts to Catholics live not only in North America but Africa, India, Asia and South America, in short, throughout the entire world and unlike most cable networks it provides its feeds free of charge.

In addition to excellent Catholic programming the good folks at EWTN TV & Radio meticulously cover the Pope. When he is on pilgrimages such as this one, the coverage is live and wall to wall, from homilies at Masses to every single event, with in-depth and live commentary as it happens. After the live coverage it is replayed for those who might have missed it.

While the MSM doesn’t find the Pope’s visit to the memorial to the victims of terror all that newsworthy it’s likely tens of millions of Catholics all over the world saw that visit, heard Bibi’s words and the Pope’s prayer that followed.

Furthermore as a place that the Pope prayed at during a pilgrimage that memorial to the victims of terror will be a location where Catholic pilgrims from all over the world visiting the holy land will seek out.

They will stand where the Pope stood and pray where he prayed and be made aware of the price that Israel and Jews have paid to pray at that very same spot.

Tell me, what would supporters of Israel give to expose a large chunk of the world’s population to such a thing? What would we give to have it covered both on television and in print? (EWTN purchased and publishes the National Catholic Register) How delighted would we be that such coverage got the attention it deserved?

Pam & Jeff your wishes for such coverage have already come true.

While Pam & Jeff might not have been aware of that coverage until this moment but you can bet your bottom dollar Pope Francis was and not all the media spin by the major networks will change what those millions of faithful Catholics saw with their own eyes thanks to the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church.

On behalf of the Church let me say to my friends, you’re welcome.

Update: Caroline Glick is seeing some things that aren’t there.

First of all even the simplest of Catholic school children understand that Jesus was a jew, the apostles were all jews, the followers of christ were all jews, the people he preached to were all jews (with the odd samaritan thrown in) and those who condemned him and crucified him were jews and romans.

To suggest that Jesus speaking aramaic makes him any less a Jew is nonsense.

To suggest he is “giving licence to holocaust denial” not only ignores his personal history, but is frankly libelous.


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